Epsilon Universe Map

Epsilon Universe Map

The Epsilon Universe was once considered to be "The New Universe" and many of the first four wanted to discover it's then-mysteries. Some believe that there are still things yet to be discovered. But here's a lowdown of what is discovered. A system of monsters. The Goooran race. A troubled world of lost potaintal. An extremely alternate AUU Zootopia. The Narudons. A planet of Gem creatures. The Uonons. The tragic legend of the Crucyds. An Alternate Equestia. A system ruled by beautiful birds. A soon to be famous Carbungia. A planet of mighty birds that brought down a dictator. And the Sabochuns..... However..... It also had it's dangers. Zooprimacists. A corruptive sun that caused an ongoing battle based on Freedom Vs. Safety. Feudulent hate groups. A parasite worse then the Bruud. A deadly deathmatch torniment. An Ice planet filled with vampiric pterasaurs..... But the most unfortunate danger of all.... This was the universe that had the misfortunate of see the birth of the VA. But fortunately, it also had to see the downfall of it as well. As such, the Epsilon universes continues to be full of surprises, good or bad.


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Epsilon Universe Timetable

Epsilon Core







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1. Epsilon Core Sector

The Core Sector is considered to be the last part of the Epsilon to be explored but some believe it can still hold many surprises. The biggest one is that a system that holds many forms of horror known in socity.

Epsilon God Zone

  • Epsilon Prime- A semiarid steppe planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Dreamgron- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iterose- A jungle planet (Crafters, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Precurse- An ecumenopolis planet (Framers, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Xioncom- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet (Godly Centre World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aeo Eglux- A tettestrial jungle planet (Prodigies, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Novule- An ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eculus Rion- A taiga planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Raccaeus- A tartaric black gas giant (Hierarchs, TBC...) Moons: ; DC:

Arra-Feela System

  • Ofruonides- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Offo- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Whegetania- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Thynthria- (AUU Ara Fell, A magical world in the clouds where the ground is inhospitable and dangerous, large flying islands and mountains rest in the sky through loadstone, and civilizations are only at a Teadr 6 level, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Thyra Ty- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Goeturn- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aezuno- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qasptooine- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Reallu System

  • Reallu Prime- The first planet in a system surrounded by a quantum space storm. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eclypso- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Callergis- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Realisia- A beautiful magical jungle planet that has massive elegant royal-like cities, magical anomalies, alien biota, iridescent skies filled with small amounts of noble gases and magical auroras, twisting terrain and rock formations, a core made of solidified magic, active weather, magic air that can alter and change the environment in several ways as the core has a mind of it's own, Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, flying islands and mountains levitated by lodestone, and magic exists as a state of matter. This was the homeworld of a race of Teadr 1 fairy-like beings called Realsh, who introduced the gift of magic, which exist as quantum particles and matter called mana, to the UUniverses, starting out discovering it but then an Epsilon God, the one who gave birth to them and a guardian of magic named Megom, prosecuted the race for doing this and desecrating the sacred power of magic, threatening to destroy the planet he created with his magical composition, but the Realsh fought back and turned him into pure magic by destroying the rest of his being through quantum manipulation, and named themselves the guardians of magic in his place, being forgiven by the Gods because Megom was a renegade. The Realsh then proceeded to bind technology and magic together by infusing quantum energy into the molecules of anything around them and thus giving birth to techno-magic, and did the same to their bodies to evolve into the Teadr 1 race they are today. Though they later took responsibility when their gift of magic backfired and black magic was born from those who wished to use it for evil, and after trying to fix this and failing due to the realization that both sides couldn't exist without one another after being beaten down by dark Starsquid manifestations, they became beings of pure mana while the rest of the AUU dubbed them extinct, and continue to be the guardians of magic to this day by existing as magic. The world now has little inhabitants as the world technically runs itself due to the Realsh existing as living magic. The planet has 9 continents, 5 oceans, and a quantum crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Winx Lona- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Lo- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gibe- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Wyvena- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Wyve I- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Wyve V- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Wyve X- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Scasutis- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Lajor- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Yorkidon System

  • Kelton- A desert planet where there is sparse vegetation, and a lot of water. It used to be an ocean planet decades ago until climate change left the oceans to shrink and left corals and aquatic plants to evolve on land. The animals that live here evolved from aquatic creatures, including the main species, a race of crustaceous Teadr 3 insectoids called Keltoids, which are advanced in technology and each colony rules one area on the planet. The Keltoids are similar to hornets and lobsters, and have different caste systems, living either underwater or on land. Their honey is so sweet, they gave full permission to the USRA to farm the honey. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:313d
  • Gapoxitri- A tropical planet where there are no continents. Except there are islands with Hawaiian cultures. This planet has over 59 islands, and a large global ocean filled with Teadr 2 aquatic cities with pearly-white buildings, blue lights, aquavehicles, and a variety of plants and corals. The islands have Teadr 2 cities and resort cities for land creatures with the same kind of architecture and appearance. The planet has no seasonal weather changes, so it basically stays summertime year round. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:379d; Capital City: Malibus City
  • Cilgon IV- A dark-red desert moon belonging to the red-orange gas giant Cilgon. The moon has been colonized by the USRA to create Teadr 2 cities, military fortresses, and Globex facilities for researching cybernetic weaponry. The cities are all filled with silver buildings that have holographic rooms and windows, screen display and propaganda, massive arrays of gardens and dams, flying vehicles, and some agricultural lands on the city outskirts. The Globex facilities test their cybernetic weaponry in open and uninhabited areas. The moon has 7 large lakes. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 314d
  • Cilgon V- A soiled moon also belonging to Cilgon. Populated by the USRA, it is an agricultural moon which has a small percentage of Teadr 4 cities with modern-day technology. The soil of the moon is rich with organic substances suitable for organic farming. This is also the birthplace of hybrid farming, which is a form of creating hybrid fruits and vegetables through genetic engineering as a new means of farming. The moon has 2 large oceans on both sides. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 387d
  • Cilgon VII- An ecumenopolis moon also belonging to Cilgon. This moon has a large global Teadr 2 city with buildings made out of tough, durable, and precious metals, and having holo-windows and virtual rooms that can be controlled by the mind. It is also known for it's great economy and it's capitalistic underworld that resides in the lower levels of the city. The moon has 2 oceans. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 451d
  • Usklinda- A tropical planet populated by sentient and unsentient animals. This is one of the many planets that are populated by the Teadr 2 Atonts. Their cities are small and underground in aquifers and caverns, and the other animal cities vary in Teadr level. This is where the Atonts do mostly agriculture, whereas they farm algae, have a great irrigation system, as well as perfect sunlight systems, and this is where they were able to discover in-vitro meat production on their own, though it wasn't anything new for them to get into the USRA. The planet has 13 continents, and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:492d
  • Suynus- A tropical wetland rainforest planet populated by dinosaurs and other sentient and unsentient reptiles. This is a USRA planet with very little technology. The planet has over 50 Teadr 4 cities, and it's moon, Tunse, has yet to be colonized. There are no vehicles here, and the people there are comfortable riding an animal as opposed to riding a vehicle. This was the sight of a small Interuniversal War battle that destroyed part of the planet's cities, yet the people here put up a good fight. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:502d

Violonca System

  • Glexurus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Teyvis- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qetheystea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Corlleon- (AUU Violett, Underground mystical surreal world underneath a civilized Teadr 3 world, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Corro- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Mecrea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Voirilia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Cybetexer System

  • Ottord- An arid desert planet which is the first world that the Kraetans have colonized. It was a world where water was scarce, and thus moisture farms had been established. There are massive Teadr 2 cities with the same distinctive architecture of the Kraetans, and the temperature of this planet is hotter because of the planet's distance from the Sun. The planet has no oceans and is surrounded entirely bysandy surfaces. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:178d
  • Vil- A semi-lava planet which is a mining colony where the hot temperatures allow the Kraetans, as crocodilians, can thrive in. It has several flying AFT cities, and the mining colonies search for precious and valuable metals in the lava. This is a world that has been attacked one or few times during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War and only a few cities were destroyed. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:264d
  • Kraeth- A humid swampy semi-ecumenopolis planet which is filled with not just large cities, but also has massive swamps and bogs. This is a planet where technology and the strong are a big factor, especially for the main race, a race of Teadr 2 cybernetic crocodilians called the Kraetans, which live in a stratocratic society where only the strong are allowed to rule with cybernetic implants while the normal and weak are nothing more than civilians. These beings believe that technology is a sign of strength and intelligence, and often wear cybernetics to be superior. This planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans, as well as a rocky and icy planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:386d
  • Ainicord- A rainforest planet which is a thriving Kraetan world. It was also the main location where the Ohrugans won the Ohrugan-Kraetan War and the Kraetans were forced to leave them and the USRA races alone. It is noted for it's green sky as the result of the small concentration of arsenic in the sky, and it contains a massive amount of wildlife, some being immigrated from worlds like Vandora. The planet has 11 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:414d
  • Norath- A swampy marshland planet which is a Kraetan world which is noted for it's upper AFT levels which are for the strong and the lower ground cities meant for the weak. This world has been attacked only once during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War, and the attack was devastating enough to destroy over 6 cities, some being of AFTs. But the world recovered greatly ever since. The planet has 15 continents and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:486d

Whork System

  • Beyuturn- A lava planet known for having rocky rings with rich amounts of glonium, a rare and valuable substance which is worth $5,000 in cash. The planet has been colonized by the AUU Currency Troupe for astro-mining these rocks for the substance. This substance has also been proven to be abundant in many other planetary rings throughout the AUU, each of them having trade routes with Inorbon, such as this planet. Unfortunately, the Villains Act took over this planet, and formed a black market trade with the glonium crystals. But when it fell, the Troupe regained control of the mining operation. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:201d
  • Boritax- A tropical jungle planet where over a million kinds of animals thrive. This planet is known not just for it's rich amounts of precious gems and metals, but for it's million-year old Ehswan civilizations that are now inhabited by the planet's current race, a species of Teadr 2 feline beings called Boritoids, which have an advanced civilization and live under a parliamentary oligarchy where 5 people ruled, and have even fought against the Ohrugans for control over colonies until a peace treaty was signed. They even have 10 other colonies outside their own system across the Epsilon Universe after a crusading period. The planet has 9 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:283d
  • Afgradus- A swampy planet populated by sentient and unsentient aquatic animals. The water can sometimes be deep, and water can cover almost the entire swamp. It is a USRA planet and an Aufone colony with Teadr 4 cities with the basic Aufone architecture and appearance. This planet has a few agricultural lands for underwater farming and basic farming. The planet has spaceports for the Aufones to travel to for space transit since they still haven't developed space-travel, and it also serves for trading crops and resources across the AUU. The planet has 15 continents and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:311d
  • Wathea- An ocean ecumenopolis planet where there is beautiful and bizarre coral reefs and large Teadr 2 cities filled with chrome and black buildings with holographic windows and rooms, screen displays and propaganda, green and aquamarine lighting, and 30% robotic labor. Sentient and unsentient fishes live here, and enjoy a peaceful life. It even has air pockets, like most ocean planets do, for non-aquatic visitors to breath. The planet has 2 moons. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:400d

