Ever since the events of Usurping Lies and Truth, even with the downfall of some of the biggest names of UIS-hating in recent years, Anti-UIS doughebags are still rampent, if not being on the rise to unbareable amounts. NUSRA/UIS peace ceramonies interupted by UIS-hating extremests, UIS Ambassitors assulted by UIS haters, Rouge Exile Sheild Attempts at UIS owned or UIS friendly planets, even a close call with an Astro Laser that was about to attack Skep Minor! Madam President, infuriated and annoyed, finally desided to ask for the Lougers and the HA to go to the shorce of all of UIS's problems: Ensemble. A temperate planet that has a totalitarian government which is all the governments in the world united and working to become better and 'the best government in the United Universes'. Now to their credit, in their early days they did pretty fine, but unfortunately, the planet would end up being taken under the leadership of an Anti-UIS wingnut by the name of the Yurun Sir Imba Cille, who turned the ambitious planet into the epicenter of UIS hate and the shorce of Anti-UIS propaganga and UIS race racisum runs rampent. Imba Cille would make a youth re-juvination machine that would keep him from dying of old age and leave the position open up to a UIS friendly or at least a more neutrol person from taking over, maintaining a periment rule on the planet. Even to this day, UIS is still trying to remove Imba Cille for turning an innosent unallied planet into the breeding ground for Anti-UIS/Pro-USRA nuts. To the UIS races or UIS backers, this planet is considered "The Skeetrazoid Nest of UIS haters". Both the Lougers and the HA are more then happy to take down the crusty shitstain on the USRA's name that is Ensemble's over-USRA-preference. However, in cause of the Lougers and the HA's part in halting Anti-UIS attempts, the planet has long deemed them enemies to "USRA Freedom" as Ensemble's millaterry already went after them! The heroes were taken before Imba, who uncerimoniously desides to exicute the heroes for "Crimes of being UIS-kiss-ups!" and having "betrayed" the dreams of the USRA. However, just as the heroes were about to be killed by Imba's perfect anti-UIS weapon, a mini-AI-controled Astro Laser, the exicution was interupted by a 6-Member resistence force known as The Imprentitable 6, each member a certain race of UIS, Cho a clumsy Po-like Coraak, Skepta a female Skep with a kick-ass attatude, Naaero a broken english speaking Naaar, Vezzero a slick quick moving Vezzerek, Zhaerii a kind-hearted Zhaerthis female, and Kavinius an overtly cautious Ka'Navi, a group of AUU kung-fu masters that learned from Master Skor, an aged Skorner, that were founded and made it their mission to take down Imba Cille's tyranny over Ensemble, as it was discovered from Cille's kind-hearted blinded sectratary Aufone, Sectratary B'lina, that there was a kind Coraak owned business that wanted to redeem the Coraak's unfortunate past with the Aufones by trying to do business with them, that was owned by Cho's family. However, the ever spiteful Imba Cille, gathered a gang of fellow UIS hating Rabodans with a former general named General Asso Hatzo, attacked the company on Aufone grounds and killed Coraak employees and businessmen, forcing Cho's mother to place him in an escape pod that ended up in UIS terratory and was assumed killed while the fate of his father remains unknown. On top of that, Imba is now threatening to use the mini-Astro Lasers to desistate all of UIS, and any that dare asided with them, so he would secure USRA dominance! Now, the Lougers, HA, and the Imprentitable 6 aim to put a rotten rodent down for good, once and for all!

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