Sparkle and the Gang have arrived in the Disembodied Brain Dimention and found Emperor Mindfuk's citidal, where a large collection of gods from other dimentions is held, Celestia and Luna one of them. The heroes were just about to rescue the Celestial Sisters when Mindfuk was able to stop them. However, the dimention now has new issues in the form of an arriving X-Fate coming to warn the dimention that if the gods are not returned to their dimentions and restored of their rules, the dimention will be erased and the Xirds have to do that afterwords. The Emperor ended up having a severe meltdown that rendered him useless and the Cobraians in a panic! Now, with help of Mindfuk's son and daughter, Craniumfuk and Stimulifuk, offered to help to correct their father's mistake to put the inrealm gods back in their correct place. But at the same time, Baa Ra'ghoul is still on the loose and has followed our heroes into the dimention, aiming for revenge via aiming to claim the power of the Xexaxez, and become one himself to make himself an outer god to finally rule Equestria, but would that inadvertingly doom him?

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