Urgace System

  • Toplea- A desert lava planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iute- A lava planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qoilia- A tropical planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Dopragua- A rocky mountain planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vusle- A temperate planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Plaoter- A tundra planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Mirth System

  • Mirth Prime- A temperate planet which was a human colony with several megalopolises and floating soil platforms levitated by magnetanium. This world has faced several war battles in the past, particularly the known AUU wars and the Human-Rabodan War. It's been so prevalent, that this world was the capital of the Human Protection Agency (HPA) that defended their sentient animal and being friends against war and injustice. When the humans left, sentient animals began to populate this planet. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:322d
  • Rae- A tropical planet with several islands and a colorful sky as the result of it's small concentration of tungsten. It was one of the many human colonies before the races' evacuation, and a perfect vacation spot for several people, whether it be sentient animals or sentient beings, it's a good world for relaxation. Upon the humans' departure, the sentient animals claimed this world. There are hundreds of megalopolis resort cities and tropical rainforests. The planet has hundreds of small islands and only one large continent surrounded by a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:385d
  • Argaphemus- A large humid wasteland planet which was a human colony that was the main place where the Villains Act discovered the location of the HPA base and dissolved it, leading to the humans evacuation. As for this planet, it was left in ruins due to the power the Villains Act had despite the HPA putting up a valiant fight. Ever since, this world was never recolonized and was left as a wasteland with intense storms and wet caverns and ruins. The planet has 12 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:453d

Waara System

  • Gaspilles- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Theophus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vathora- (AUU World of Warcraft, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aypra- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Neskiota Fome- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Blia- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Auru Ea- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vete- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Taehines- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Teir- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Poc- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Amedia System

  • Goslaotania- (Forbidden Sector, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Seomia- (African Medieval, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iyphing- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oaturn- (Medieval Ocean World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Graco- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Verave- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Oylea- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Qormario System

  • Sovilt- A desert planet which is noted for it's large rock and lava formations, as well as it's thin atmosphere which, despite making it a bit impossible to breath, is still breathable. This is a colony for the Boritoids which has large rigs for oil and other fossil fuels, there are loads of large cities which match the Boritoid architecture and technology, and there are also precious jewels that can be harvested here and are used as currency, or are traded through the AUU Currency Troupe. This planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 20hr:311d
  • Gimaybes- A semi-temperate desert planet which has a small amount of lava formations, and also has a thin atmosphere. The sky is purple as the result of the moderately-higher amount of nitrogen in the sky, and the plants and land corals are alien-like in appearance. This is a colony for the Boritoid, where they train soldiers to fight in fields of large land corals, which provide a perfect amount of cover from gunfire. They've done this so well, they can sense their surroundings through accurate hearing and smell, even while blindfolded. This makes this one of the Boritoids' perfect training worlds. The planet has 7 small continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; DC: NE:364d
  • Iacthex- A temperate planet which has massive mountain formations, and flying islands levitated by magnetanium. Life from Gimaybes was introduced here, and didn't affect the ecosystem in any way. The planet's sky is deep-blue due to it's small amount of actinium, there are large amounts of wetlands and hunidity, and this is the only world in the system with a completely-pure atmosphere. This is a Boritoid planet which has a rich amount of nitrogen in the soil, making it an agricultural colony where several crops can be grown and traded across the AUU through the AUU Currency Troupe. This world suffered several invasions during the Ohrugan-Boritoid War, but has recovered from it despite several signs of dilapidation. Several bunkers and barracks were given new purposes, and military activity is very rare here. The planet has 4 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:396d

Horra System

  • Horror World- The capital Planet of Horra and it's many horrors, organic and artificial.
  • Zombua- A world long infected by zombies. A once beautiful utopia condemned by the undead.
  • Vipirus- The Vampire Planet. The Vipirusians are the dominating rulers of Horra.
  • Licanus- The Planet of AUU Werewolves. A savage planet tamed by the Vipirisuns.
  • Abominus- A planet ruled by a mad sciencetist and filled with his many frankenstein creations.
  • Mummus- A planet that's a kingdom of mummies.
  • Blalago- A world ruled by Black Lagoon Creatures.
  • Killa- The exsile planet of the AUU's worse killers too horrendus and terrorable for even Oranos.
  • Jawwz- Litterally just a planet full of sharks...... Nuff said.
  • Ecoplas- A planet of ghosts and spirts due to it's link to the spirit realm of the AUU.
  • Phobia- A planet that be filled with your worse fear. It's like this because of the curse of a fearmongering Dark Magilo User.
  • Bon- The skelital planet of living skelitons.
  • Wiccan- The witch planet and the shorce of magic here.

Xenomenice System

  • Xenomensis- The Homeworld of the The Xenomentai, a race of alien beings that are the ultamate philosifers of peace. Their system is contested by UIS and the USRA because of their near-Teadr 1 potaintional, of which the Xenomentai refused because "Peace needs to exist between you".

Grossca System

  • Grossca Prime- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Grosa- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Spuketer- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Croceliv- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Goscuitania- (Flying Continent Kingdoms, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Weythea- (TBC...) Moons: 2; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Weya I- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Weya II- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Qeotrone- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gespoth- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Chalocury- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

North Asina System

  • Asina Prime- The home capital planet of the powerful Asina Republic, which consists of Parrot Beaked Cranes called the Asina Birds, a firm believers of limited goverment and wide spread independence. Thus, the Asina Birds came to automaticly hate the USRA allience because of it's emassing over-reach and cases of mistakes and albeit small-scale corruption and irrespondsability. As such, with Teadr 2 tec, they created a series of Astro-Laser-Eqsed Ship-Sized Drones to attack and desicrate USRA colonies to protect their indepence from USRA over-reach. This lead to the Asina war and the devidtion of North and South Asina, but just when the USRA had this in the bag, UIS came and won the Asina War for the Asina Republic. In gratatude, the Asina Birds join the USRA races and shared their Asina-Drones with them ever since, so UIS cannot be so easily challnaged by an extreme Pro-USRA force.

South Asina System

  • Asina Lesser- A neightbering world that was once apart of the Asina Republic, but then came into USRA control during the Asina wars! But when UIS forced a victory for the Asina Republic, South Asina was given to UIS to have full reign over so they can always adquitely protect the Asina birds from USRA returns. The South Asina system has since became a system with a great blockade of Asina-Drones that will make sure the USRA never expands beyond the system, and have thus isolated subsiquient worlds.

Isolated Systems-1

Precsus-Gotem System

  • Precsus Prime- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Shrane Vion- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Evertra- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jomon- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ecoa- (AUU Jak and Daxter, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Kopiter- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Panax Aqis- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Inios- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Nameotune- Moons: ; DC:
  • Qexpune- Moons: ; DC:
  • Aextine- Moons: ; DC:
  • Tivis Ter- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Upverivon- Moons: ; DC:
  • Nosmo Mune- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Totoshitus- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Porlic- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Crax- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oxplome- Moons: ; DC:
  • Iziriotume- Moons: ; DC:
  • Maox- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qruto- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Kda System

Noom System

Jak System

Offa System

Jkl System

Asd System

AWSD System

Cvb System

Koon-Konna System

Rekt System

ASDFG System

Siticulo System (Sitics)

  • Siticon- (Sitic Home Planet, TBC...)

2. Bogthen Sector

Found by Rabodan explorer, Captain Bog T Hen, he came here for peace and good will with the Goootans, while along the way discovered worlds that would be of interest for the USRA races. They even discovered Recex and the potaintional it hold, but it was lost thanks to a tragic rebelion that lead to an unfaverable downfall. There is still much of the system not fully discovered by any who travels. But it is also the place of Mieber, a world under a rebelion problem of it's own. It is also the home secter of the Narudans, who until then were the only things known abourt the Epsilon. There is even, somewhere here, the two systems that housed the famed Oxyceans and the Qyzmeths, but because of the duo being deemed a myth, no one ever bothered to look for those systems, nor even charted their location, further obscuring the existence of these systems.

Collom System

  • Oclunia- A semi-lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Paur Ax- A semi-ecumenopolis desert planet (Voxum Activity, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Doywei- A lava planet . The planet's surface was covered with molten rock, with large mesas of volcanic glass rising up from this unstable waterless ocean. Radioactive lava that scrambled computers and sensors spewed from the many fissures and crevasses that scoured the surface. The searingly hot temperatures and the toxic Type IV atmosphere made environmental suits an absolute necessity. It's gravity was 1.4 times standard. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Greonia- A semi-temperate lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qesluyter- A semi-temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jespillionict- A large ecumenopolis planet similar to New York. It has massive cities and an underground level of catacombs which have massive crime rate the deeper it goes. This world is known for it's massive population and it's corporate significance, sponsoring literally every business imaginable, and helping with population control by relocating overpopulated inhabitants to the rest of the planets in the system, as the first planet to be colonized there. This world is famous for being very illuminated at night with holograms and neon lights, high-tech cities, bioluminescent plants, and even for it's sky cities and platforms that are yet another way to solve overpopulation. Though it had been dominated for 30 years by a greedy crime lord named Othyem Zon Genergy, who was once a greedy corporate baron that turned to wrestling and then served for CrimeTech before it's disbanding. The planet has 66 small oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Iaspade- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Trosatis- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Xeohgo- An orange gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Xeoh XIX- An arid wasteland desert moon belonging to Xeohgo. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Xeoh XXII- A semi-temperate desert moon also belonging to Xeohgo. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Xeoh XL- A temperate moon also belonging to Xeohgo. (Voxum Activity, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Whaletania- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iaicarro- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Fuscyke Yomb- A rainforest wetland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Graq XXV- A semiarid desert moon belonging to a dark-orange gas giant called Graqotune. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Graq XLIX- A desert wasteland moon also belonging to Graqotune. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Graq LXX- An ice wasteland moon also belonging to Graqotune. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Srethi System

