Envy is a pony creation of Junjie and was a member of The Sinister 7. She is easily the most insanely-jealous of the Sin Ponies and the most unpredictable. She tries the most hardest to earn Junjie's favor more than Wrath, and is an accomplished Kung Fu student as a result. Envy is a representation of why jealousy can be a devastating thing. She is a blue-green pony with a very similar color scheme to Lyra Heartstrings, having cyan hair with yellow streaks, and a 2nd-place ribbon as a cutie mark, representing her hatred of being second-rate like Junjie. Her DNA donor was Lyra, and was altered to be just as aggressive as Wrath, except at an excessive degree, leading to in-fighting between her and Wrath, since they treat each other with a brother/sister mentally, a rivalry no less.


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