Geshton Vir Tollsh, AKA Energeon, is an Alternate UUniversal Thagsaur from Planet Recex. He is a feline-like reptile that was a powerful conqueror for the Villains Act. He is a former vigilante who turned corrupt as the result of bad circumstance. His hometown was threatened by an evil fascist dictator who enforced strict curfews and declared vigilantism illegal and punishable by prosecution, law-enforcement only done by his own enhanced magical taskforce. Geshton wouldn't have it, and dubbed himself Vigilante-25, who would seek to put an end to this and free his home from oppression. He went this far until his home was discovered, his family, friends and their families were arrested and threaten with exicution. Gesh quickly came in and foiled the attempt and captured the dictator. However, instead of turning him in, he killed him violently and disbaned the dictatorship. Geshton was delcaired a planetary hero, but sadly, it wasn't an all out happy ending. Sadly, the dictatorship went down with the planet's ecomamy, resulting in Recex to enter an age of poverty. Still, Gesh enjoyed the life of an honored hero, the people prefering to be free but flat broke then to put up with an asshole leader. However, Geshton felt that he owe his people everything for causing an ecomomic downfall. so Geshton was choosen to become the new leader, where Recex must become a world that shall congure others for the sake of surviveal. He donned the leader name "Egergeon", meaning "Powerful Master". However, conguring worlds on your own while having a crap ecomamy is not inheredly easy, so the VA swooped-in and made an allience with Geston and helped him make Recex thrive again. However, Recex fell apart again when the VA disbanned. But Gesh still enjoyed the support of the people of Recex, who now have to repair the ecomamy themselves, then they will be given the chance to resume their conquest ecomamy. Geshton is yet to have been stopped.


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