Though in Light of Twilight doing well in being a first time ruler since Grogar Returns, having the magic of the Celestial sisters and Queen Philosophia, Twilight felt like, she's alone being a ruler. She began to miss her friends and her simpler life. Though not wihout appresiation for this new fate, she feels as if none of what she was given was meant to be. Thus, Twilight desided that she wants to find Celestia and Luna again and tell them that she doesn't want to be ruler of Equestria anymore. But before she can set off, she found herself captured by a once again free Neighsay and his usual bunglers El Jackasso and Bullshiton, but this time, their reasons are not because of another crazy sceame to go after the Friendship School. It is because Neighsay was convinced by "An old beastly friend of yours" to share a mutual interest to keep Equestria safe from a major inter-dimentional scandel. To Twilight's surprise, Discord was why the whole thing occured, because he knew the truth of why Celestia and Luna made Twilight the new ruler: It was not of their will, as there's no Equestrian law that allows it's rulers to just suddenly "Retire". Celestia and Luna have been mindwarped by a race of large-brained cobra creatures refered to as the Cobrainians, of the Brainiac Dimention, the Dimention of where every living thing is hyper intelligent and planets reseble giant brains, basicly a sister dimention to The Disembodied Heart Dimention, as the Sisters were collected by a group ruled by a rogue Cobrainian emperor named Emperor Mindfuk out to collect gods of all other dimentions to hold mastery over all other dimentions without making their own dimention stronger and risk Xexaxez intervention. At frist Twilight was doubtful, but then Discord pointed out that how come Celestia has NEVER made Twilight ruler of Equestria the many OTHER times she saved it's bacon, and how being ruler of Equestria hasn't exactly allowed Twilight too much time with her friends outside of dishastors. Relucent to take it too seriously, Twilight desides to humor Discord, as now the quest is on to save the Celestial Sisters and all other gods, and the dimentions, from Mindfuk's fuckery. All the while, Rhabdom has been a miserable mess with the Tree of Harmony being drumaticly changed from pre-Sombra's disabling and transforming into a new tree, so the Students, along with the Factily, aim to see if they help Rhabdom cope with the chnage, with getting help from the Messiahto and the Pillers aiming to see if they can tab into the spirit within. However, Tambelon once again has trouble with Bahomet Loyalists that are trying to undermine Samazeen's rule once more, this time, lead by the zealotious Baa Ra'ghoul, a long living Fear Wars terrorist and secret ally to Pitch Black, and the one respondsable for Sombra's return in Season 9, who is also behind why Mindfuk came to take the Celestial Sisters, meaning everything was actselly his doing to make Equestria easier to congure, or at the least as he came to realise, just with the Celestial Sisters out of the way. While the Lougers and Main 7 are away, can the Students and Factily of Friendship defend against Baa Ra'ghoul and loyalists?

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