  • Maquam- A barren uninhabited grayish-blue desert planet which is distinguished for it's beautiful but hazardous city ruins that are the result of a viral outbreak from the planet's native disease that spread world-wide, forcing an evacuation of the remaining 10,500 survivors. This was a Rabodan colony which had large amounts of laserum and rarium that would prove to be an asset in their wealth and warfare, but the virus proved that this stash was best left alone. Even hazmat suits aren't capable of protecting the wearer because the disease has a mind of it's own, and can find a way around protection. This disease, called Maquaria, causes mild nausea, poisoning of the organs, impaired speech, and even death. This world has since remained forbidden by the USRA. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 23hr:361d
  • Tesque- A temperate planet filled with mountainous terrain, war-riddled graveyards, caverns, wetlands, rock formations, and complex jungles. This is a Rabodan colony where the Rabodans have fought their hardest during the Exo-Wars and Interuniversal War, preserving the valuable and sensitive technology their Globex facilities possess which includes tactical weaponry and superior defenses. The Rabodans have not been perfect and have not been void of losses during these battles, but they put up with all the violence and mayhem such battles for their technology wreaked. The Globex facilities now store this technology within underground vaults that are protected by the greatest of their technology, and even the Villains Act could not get to them. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:384d
  • Vikrus- A wetland rainforest planet covered in a lot of water and containing a massive amount of wildlife. This is a USRA planet that was chosen for Globex to be a world for genetic experiments for artificial evolution and trans-being technologies. This world has perfected genetic technologies and was once, according to it's history, the only world capable of using genetics to grant an individual abilities of an animal until all information and formulas for it was destroyed by technophobic raiders. Despite the rumors that some still remain, no such plans have been found, and it's said that the technophobic raiders still reside in the underground waiting to strike on anything that can be considered 'playing God'. The cities are at a Teadr 2 level, there are Globex territories surrounding certain parts of the planet, and the wildlife itself is sparse and colorful, ranging from prehistoric-like flowering plants and oddly-colored grass, to giant predatory dinosaurs and colossal mammalian herbivores. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 4 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:405d

Trinion System

  • Gooorytan- A planet populated by mostly gelatinous creatures. The plant life is purple and green, the fungi is bioluminescent and radioactive, there are crystal forests, the rocky terrain is wet, and the terrain is so wet that it is covered entirely of water. The planet's main inhabitants, a gelatinous Teadr 2 sentience called Gooorans, are very advanced in chemistry. Their civilization relies on a renewable gelatinous power source called Zox, which did almost everything. The planet has 3 continents and one global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 16hr:219d
  • Cuopra- An Irish planet with Irish cultures, climates, and communities. Sentient and unsentient creatures thrive in this place, and the planet is considered the Booze Planet for it's high amount of drunk people. Because of this, the AUU Grand Council has to have increased police activity to help uphold the laws of the planet and keep drunk people from causing trouble. The planet has 12 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:294d; Capital City: Cuon'instr
  • Drauocury- A planet which is one of the many colonies of the Zewinsaurs. This is where the most Zewinsaur battles have taken place, and because it destroyed almost every Teadr 5 city on the planet, the Zewinsaurs had to take shelter inside underground catacombs where they continued to thrive to this day. The Zewinsaurs only go to the surface of the planet for adventuring or for magic activity. The city ruins are still alive today, and are hardly visited at all. The planet has 20 large lakes surrounded by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:305d
  • Recex- A wetland planet which is known to be once owned by the USRA, and therefore populated by all USRA races. It is noted for having Teadr 2 cities, but it's widely known for it's conversion from traditional technology to magic for environmentally-friendly methods. The military and public use magic in modern societies, and all science projects such as medicine, flight, electricity, architecture and so on are all based entirely on harnessed magic. However, after the downfall of a rising dictatorship problem caused by an anti-USRA group of native Recexians, which are beings simular to the district 9 aliens, when the dictatorship died, so did Recex's ecomomic ability. Everything that made Recex great died with it's financel stability, and it changed into a planet of conquest as a result, causing the USRA backed Goverments to disown the planet as a result. There's little that could be done for the planet and it's helpful methods are wasted for useage of conquest. It earned the name "The Problem Child Planet of Epsilon" and ended up being an ally planet of the VA for until their disbanion, which forced the planet to relie on itself ever since. The planet has 4 continents, 2 oceans, and a large icy and rocky ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier I; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:321d; Capital City: Palo City
  • New Recex- A planet-sized moon of Recex that shares the same quilities as the Recex planet that became the subsiquint home of the native Recexians that came to still dislike the USRA as a result of their planet being in ruin. The native recexians have since turned the moon into their new home, "New Recex" and founded a goverment named The Restorers of Recex, a group of native Recexians that are known to fund those like Master Recall who are making weapons of every kinds against the USRA races and doing all this to force the USRA into a negosiable state and to force a deal that benifits only the native Recexians while the USRA races just leave and never turn back. Alchourse, the restorers need funding themselves, so they enjoy an allienceship with UIS for the mutual aim of getting USRA enfluence out of Recex and to secure Recexian independence.

Zoodbis System

  • Sucury- A semi-temperate desert prairie planet which the people of Zoytia colonized and made a primarily-savanna/desert-based civilization. It has all known desert wildlife inhabiting it, it has weak weather, it has a moist crust that is mined in moisture farms, large rock formations, small amounts of lava and geothermal valleys, and small bodies of water. The desert-like architecture of Zoytia gets it's roots from this world, and like Zoytia, it has ranged sentient animal-based supremacist societies on certain countries. There are even subterranean sectors for subterranean animals across the system. The planet has over 86 lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:273d
  • Goscade- A temperate planet that has massive ranging habitats, a colorful sky due to it's small amounts of noble gases, active weather, large rock formations, and flourishing fauna and flora. This is a colony for the Society of Sentient Animals and it's where they watch over the inhabitants of the system, and they have to keep their origins a secret as a means to keep them from being harmed by people who wish to use the system's sentience-manipulating toxins for evil, doing this through the Animal High Command's best troops and forces. At the same time, they pose as common inhabitants of the system. The cities are massive and are built in the image of the cities of Zoytia, which themselves are on par of the cities built by common sentient animals as they have made their own customary architecture and visions of such a thing, among other sentient being cultures and ethnics. The planet 8 continents, 918 islands, and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:323d
  • Zoytia- A temperate planet which is basically the AUU version of the world of Zootopia. It is a world which has both sentient and unsentient animals, flora from over a thousand planets, crystal-clear waters, ranging climates, and has a sky that ranges in coloration due to it's small amounts of noble gases. This world's sentient animals are all civilized and have actually been of Society of Sentient Animal origin, but have been isolated from them for so long, they have lost their knowledge of the rest of the AUU, and believed they were alone. They still have SSA customs and have their own Animal High Command in the form of a military police force. However, like Zootopia, they had periods in their history where they were treated badly such as through shock collars that were abolished in time, and later into stereotypes that make it as offensive to them as racism. The people of Zoytia retain animal-like personalities due to being founded in a time where they were still like that and while their old SSA comrades developed in intelligence, the people of Zoytia were stagnant with it. Unlike Zootopia, they have domesticated unsentient versions of themselves, and only eat THEIR meat, and only eat the meat of their recently-deceased citizens. The society is like that of Zootopia, except it is at a Teadr 2 society, though they have never ventured out of their own system. Like Zootopia, these people suffer terrible prejudice against each other by their roles in nature, and primarily worship Evolutionary Masters as their own gods. Some societies place them into caste systems, others accept them into multitudinous opportunities, particularly their noble megalopolis capital where the SSA first colonized it millions of years ago, yet forgot about their own origins as time went by. The world was in fact chosen because it was a world where the Evolutionary Masters crafted wildlife of all kinds and tested them in it's plentiful and random ecosystem. However, since a rogue Evolutionary Master use it for sick and abused evolutionary experiments, toxins were created that could be used to manipulate animals themselves, yet when the rogue master was defeated, the toxins were left and never seen again, resulting in multiple unspecified ways for the animals to convert back to unsentient behavior, and then back again. To this day, the SSA has this world under their jurisdictions and considers these rumors true and seeks to find them and stop them from being abused, primarily by alien rogues called the Zoopremacists, lead by Zurkury Vaux Spheerus, the infamous descendant of an equally-infamous supremacist of the past, Karlund Spheerus, who wish to use these sentience-manipulating toxins to establish supremacy in the sentient animal community across the AUU. The planet has 9 continents, 1,707 islands, and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:396d; Capital City: Zoo Vista City
  • Teustea- A tropical island planet which was a grand resort world in the SSA's past. It has a surface covered 90.08% with water, and has multiple islands with ranging architectural cities. The world plays well for the sentient animals that are semi-aquatic, even to the point where they built aquacities and AFT cities that fly or stand above the ocean. The tropical and water-based architecture of Zoytia gets it's roots from this world, and like Zoytia, it has supremacist societies at times. The planet has over 69 islands of ranging size. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:427d
  • Aydclite- A rainforest planet that has large colorful fauna consisting of most of all the fauna of the AUU, and flora consisting of plants, land reefs, and zooplantae, all of which are often introduced throughout the rest of the system for decoration and color, heavy weather and storms, higher levels of oxygen, large patches of pure spring water, foggy environments, large mountains and canyons, large rock formations, and other beautiful features. This is where Zoytia's rainforest-like architecture stems from, and like the rest of the system, it has it's own supremacist societies at times. This world is the only non-Zoytia colony in the system which has various ethnic societies. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 5 small oceans and 669 islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:485d
  • Irtooine- An ice planet that has large coniferous forests, intense snow storms, a dark sky due to it's small amounts of metallic gases, large mountains and glaciers, freezing bodies of water, tundra-based fauna and flora, and large rock formations and permafrost soil. Zoytia's tundra-based architecture gets it's roots from this world, and it has large megalopolis cities both over and under the ground, and there are traces of ancient SSA ruins found on this planet. Like many of the other planets, it established rare occurrences of supremacist societies. The planet has 5 oceans and 18 small lakes surrounded entirely by frozen land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:519d

