Spyro is in for the biggest surpise of his life. The Kung Fu Council have infromed him that he is going to meet the Legendary Chinese Zodiac Kung-Fu Animals Society, an ancient good order with each personality, fighting skill and power that is given to them according to their origins has keeped the demons of the Chinese underworld at bay and helped Oogway fend off Ke-Pa with the Chinese Purple Dragon (who was once a member) granting him the power of the Sacred Peach Tree. The Lougers suggest that Spyro should go meet them since the louge still respect Spyro's duties to the Kung-Fu World. After taking their support, Spyro and Sparx leave with the Kung Fu Panda Gang and Lord Shen to meet The CZKFAS who are holding a feast in Spyro's honor for his good deeds to the United Universes, Refroming Bao Sa Mao and Emperor Zi Long, but this has earned the attraction of an old enemy, old to the zodiac, but new to our heroes: Kung Khan, the suprime underwolrd king of demons, has long planned to take down the Zodiac for good! and with Ke-Pa failing AGAIN, He desides to do this by himself.... ok, himself, and the chinese underworld demon army, as well as the newfound alliment of Malevolence, who escaped Equestia's tartarious AGAIN, as well as Pitch Black and his allies from Pitch Black Strikes Back and wants payback too! can Kung Khan, Malevolence, and the Pitch Black crew be defeated? Well with Spyro's elemental powers and kung fu chi enhanced by the Sacred Peach Tree Sapling in The Purple Dragon Legend Reborn, Zi Long who is now a good friend to Spyro since Enter The Young Purple Dragon Emperor adding him in this fight and the Zodiac gifting Spyro a new and legendary powerful abillity no one has ever seen before, Kung Khan and the baddies Spyro has delt with in the past better look out because Spyro is about to unleash the true legendary purple dragon within him. And as Po would say "It's gonna be Awsome!"

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