Satoumb Ao Tolombortey, AKA Enslaver, is an Alternate UUniversal Eletopsert from Planet Osdrone. He is a giant elephant-like ceratopsian which is naturally known to be very aggressive to the territorial instinct and known for smashing any vehicle that observes it. The Enslaver is no different as he is a netorious slaver who has been known to be an old foe of Liberator, due to an unpleasent history in the VA's Deadlockers, yet was never beaten as of this very day. He earned this name for his infamous slave tactics, as well as his own fame in the Deadlockers itself as a fighter, that has even garrened fearful respect from the villains of the Villains Act. He can get destructively angry when he hears someone trespassing, and despite naturally having bad eyesight and relying on 4 ingull sisters to serve as his scouts, majordomos, and yeswomen. He will destroy anything he deems a threat no questions asked, but despite that, he is still a strategic master who destroys strategically..... When it's not marred by his sweet-tooth. He commonly likes sweets and has quite a gluttonous behavior and has fancy monthly banquets every day. His sweet tooth is pretty much his achilles heel, and a weakness that would be possably exploted and be used against him if this infomation got out.


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