Vitese System

  • Virteen- A planet which has a ranged environment and was built digitally by an old Ehswan digital experiment long ago, which means that this world is entirely virtual and made of pixels. Anyone that dies here can automatically respawn, though there are still ways to die permanently here. This world is an attraction for many people because it can instantly allow for greater exercise through combat and immortality. The environment can be digitally reassembled, and the core is a magic-based machine that uses a data interface to project a digital blueprint of a planet and a ranged environment and make it real by use of magical energy in the form of light pixels. There are a variety of enemies here ranging in power and abilities, and some heroes and villains have spawned here. The planet's basic-programmed environment is 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:355d
  • Deever- A humid wetland planet which was originally the first candidate for the experiment done on Virteen. It is a world with a blue sky consisting of mercury instead of xenon, and it was formerly an Ehswan colony until a battle against the Yatorans during the AUU Second Cartoonian War left several nuclear reactors to rupture, and leave this world to be radioactive for a thousand years, mutating some of it's wildlife, and preventing the Yatorans from claiming it. When the radioactive activity dissipated, wildlife started recovering and getting used to the mutations, and within the next thousand years, this world evolved into a world of gladiator hunting. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:386d
  • Bimon- A wetland rainforest planet which has a massive amount of wildlife, and is actually an artificial planet created by the Ehswans with the use of advanced world-building equipment. This world has the same conditions, atmosphere, wildlife, and technology as Ehswadus, and was meant to be a sanctuary for those of their wildlife that was endangered. The Yatorans continue to keep this planet as a sanctuary, and even build zoos and safari parks on it for all available visitors. Poaching on this planet is extremely illegal, and is punishable by life imprisonment or a massive fine depending on how many creatures are hunted. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:433d

Ukonyx System

  • Goorujo- An Australian planet where there are outbacks everywhere. The planet is populated by sentient and unsentient marsupials, reptiles, and other mammals. Cities are sometimes modern-day, whereas others are more advanced and have bronze buildings with durable windows, screen displays, large monuments, and a large abundance of plants. This planet also has a wide array of Globex facilities, as well as military outposts and firebases. It is populated by a small number of USRA races, and is also another world which had large rebellions that fought against the Villains Act. The planet has 9 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:318d; Capital City: Rydiney
  • Oaxa- A jungle planet which is a USRA planet which focuses more on military activity, mainly for the Villains Act, and for the Interuniversal War before that. Teadr 2 cities with gray buildings with durable windows, glowing roads and bridges for ground vehicles, holographic propaganda and screen display, and 70% abundance of plants and land corals, are present. There are about a dozen military colonies found here, as well as rebellion bases, and some Globex facilities that research weaponry, armor, and super-enhancement serums, and test them in the planet's polar ice caps. The planet has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:442d
  • Nivilsara- A large coniferous planet that is in a small Ice Age, yet is easily habitable and populated by sentient and unsentient mammals. The USRA-built Teadr 2 cities of this planet have incredible architecture, being made mostly of a silver alloy, having holographic display and propaganda, amazing monuments, several underground heated sanctuaries, and red, blue, and purple lighting systems. This is one of the many planets populated by the Sabochans, who have learned how to use these cities properly and to their full potential than they would with their own Teadr 2 variants. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:506d ; Capital City: Onsgard
  • Uosar II- A tundrous moon belonging to the pale-blue gas giant Uosar. This is a USRA moon which is commonly noted for it's underground Globex facilities that are run by Tiikons, researching robotic and cybernetic technologies, and testing them out in the open snowy climates. It is also noted for it's Teadr 2 cities with the same architecture and appearance as those on Nivilsara, also being populated by the Sabochans. The Sabochans here use their underground sanctuaries for agriculture, and this is where the USRA invented in-vitro meat. The planet has several non-Currency Troupe trade routes established here to transport these goods across the AUU. This moon has 5 large lakes. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 319d

Siamaxus System

  • Aloxdum- An outback desert lava planet which has a massive amount of lava formations, geothermal valleys, has lava that is rich in valuable metals and gems, and has a small amount of indigenous and introduced wildlife and water. This was a world that belonged to Globex Warnomics, where they had founded lava refineries to harvest the many metals and gems to trade them to the AUU Currency Troupe, use them in war funds, or use the metals for their many military weapons and machines. This world has no cities, but it has some flying AFT hotels for chronic workers to rest in during shifts or breaks. The planet has 7 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:298d
  • Iircen


    Iircen- An Australian semi-temperate outback desert planet which is hardly inhabited by small criminal communities and lawless sectors, filled with pirates, bandits, smugglers, and many others, and is very overlooked by the rest of the AUU. It has a color-changing sky due to it's small amount of noble gases, has a vast array of outback-style fauna and flora, several abandoned high-tech ghost towns that sponsored long-defunct companies long ago, has a few hidden surprises, small weather activity including an annual monsoon, war-torn graveyards, ship graveyards that are scavenged, and massive rock formations that make the world's environment massive and scenic to newcomers. Despite it's native fauna and flora, it was once in it's early years a land owned by a rich entrepreneur named Mister Macherage and upon passing away, was passed to his two feuding brothers Zood Macherage and Monty Macherage, who fought for over 177 years building a sponsored and propagated world of business thanks to the discovery of a native substance called Iircenium, which was capable of many things including higher energy capacity for memory chips and inventions, and even seemingly-impossible things including several projects for an immortality generator, improved teleportation and cloaking devices, stronger weapons and military vehicles, and several designs for positronic brains of robots, until their deaths left it to be abandoned and overlooked until later in recent years, it became a colony for a defunct branch for Globex called Globex Warnomics, run by a genius named Gryson Maan, which specialized in weapons and had income in war, as it flourished in it's needed times during the Interuniversal War, harvesting this world's rich amounts of rediscovered Iircenium. Though ever since the Interuniversal War and the mysterious disappearance of Gryson, this Globex branch had been abandoned and shut down permanently. Rumors say that this world is not just hiding a secret waiting to be awoken, but is also the hiding place for Team Positron, a team of psychotic heroes who have been deemed mythological since the defeat of Villains Act scientist, Doctor Ogel. Though TP hasn't ever been located on this planet, they are hidden in a massive ghost town called Positron Gully, which is difficult to locate. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:355d
  • Uju- A desolated gray desert planet which has a small amount of plant life and a massive amount of wildlife, as well as a yellow sky filled with a small amount of sodium. This is the system's greatest source of valuable gemstones including rarium, which Globex Warnomics used for their war funds, mining over 900 million ingots of rarium and other gems and using them as this system's primary form of currency. These gems are never exchanged through the AUU Currency Troupe as it was what they relied on to be profitable. The planet has 9 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:383d
  • Naughber- A temperate planet which has a red sky as the result of it's small amount of neon, as well as it's rich amount of fauna and flora. This was a world that Globex Warnomics used as a headquarters for biological experiments until it was shut down. Though this left the world to later become a biopunk world where fresher new beings, often transbeings, are created and this, as well as other biotechnologies and artificial evolution, can make this world a better place, and one which can do better than other worlds that practice artificial evolution or transbeingism. Often times, these trans-beings and their normal ancestors do prejudice against each other since one thinks its' far superior to the other, and often cares more about themselves rather than the other, to the point where the trans-beings get cleaner environments while normals hardly end up surviving. However, there is a movement that is still in effect today to assist in the relations between normals and trans-beings on this world, and it seems to work out perfectly as normals are starting to get allowed into trans-being environments. The planet has 8 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:428d
  • Extroy- A mountainous canyon planet which has a large amount of colorful fauna and flora, there is a greater amount of weather due to the humidity and the weather, and there is a few patches of what was going to be an ecumenopolis until it was cancelled due to endangered species being indigenous here. This ecumenopolis plan was made by Globex Warnomics as a way to accommodate any survivors of the Interuniversal War, but the cities that were built were more than enough to become megalopolis cities. This is also where Globex Warnomics made robotic experiments, creating several models of military androids out of volunteering orphans. These orphans were proven to be a success in combat for a while until Globex Warnomics was shut down, leaving these androids to start new lives as technical immortals. All made great lives except for one named Scibton Shale, who disappeared without a trace following the decommissioning of Globex Warnomics. This world eventually evolved into a cyberpunk society where android surgery was discovered, a great but very expensive procedure which people wanted to go through to become androids for the sole purpose of becoming immortal, though some have formed ethics around this. Regardless, android surgery has since become a regulated commercial success that some often tend to forget about. The planet has 6 continents, 4 oceans, and a small rocky and dusty planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 33hr:465d
  • Siracux- A snowy ice planet which only has a few flora in the form of photosynthetic land corals which look like trees and naked bushes, and the megafauna that feasts on them. This is a world which Globex Warnomics have built munitions and weapon factories for the war effort of the Interuniversal War. And this seemed to be their biggest profits of all time. But ever since the war ended and Globex Warnomics disbanded, this world has been scavenged by several people such as the USRA, criminal syndicates, and several others for it's munitions and weaponry which have been put into new uses. Though Team Positron also comes here through teleporters for their munitions and weapons as well. The planet has a large frozen supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 40hr:651d

Maaphus/"Corruptus" System

  • Mieber


    Mieber- A semi-temperate planet which is known for it's semi-prosperous life as a totalitarian society where a single governing body acts as the ones that keep peace and order. However, they go too far with this peace to the point where alcohol, smoking, and even swearing is illegal and bound by fines and jailtime. Surprisingly at first, nobody had a problem with it, even if the Alcahol and Drug industry, Mieber's formerly most thriving, went down with the rise of the bans.... Up until the time of the brothers Gamton and Rea Buhl Hackagon, that is. Mysteriously, the long established bans finally felt their late-bloom controversy and as with every controversey, it bred massive protests on the streets that the governing body forcefully quelled and often had people killed, though because of the protesters proven themselves dangerious with weapons and threatening lives that the enforcers could not dare ignor. This left crime, which was thought to be purged for good, to slowly revive itself in the form of vagabonds that formed an underground society consisting of underground railroads and tunnels where people do whatever they want, all while avoiding the watchful eye of the "corrupt" overworld society on the surface that presents itself as orderly. The Underground seems to do well in fighting against the governing body, even dispite bareing primitive bullet-based weaponry, a technology that had been outdated to supposed extinction for thousands of years that the universes have rarely seen, outside of Teadr 5 planets that still use them, since the long establish invention of vastly more relieable and argueabily more safer laser tecknowagey, and the fact that their "Personal Liberites" in booze and drugs hasn't exactly left them very intelligent, but some areas in the Underground are placed under the goverment's custody. Though it will never seem to destroy the Underground entirely because the rebels keep mulitplying, though the more respectful to the law "Orderlies" outnumber this 10 to 1. To this day, the governing body considers it a priority to finally put an end to this Underground, but has never succeeded for ages. However, in contrast to what many of the Universes have came to assume, the rebelion socity is actselly in the wrong here and that the "needlessly and rediicuilously strict" overworld socity is in the right, because their sun "Corruptus" is sending corruptive radioactive engery that even the mere act of swearing and enjoying addicting substences is very corruptive and turns the person very violent and monsterious. This very sun caused an infamous historic war that caused the birth of the totalarian empire to begin with, done so by the heroic Hackagon clan because the rulers of the other nationalites have become too corrupted from the corruptive sun. The Clan knew and took the corruptive sun very seriously, though only they actselly believe in it as many others not in their inner circle of trust would understandably think something like a corruptive radioactive sun would sound like the stuff of fanacial legends. Reguardless, the Hackagons desided to balence out the Mieberians becoming the most corruptive beings and creatures ever by making Mieber a very orderly world. Alchourse, natrolly, the includion of the bans of swears, drugs and alcahol, though albeit not at first until a known anarchest made his presence known, lead to major strained issues with the people, leading some to get violent even in "peaceful" protests and forcing enforcers to do what was needed to protect the public from mass corruption, though it further soured relations with the public. Even one of the Hackagon clan members, who foolishly doubts the credability of Corruptus being a real problem, who also sympathses with the "opressed", has gone against his wiser brother's wishes and started the rebelion socity, unknowingly causing more and more people to become corrupt. The wiser brother, with a heavy heart, must take down this rampet socity to save Mieber from being corrupted, and in total, save the universes from suffering the wrath of Mieber becoming "A Planet of Anti-Goverment Nuts" that would go out of their way to usurp and take down even benvolent goverments In the name of freedom, even if it was something like the Legion, as the enfluence of Corruptus will be unstoppable from there. Mieber is a planet of a mixed speices and being socity, where almost every modern and prehistoric creature of the AUU makes it's home here, including the occational USRA race member, where the Hackagon clan, the ruling family, are a race of peacock/raptor reptoavians, where the symbol of the Mieberian Goverment is represented by the trademark tailfeathers, representing the beauty and grace of peace and order, while the symbol of the underground is represented by the symbol of the goverment being destroyed by the jaws of a feruious beast, supposingly representing "Freedom Trumping Order", but also a subtile warning of what is to come if the rebelion is ever allowed to succeed in their mission to end the overworld goverment, that is if more enlighten heroes who understood that not everything is so black and white were to come and fix the true problems of Mieber. The cities are commonly chrome, gray, and white in coloration with red, black, yellow, and blue markings and pigmented metal, has red, yellow, blue, and white lighting, has metro stations, one being the abandoned subway systems now turned into a portal-based underground railroad for the Underground, and the much safer monorail used by common society, ground-based vehicles, holographic/screen display and propaganda, a large amount of alien-like plants, land reefs, and zooplantae, heavy surveillance systems, mobile devices and wearable computers are common, and citizens are lawfully required to wear offense-detecting digital clothing suits for surveillance by the Mieberian Order Force. The Underground society, however, has more, older times defences, the closest it has to anything proper AUU, barring the rare exceptions, is portal technology. Outside from that, they're basicly modern blasts from the past, from their clothing of either wild western to pirate times to victorion times, even sometimes clothing of what we wear today. They also partain in black markets, bars and pubs, have secret but not exactly up-to-date or very relieable observatories for spying on the upper society, which are made further useless by the fact the guys entrusted to it are more interested in spying on sporting events or even on a lady getting dressed, and their way of buildings is abit more, early centaury, as they use actual wood, cement and traditional building materials. The planet has a small supercontinent littered with lakes and rivers, and a large global ocean that covers 80% of the planet, covered with small islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:313d ; Capital City: Glasion
  • Kromagmus- An large barren rocky planet known for it's large rock and lava formations, it's balanced amount of fauna and flora, it's intense and powerful superstorms, it's black sky due to it's cloudy composure and small amount of metallic gases, it's rich amounts of energy crystals, and for it's large mountains and canyons. The superstorms are powerful enough to cause a lot of death to whatever stands in it's vicinity, and the storms can be seen even in space. For a long time, it was considered uninhabitable due to it's inhospitable environment. However, there exists a Teadr 1 Paraceratherium-like race called the Kromagmusas, which are a lesser-known Teadr 1 race who grew in technology exponentially due to the amazing capabilities their homeworld's energy crystals provided, allowing them to be evenly-tuned to the Yatorans, which are believed to be the last Teadr 1 race in existence since the rest died out eons ago. These beings are known to take risks, and believe that going underground to take shelter from the superstorms are a sign of cowardice, which is a grave dishonor in their eyes. They live under a matriarchal socity, and sometimes some of their cities, each mobile and protected by weather devices that are capable of holding off superstorms temporarily until the city relocates, are all ruled by leaders with Amazon-like beliefs. Despite being abnormally tall and are assentually giraffe-rhino love childs, they actually genetically improved themselves to control their weight in the planet's intense gravity and become surprisingly quick, moble, athletic, agile, gymastic, and capable of feats not expected of near-giants. The Kromagmusas were very well prepared of what because of the infamous and fabled "Corruptus Sun", which was the greatest challenge they had to conquer, and know their planet stands between it and two other planets that would've no doubt suffered reguardless of being seperated by miles of space, their planet assentually being a giant wall of sorts. But to avoid facing simular problems with it's neightber, they created an anti-corruption sheild that manages to surpass even the great corruption of corruptus, named "The Kromagmus Defender". Even if Corruptus would be cured, the Kromagmus defender will still be online to protect against threats beyond left-behind radiated corruption, like astroriods from it's neightbering belt, the occational bursts of flames from gas planets, and would-be invaders, as the Kromags are VERY cautious of strangers, and the fact that this sector was founded by a dark magic user helps little for their concerns about hostile outsiders. But perhaps this has the potainional to change when their neighters in Mieber who do acknowledge their existence inadvertingly reveil their existence, and when so, the Legion's not gonna ignor the prospect of another Teadr 1 race they somehow missed, but they will want to appouch this delicately and smartly, knowing of the Kromagmusas' known caution torwords strangers. Conutary to what was assumed, Kromagmus didn't became an otherwise inhapitable planet because of the secter's dark founder, but because of an intentional terraforming exspeariment by Krumagmusa sciencetists. Course, they were sure to collect every two of the same speices of their native animals with caution made to be sure they'e of different genders and all seeds of their planets beforehand before the project started. This was sort've an extreme way to "Get their privacy", apart of their great caution to strangers, but when they do meet good and friendly strangers, many of this will greatly reverse. Moons: 4; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 25hr:356d
  • Getertheax- A large wetland swamp planet that has a deep blue sky as the result of the small amount of actinium, there are prehistoric-like plants surrounding almost every corner, angle, and wall, and the rock formations are scenic and colorful. This is a USRA planet where several Teadr 2 megalopolis cities reside. Some of these cities have been flooded out and turned into aquacities as a result. This world is inhabited by not just civilized beings, but also tribal natives that were capable of learning English, either primitively or civilized, and are often hostile or friendly. The water spread around after a period in this planet's history where the entire planet was flooded until a volcanic event evaporated most of the water. Despite the water vapor making the weather stronger than that of common weather, the water is still balanced due to frozen valleys freezing some of the water. As a result, some sea life resides even in what one would mistake for freshwater. All lakes and ponds are saltwater, and obtaining freshwater requires water farms to purify the water. The planet has 25 small continents and 17 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:377d
  • Setveria- A Norwegian coniferous planet which has large mountains and rock formations, geothermal valleys, colorful plants and elegant wildlife, and had a history of Space Viking activity. The planet was founded by Space Vikings in 6822 BC and made into a world of swindling, pirating, and crime. However, they ended up killing each other in a bloody feud as all that was left was their skeletons buried underground for thousands of years. Later on, the USRA populated this planet, as all it's races inhabit it in large Teadr 2 megalopolis cities, and established history museums when uncovering the Space Viking history of this planet and what they were like before the bloody war. The planet has a constitutional and democratic parliament where the parliament, depending upon the analysis of the people, choose their president based on said analysis. There is Norwegian-like cultures, architecture, cuisine, and the technology is top notch and based off of Space Viking technology. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:401d

Gewsogom System

  • Brexestea- A semi-temperate lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Yo'yon- A toxic moon belonging to an uninhabitable toxic planet called Yohoyo. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Jeskion- A desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gewster- A toxic jungle wasteland world (Lawless World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Hestyria- A stormy planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Moscillon- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Thayatonthum- A deep-blue gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Thay V- An ocean moon belonging to Thayatonthum. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thay XI- A quarter-ecumenopolis moon also belonging to Thayatonthum. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thay XIX- A toxic moon also belonging to Thayatonthum. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Iauru- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Yith System

  • Yith Prime- A desert planet belonging to the Kraetans, who thrive in this binary sun system. This world may seem inhospitable, but plants have evolved to become immune to the addition of another sun, thus making the atmosphere breathable. This world and it's system has been beneficial to the Ohrugan-Kraetan War because of the harsh temperatures, which the Ohrugans, as mammals, cannot handle like the Kraetans could as reptiles, and thus they had trouble fighting them. Thus all the battles on this world the Kraetans have won. There is no water here, but moisture farms have been established to farm the water in the deep crust. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:277d
  • Aggle- Another desert planet that thankfully has a few bodies of water and more plants as the result of it's distance from the two suns. It's hot enough to give the Kraetans more energy when fighting, and is hot enough to make the Ohrugans during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War struggle to keep up with the battles. This world has more cities than Yith Prime, and there are more stronger figures than weaker ones. The planet has 8 small oceans surrounded by sandy dunes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:324d
  • Esir- A mountainous humid desert planet which has much more moisture than the last two planets, water even existing in the air. This world is still one where the Ohrugans struggled in their war against the Kraetans while the cold-blooded Kraetans thrived in battle, but this was the first world where only one Ohrugan victory took place. This world is also known for it's gold alloy mines which the Kraetans use for cybernetic armor that signifies the strongest in the government across the Kraetan Stratocracy. The planet has 6 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:544d
  • Taipher- The only temperate planet in the system which is far enough from the two suns to support more plant life. The Kraetans are the least-strong on this world as the result of the decreased temperature, and it's the only planet in the system where the Ohrugans, during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War, have not been struggling as much as on the other planets. Thus, victories on this planet were mixed. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 42hr:725d

Bogyen System

  • Escorse- A desert planet which is one of the many planets colonized by the Naroudans, who were able to develop a Techno-Western community with a rich economy. Because there is hardly any trees here, the semi-arboreal Naroudans have decided to build their Teadr 2 cities above cliffs or on tall rocks, and rarely on the ground. Sentient and unsentient animals make a living here as well, sharing a great relationship with the Naroudans. The planet has 4 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:234d
  • Clarbury- A forest planet filled with floating soil platforms that are levitated by magnetanium. The planet is inhabited by aerial creatures and is one of the many planets to use magic. The Naroudans that inhabited this planet have built large and tall Teadr 4 cities made of precious and durable metals, and consist of not just a 80% abundance of plants, but also holographic displays and rooms. This planet has Globex facilities that research various types of hovervehicles, and trade them across the AUU for sales. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:277d; Capital City: Cirrus City
  • Naroulu


    Naroulu- A jungle planet which is the homeworld of the USRA race of semi-arboreal lemur-like Teadr 2 hominids called Naroudans, which live in a military government and live in a genetically-improved society. They are one of the main 4 founding species of the USRA, and the first race the humans have come across. The planet's Teadr 2 cities are all found in the trees, and they come with bronze-metal buildings with durable glass windows, screen displays, bronze and gold monuments, orange and red lighting, and a large abundance of plants. The planet has 4 large continents, hundreds of small islands, and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:399d; Capital City: Enrymne
  • Beyannus- A coniferous planet with medieval-like Teadr 2 cities having massive village-like treehouses with chrome metals, holographic rooms, durable windows, solid-light bridges, and large castle-like buildings standing as tall as the trees serving as palaces. The Naroudans have learned how to properly use magic here after people from Clarbury moved here, and they even practice magic experiments on the open areas of this planet. This planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:419d; Capital City: Yorrin Assa
  • Seotus- A wetland swamp planet with African cultures and communities. The planet is populated with sentient and unsentient animals, and it is also a planet belonging to the Naroudans, and have somehow been able to genetically breed the ability to hold their breath underwater for longer periods of time than normal. The Naroudans that have this adaptation are called Hydrans, which are sadly a very rare breed. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:481d

Vezzer System.

  • Vezzin Prime

    Vezzin Prime

    Vezzin Prime- Home of a race of Teadr 2 army-ant-like beings that are pretty much person-sized Centauric Wasp/Ant/Mantis race have extremely advance Teadr 2 tec and live under the monarchy of their maternal queen. The Vezzrick like to believe they are the only super-power in existence and would seek out and disban any allience that doesn't pay them tribute. When they demanded Tribute from the USRA, they refused, offended that the USRA does not respect the Vezzrick. They retailiated with automatic war and proved overwealming to the USRA. But what ultamately helped the USRA through was the Narudans and useage of a chemical that was making soldiers sick. The Vezzrick were forced to retreat cause of this chemical warfare. The Vezzrick came to join the Union of Independent Systems, growing to understand the benifit of alliences and figured that fellow likewise detracters of the USRA are their greatest weapon against them.

(Vezzerick colonies coming soon.)

Qyzomx System

  • Hi'som- An abandoned desert world and the first of a system of three red dwarves. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • I'vi'tamia- A dormant abandoned ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Q'yzmethe'a- A dormant abandoned planet Qyzmethean Home Planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC:
  • Soxxo Tu- A toxic soiled planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • U'ishi- A dormant rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vombo- A dormant ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Oxyomble System

  • Sagoyomble- A barren hot planet and the first of a system with a white dwarf. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Cui- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Xontomb Wiun- A barren rocky planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oxycea- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet which has an abandoned global city covering 25% of the planet's surface, and is inhabited by the native fauna and flora, which consists of native wildlife and plants and zooplantae, large rock formations, geothermal and toxic valleys, crystal-clear waters, mountains and volcanoes, a baby-blue sky at night and a purple sky at night due to it's small amounts of krypton and nitrogen, and active weather. This world is not charted on multiple star maps since it's system is surrounded by a space storm. The planet was deserted eons ago ever since the battle between the "warmongering sadistic" Qyzmetheans, and this planet's native Teadr 1-like androgynous human-like race called the Oxyceans, which were renowned fighters and the only ones able to stand up to the hostile and powerful race, and even the Qyzmetheans agreed that they were a worthy opponent and they have proved to be evenly-matched to the race itself. At the end of the war, both the Qyzmetheans and Oxyceans left the AUU to a binary universe where they continued to fight for eons, leaving their home planet and colonies deserted. This world has never been set foot on since the end of the war because of the space storm, and thus people deemed the race a myth since the war took place before the AUU Second Cartoonian War. However, there's more then what is understood from this famous legend. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aoto- A desert moon belonging to an unnhabitable planet called Yamaloct. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Heeg- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Isomn Oho- A toxic temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Woshimocom- A red gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Woshi IV- An ecumenopolis moon belonging to Woshimocom. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Woshi XXX- An ecumenopolis moon also belonging to Woshimocom. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Otoumbis- An orange gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Otou II- An ecumenopolis moon belonging to Woshimocom. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Asc Tomble- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Itris System

  • Oprolla- A temperate planet which is noted for it's intense red, orange, or yellow sky as the result of the medium concentration of neon in the sky, thus the Naroudans that colonized this world named it after their god of beauty and color. As with all Naroudan colonies, this world's trees is where most of the planet's civilization can be found. This is also the first world where the Naroudans have used neon lights in their towns. The planet has 6 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:346d
  • Semble- A humid rainforest planet known not only for the same skies as Oprolla, but also for it's toxic pits that are filled with neon. This world does have some life, including some trees which the Naroudans have built not just treehouse cities, but also mining colonies for the valuable resources inside the toxic pits of the planet. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:416d

Maragdis System

  • Obbulm- A desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zoog- A mountainous canyon desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aytum- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vrashion- A temperate wasteland planet which is noted for large town ruins claimed by plants and wildlife, it's long history of magic and sorcery, it's population of mythical creatures, it's gray sky as the result of it's small amount of metallic gases, clear waters, dense rainforest and jungles, rock and lava formations, underground lava aquifers and caverns, and flying islands levitated by loadstone. This is a world with a large supercontinent divided into nine factions each of which have their own political agenda and is dominated by a distinct race: Darkwater Marsh is home to the guerilla-tactical Unt-worshipping lizard-like mythical beings known as the Isters; Werylds was home to the ultra-intelligent Teadr 2 humans until they left and their faction was taken over by the Arckles; Lirrlland is home to the cat-like ultra-religious, wealthy, adventure-seeking, often criminal Egyptian-like beings called the Jirong; Hammergard is home to the warmongering, highly-resilient, nearly-unstoppable, African-like Teadr 3 Redmonger Thaters; Highland is the home of the Celtic/French/Canadian-like, wise, incredibly skilled and intelligent, spell-weaving, flamboyant, spell-mongering Teadr 2 half-breed Huvuus, which descended from humans and elvuus cross-breeding; Mollywind is home to the subterranean, weapon-crafting, blacksmithing, metallurgic, gun-manufacturing semi-lawless Oarves; Skysland is home to the black angel-like warmongering, agile, mild, hot-headed, and death-worshipping Teadr 3 Skyples; Atmosphire Isle are home to the most dominant, human-sized, advanced, magic-wielding, Teadr 2 Elvuus, commonly called the Higher Beings; and Wollwood is home to the thieving, sharpshooting, agile, flexible, incredibly charming, nature-loving and arboreal Meeks. A tenth race, the Arckles, are the most feared, unstoppable, and powerful race that resides in settlements scattered across the globe and have been in the most wars on the planet than any other race due to their unrelenting and aggressive behavior, attempting to expand their dystopian empire of Arcklium from the Forbidden Lands just across the High Mountains. Other mythical creatures such as nymyans, zarzigons, zrixes, cuphants, and hundreds of others reside on this planet. The world has been highly known to be in a state of dystopia since, because the only prosperous race to stand and fight back agains the Arckles, the humans, left as the result of the Villains Act, it left the Arckles to take their faction, and give them enough power and territory to enslave and conquer most of the world. Many races were enslaved, resources were stolen, factions formed rebellions against the Arckles, walled medieval cities and strongholds were built, and a monthly gladiator tournament called the Execution Tournament was made as the pinnacle of the Arckle's iron-rule. In the tournament, POWs were either executed by beasts, forced to fight to the death, or any other competition that involves nothing but death. With the human race gone, the planet was doomed for eons, as it had remained so uncharted and unknown to other-worldly beings, that no outside help even came to assist them. However, when the humans come back, they might discover what had happened here and end the Arckles' empire once and for all. The planet has 5 large continents, hundreds of small islands, and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Triypso- A marshy wetland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Griri System

  • Griri Prime- A semiarid steppe desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Toland- A Polish planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iyclite- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qitzzum- A Swiss planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Griri Major- A large ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Lertaeo- A temperate lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Implexita System

  • Implexita Prime- The home of the planet of interracial communities that share the planet and have seperate viberent cultures, From the feather-eared Jinuars, the aracnid-faced Araccors, The formless Formlessas, The Eerie faced Zvintix, The Jellyfish-headed Cintarromanas, the Avian race Avionuses, the long-eared and horned mouthless race known as the Sans Mouthers, the victorian and hyper-relijustus roach people the Bugvictorians, and finally the camillion-eyed long tongue Colortixins. (Basicly, these guys). The variated spieces of the planet had sometimes entered conflicts but they otherwise live in perfect harmony. Though for now the planet and system now face a new devide in thanks to USRA and UIS showing up and making the system contested. The Jinuars, The Cintarromanas, the Avionuses, and the Colortixins are part of the Pro-USRA colorlition, while the Araccors, the Formlessas, the Zvintix, the Sans Mouthers, and the Bugvictorians, are in the pro UIS side, an even four-number group devide that even to this day is conflicted on who has their best interest. But in not wanting to compromise their established peace with eachother, they instead founded the a stadium dedicated to deside which system will belong to who. Thus, it founded the "Grand Implexita Stadium of System Contests", where races, spieces and beings of contested systems are desided in these games. Though some critics have deemed this rather childish, even the stark critics agree that, though imperfect, it's alternate to flat-out war. However, the games are infamous of ending in draws, so the systems often end-up staying contested, rarely, if almost never or only due to USRA attempts at cheating, has any one side and system truely won.

Qineqitor System

  • Qineqitor Suprimacy- The Home planet of giant Locust-like Grasshoppers with Katydid quilities known as the Qineqitorens, a Spanich Conquistator Socity of Superiority Complex-Minded Bugs. The Qineqitorens once attempted a mass conquest of the USRA, but thanks to Naurodan aide, this conquesting ultamately failed. As a result, the Qineqitors have came to join UIS and gained friendship with the Vezzerick and espire to subugate the USRA races once more.
  • Qineqitor Inferority- a Dwarf planet filled with great metals of the system that is used by UIS to harvest the reshorces it has to build with the Qineqitors "The Great Qineqitor Wall" that has since isolated other systems.

Isolated Systems-2

Bikiniki System

  • Biki- A tropical Oceania-esque resort planet which is a grand tourist destination for so many ancient Teadr 7 colonies as it used to be a breeding ground for corrupt beings to experiment on the resilience of nomadic beings until the experiment was shut down. The planet was since inhabited by outsiders that admired the scenery and began to grow from it, and got rich enough to turn the planet into a resort world. But it went further when it became a feminist world full of females looking for love since ancient legends and murals on Biki depicted that there was some kind of love curse on the planet that was hypnotizing ladies to expose themselves more often than appropriate, making the planet infamous. But it was proven by scientists to really be done by native pheromone plants that trigger libido by 25%, and mostly accumulate in the spring on an event called 'The Love Sprouting' when the plants bloom.

Jlak System

Klak System

Alak System

Xlak System

Ilak Sysem

Zlak System

Slak System

Blak System

Clak System

3. Polgren Sector

A secter founded by a Ohrugan war general, General Polgren, during the war with the Kraetans. It is also the place of the bird members of the animal square poverence, the beautiful gem planet, the troubelsome Xerus Sorrowers and the deadly Tibella Inquizition, a planet with a conflict between nature and science, the Uonon home planet, the Crucyd home planet, The place of the VA Deadlockers, Equaria, and the home world of the famed Para Knights.

  • Ianna- A rogue planet populated mostly by Thexans which also holds a Uridian Vault. (AUU Borderlands Gehenna, TBC...)

Stroh System

  • Strogotona- (Strogon Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Galmer System

  • Opper- A desert planet which has a sustainable amount of plant life as big as a jungle, and geothermal valleys. This is a Kraetan planet which was hardly ever attacked during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War. It has massive cities either underground in virtual catacombs or on the surface. While the underground cities were for the weak, the upper cities were for the strong rulers. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 17hr:209d
  • Sacira- A humid desert planet which has an outback-like environment. This is a Kraetan world which is the birthplace of several inventions that made the strong Kraetans what they were, and their scientific community still does this work to this very day. This is one of the few science worlds where Globex has no control over. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:314d
  • Ballow- A swampy wetland planet which is a Kraetan world where several prosperous megalopolis cities could be found. This is a world where several known Ohrugans attacked during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War, and most of the battles were won by the Ohrugans despite the advanced weaponry and power the Kraetans possessed. The ground cities are for the weak whereas the AFT cities above the planet's surface is for the strong. The planet has several small continents surrounded by oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:

Gunste System

  • Militiam- (Mars-Like, Militian Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Aphronion System

  • Aranigo- A jungle planet with floating soil platforms that are all levitated by magnetanium. This is not only the Aphronion System's major place for agriculture and corporate businesses, but it is also significant for the 2 types of Teadr city levels. The Teadr 4 cities on the ground are the oldest cities on the planet, consisting of wooden/metal houses and buildings with screen displays and propaganda, and is where the most corporations are held for agriculture and economy. The Teadr 2 cities are found on the platforms, having larger buildings made of conductive silver metals which provide electricity, have virtual rooms and more expensive architecture, and they are where the trade routes with other worlds begin. The planet has 4 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:274d; Capital City: Feeath City
  • Aviton- A humid jungle planet with floating soil platforms that are also levitated by magnetanium. Not only does it have the same Teadr 4 ground cities and Teadr 2 air cities, but it is more focused on economic growth for the entire Aphronion System, having a capitalistic underworld on the ground, and having banking systems in the upper cities. It establishes trade routes that exchange money and valuable substances to them and the AUU Currency Troupe on Planet Inorbon. The planet has 5 continents, 2 oceans, and a dust and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:322d; Capital City: Avvar'ine
  • Anigog- A tropical rainforest planet which has the biggest population than any planet in the Aphronion System, and it too has floating magnetanium soil platforms, as well as Teadr 4 ground cities and Teadr 2 air cities. This is the system's scientific capital, and the ground has less cities, providing vast areas of space for the testing of military weaponry, equipment, vehicles, and armor that are produced by the mobile Globex facilities that are found here. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:391d; Capital City: Flutpolis
  • Anisimo- A swampy planet with floating magnetanium soil platforms. This planet is much different because both the ground and air cities have the same architecture, but not the same Teadr level. The ground cities are like modern-day civilizations, and the air cities are the most rich. This is the capital planet of the Aphronion System, housing not only the system's ruler, but it's Council which is part of the Animal Square Province and watches over the ruler and the system's avian people. It is also the location of the Thunder Chasers HQ, which are the system's primary military taskforce. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:442d; Capital City: Flappendo City
  • Arrhus- A temperate moon belonging to the dark blue gas giant Athulu. This is the only moon that is colonized in the Aphronion System, and because it has no floating magnetanium soil platforms, the Teadr 2 cities are found on AFTs. While this moon doesn't have much of a purpose in the Aphronion System, it does serve as a place where several resorts and vacation spots can be found, as well as some great and easy jobs. The moon has 9 continents and 4 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 317d; Capital City: Aerous City
  • Sodoka- What was once the proud planet of the Sodo Birds. At the time, The Sodos ranged from vegitarian to carnavore, or both in some way, by branching breeds. Sodoka was known for it's hugest support for the belief of De-Extinction, a belief and ideal that extinction shouldn't be absolute. The Sodos were ballsy to bring back an extinct creature that was once their ansisteries deadliest super-predator, the Slaughter-Bird, a creature known for having an uncontrolable reproduction rate that's basicly the exsample of evolution being too good at it's job to the point of failure as these were powerful Apex Predators with insatable hunger. Not surprisingly, a breeding couple escaped and made too many Slaughter-Birds for it to be handleable. Thus, the Slaughter-Birds destroyed Sodo civilisation and left the Sodo race to be critically endangered and scattered across the AUU, away from the planet now belonging to the thriving Slaughter-Birds. The surviving members still have high-hopes for De-extinction as they know it can help their race out of this.... Well, all except one who went on to become a harsh critic to it and founded an unpopular group around it, who refuses to explain the true reason why he hates it and hides behind trival reasons.

Bathyac System

  • Umbrage- A lava planet (Orange Dwarf, Kepler-283b, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 3; AT: ; DC: 4hr:40d
  • Bathyac Major- An ocean-island planet (Kepler-283c, Human Colony, Namek, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: ; DC: 7hr:93d

Azasker System

  • Fuble- A semi-temperate desert planet where several canyons, mesas, and rock formations can be found. This world has a sustainable amount of water and several tropical rainforests consisting of colorful plants, and on certain occassions land corals, in certain areas, and has a massive amount of wildlife. This is a world populated by the Augurans where they developed an Australian-like community. There exists several forms of magic that are actually sourced by the subconscious mind and the soul called the Dreamulox, capable of doing amazing things. This form of magic had been around for millennia, and thus several paintings can be found on the walls of caves, rock formations, and canyons at any height due to the Augurans' flight. These paintings usually depicted times of prosperity or war against evil spirits or those other-worldly beings who wished to use these magic powers for evil in ancient times. These Augurans still live in a Teadr 5 society, not discovering that much of advanced technology, finding this world from their own home world long ago with their own magic powers. The planet has 8 continents, hundreds of islands, and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:322d
  • Azxerisk- A temperate planet where the climate is mostly wet and humid, and surrounded by land reefs consisting of colorful land corals, and the plant life is nothing more than evolved algae which looks like plants, some forming a symbiotic relationship with corals. There are also several terrestrial formations such as arches, sea caves, mesas, and so on which make the terrain look as colorful and beautiful as coral reefs underwater, this world once being an ocean world before global cooling lead to glaciers forming and sea levels dropping. The wildlife comes in many sizes, all being mostly amphibians. Some of these animals are carnivorous, including the corals. This is a world populated by Augurans of Maragonian origin. These beings, after the success of Maragon's defense and offense power, are intending to make another similar colony, even after this world suffered several attacks from the Villains Act, who feared that ideas like this are dangerous for their survival. Though this planet still put up a valiant fight as similar megalopolis cities are being constructed and well-protected. Magic is also a superpower on this planet, being used in a similar way to Maragon. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans, as well as a rocky and icy planetary ring. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:387d
  • Iccon- A Russian terrestrial taiga planet which has been known to have a massive amount of Ice-Age megafauna, as well as several forests and no seasonal weather changes due to it's distance from the sun. This is a USRA planet where several individuals of the USRA race have developed their own culture, language, blended architecture, and powerful military. There are several Globex facilities located on this planet that research military technology including conventional weapons, vehicles, and augmentation technologies. The civilians here live in a republican society, and several large megalopolises reside here, as well as several villages from native sentient animals. The planet has 4 large continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:410d
  • Sezollum- A snowy ice planet which is highly-significant as a world nicknamed 'Frozen Death World' because the prehistoric life that perished long ago on this planet due to climate change have never decomposed because of the aid of the planet's small amount of nitrogen, which can often be found in liquid nitrogen pits and geysers, and for the temperature caused by it's distance from the Sun. This combination, despite making the planet barely habitable and hard to breathe in, cryogenically preserves the dead flesh of these age-old prehistoric creatures, which can often come in the size of skyscrapers. This has left a grand opportunity for scientists who collect DNA samples from the preserved creatures, and thus several air-tight Globex facilities have been built to make use with this DNA, especially since it bestows so many gifts including augmentation, medicine, and so on. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: NE:483d

Garas System

  • Gampus- A desolate desert planet with a similar climate to Mars, and has no life, and has a small amount of water. This was originally going to be a human colony where the humans would make some acquaintance with the Kubas, and also protect them from danger. However, they were unable to do so due to the Villains Act, and this planet remained unterraformed. Instead, the Villains Act took over the terraformation attempt and tried to take over the planet themselves and enslave the technologically-limited Kubas until they were stopped by the Federations. Ever since, it was decided to leave this planet alone until the humans returned to finish the job. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: 22hr:310d
  • Kubacence- A temperate planet which has a significant amount of plant life and a small amount of animals. This is the home planet of a human-like Teadr 6 avian beings called Kubas, which were formerly a Teadr 3 civilization until all modern civilizations were destroyed and most life on the planet was ravaged by an asteroid strike. The Kubas, though not all, were able to survive in underground bunkers to avoid the disaster. When they finally emerged after a full year, there was just enough individuals to keep their race alive, though the world they knew was gone. They have since existed in a downsized primitive semi-technological society, and the only life that exists here are several creatures that evolved from intelligent, burrowing, or aquatic creatures that were able to isolate themselves from the asteroid disaster. The Kubas thankfully got used to a limited society, and refused assistance from other races due to an independence philosophy. However, to some of the Kubas, this life sytile has gotten tiring and grew sick of the stagnation because of some worthless philosify of independence and want assisence from otherworlders to get back the kind of socity they had. As such, the group that encourges accepting aide, called Kubas for Encouraged Acceptence of Aid have gotten Kubas to become "Pro-Aid" and "Anti-Stagnation", while accusing the Kubacian Council of Independence, a council of philosiful elders and their offspring, of being "Pro-Stagnation" and "Anti-Aid", causing a riff between the council and it's own people. As such, the Council of Independence has grown nasty to the people with self-rightious speeches of "We know what's best" and started to have soldiers hurt protesters and members of the KEAA for "defience" and "disrespect"! UIS has once attempt to invite the Council of Independence to help make sure they are protect from KEAA, but the Council proved too stubbernly independent for it's own hindsighted benifit. Eventually, after how Kuuluss really ended up botching things for the now crumbled council and their defected warriors, the remaining elders minus the, at-this-point arrested, Kuuluss for warmongering and demonising the fallen group, have founded The Sages of Independence, and have took the UIS's rejected offer into reconsideration to help found a rebelion to get independence back to the Kubas. Chourse, KEAA would figure this and aim to make sure they make the best of accepting aide and made sure they would be prepared for the Sages' aims to retake what Kuuluss costed them. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:361d

Gember System.

  • Planet Gem- A beautiful forest planet that is actually made entirely out of every known and unknown gems in the AUU, made possable by a beautiful spieces of Ungulates that range from deer-like to giraffe like, known as The Gembers, creatures of a very unigte biological system. The creatures are without the ability to produce fecal matter due to not having a colon track, instead only having a speical stomich that goes beyond digestion. The Gembers are famous for being able to turn anything they eat into gems and other precious stones (Depending on Type), where the most commenplace produce commen gems, the most rare create rare gems, Rarium included. The beautiful planet has been named "Planet Gem" because of it's beauty. Many want to claim the Gember system either in the name of economic embetterment or for their greedy gus selves, and as such the poor beautiful creatures are targeted by less desireables to turn them into private wealth factories. Luckly, there's three things protecting this lovely world and it's creatures. Laws of Conversation by the Grand Council, Heavy Gem Mining Restrictions in that only the gems the creatures produce are taken, and that Gembers are considered sacred by the planet's native population, the many tribes of pygmy gem donning dog people called the Gemberians who, while very short and barely able to reach a person's knee, make up for it by having numbers, strong jaws, primtive but deadly gem-based weapons, useage of poison darts, and being perfectly able to deciver the difference between good outsiders and bad since they grown used to outsiders coming here. The tribeal beings may be short, but they can be deceptivly strong, capable of holding things million times their size, even being capable to break an entire gun in a perfect half, meaning that if you ticked one off, your in trouble. Outsiders are advised to be careful around Gemberians because some tribes are good while others have turned zealotical and rouge and universely distrust all outsiders due to worrying too much for the Gembers safety or because of having deadly tribal traditions like head-hunting, sacrivices and/or eating outsiders.

Dather System

  • Jasloy- A semi-temperate desert planet that has ancient Zyaūar ruins, large grasslands and patches of alternate-colored and regular-colored grass, large amounts of land reefs and other dull-colored plants, among other alien-like wildlife, large yet small traces of water and puddles, large heights, gullies, and rock formations, junkyards and ship graveyards, Teadr 7 hostile Tusken Raider-like tribes, other wastelands, xenofauna and megafauna which include invertebrates and vertebrates like reptomammals and insectomammals, underground volcanic caverns, tar pits, orgaliths and boneyards, a red sky due to it's small amounts of helium and neon, less-active weather and storms, and geothermal, toxic, and lava valleys. This is a lawless world that, ever since the loss of the Zyaūar Masters, have mostly remained obscured of law enforcement. Thus, it left corrupt businesses to take advantage of scavenging, trading, and black markets that profit from uncovering the Zyaūar technology, as well as the technology of the races that inhabited it before and after their arrival. The cities and megalopolises are massively-sponsored and corrupt, connected primarily through metro stations, common vehicles include combat-capable jeeps and transit, and factories are at high work in building things like robots and weapons, all primarily to create the corrupt force meant to protect the planet, and even corrupt races like the Grutts make a decent living here. The planet has 16 oceans and 615 lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:303d
  • Cacegonia- A Macedonian semi-temperate planet littered with large forests, large amounts of introduced fauna and flora, wet deserts, active weather, ancient Zyaūar ruins, Teadr 7 Greek-like ruins, large mountains, much of which have large Zyaūar temples, and blossoming valleys. Being a world of mythological beauty in it's past, with a Teadr 7 Greek-like community to boot, the world's mythical creatures vanished one day for unknown reasons, thus while future generations forgot they even existed, they forgot about their sacred status as well and gained a Teadr 2 community and live in a parliamentary democracy after going through several tyrannical periods, wars, and periods of poverty, just to make it to their current period. Their ancient Teadr 7 ruins are now considered sacred by cults that still retain the knowledge of the mythical creatures' existence on the planet, and consider trespassing and/or desecrating of any kind a violation punishable by prosecution. Through this was controversial, it was still a primitive part of their former Teadr 7 culture. The planet has 8 small continents, 8,810 islands, 5 oceans, and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:344d
  • Seegen- A semi-temperate lava moon belonging to Cacegonia that has large lava and rock formations, large volcanoes, mountains, and canyons, tectonic cracks, introduced flora and native fauna and flora consisting of plants and zooplantae and invertebrates, a red sky due to it's small amounts of helium, a thin but breathable atmosphere, ancient Teadr 1 ruins, and active weather and storms. Some time in the past, the Teadr 1 Uridians built an underground complex to protect an entire mined supply of uridium, and also left genetically-engineered monsters to serve as guarding further insurance that the treasury would remain protected from those who might exploit it. A long time later, mining colonies were built to tap the vast quantities of liquid methane found there. There was a highly-guarded spaceport called Siiege Spaceport that was a primary port of call between the moon and Cacegonia far below since one of it's war periods as the spaceport was built from the Cacegonian country of Siiege. They also established a dig site at the wasteland known as Vortago Solitude, which at some point led to the discovery of the ancient Uridian ruins beneath. Thus, an armada under the command of an elderly war commander also came to this site and encountered remnants of the ancient Uridians themselves. They took steps into the unknown in dealing with the aliens, yet never came back, as the only survivor offered a mission to protect the uridium. Mining efforts from corrupt business officials eventually caused an event when the moon's surface began to crack and split open and turn it into more of a wasteland than it was before. Many lives were lost as geothermal death rained down upon the moon. Soon enough, otherworldly space pirates began raiding the facilities as other survivors retreated to the last safe place on Seegen, the capital city of Conodia. Space pirates and other criminals started to become more common on the moon until peace started to heal as another war of Cacegonia began, and afterwards, pirates and criminals became less-common yet still apparent on the moon while it recovered. The moon has 18 small lava lakes and countless water lakes surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 20d ; Capital City: Conodia
  • Haspageona- A semi-temperate lava planet that has introduced/native fauna and flora, much of which are mutated, large lava and rock formations, geothermal and lava valleys, large wastelands, Teadr 3 ruins, levitating islands and rock fields levitated by an unstable magnetosphere, active storms and weather, and large mountains and volcanoes. It is a world that was ravaged by nuclear warfare that was strong enough to briefly cause what one thought was the end of the world, when the nuclear war only caused the weak tectonic plates to rearrange themselves and turn the world into a lava wasteland with plants and animals that still make the world flourish, which gave this world a reputation as a world that transformed into a new world after a devastating apocalyptic war. Thus, the world repaired itself into Teadr 2 cities and megalopolises that are connected through a teleportation grid, sponsorships and support from the USRA and multiple corporations, mobile buildings and a global AI, and all while being surrounded by warn-torn graveyards. The planet has 18 oceans and 606 lakes, and 15 lava oceans and 129 lava lakes, all surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:396d
  • Volgoria- A Belgian temperate planet that has a red, orange, and yellow sky due to it's small amounts of neon and sodium, introduced fauna and flora from the rest of the system, war-torn graveyards, active weather and storms, large rock formations, mountains, rock fields levitated by magnetanium, Teadr 7 ruins and monuments, rare sights of Zyaūar Master ruins, wetlands, farmlands, and large jungles. The world started out as one where it's Teadr 7 people evolved through inter-tribal warfare that at first started out as a ceremonial sport until they started arguing to the point of violence and gave birth to traditional war, and as they continued fighting, their technology evolved along with them, growing into a Teadr 3 society of multiple sovereign states during present time, become mainly a world of either a constitutional monarchy, a popular monarchy, or a federal parliamentary democracy, and later, the countries separated into 3 based upon their same forms of government, and to this day, they still have hostilities that they at least try to avoid given the controversies that came from their wars as of recent, as it had been their way of life for eons due to worshipping the Zyaūar Masters as Gods of War. Several war graveyards are found on the planet and are considered sacred and historically-treasured monuments that they hold very dear. The planet has 3 continents, 4,500 islands, 4 oceans, and a large rocky and icy planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:422d
  • Xerus- A temperate planet that has large Teadr 2 cities, ancient Zyaūar ruins, active weather and monsoons, large jungles filled with plants and land reefs, indigenous invertebrate wildlife, AFT cities above the planet's surface, a purple sky due to it's small amount of argon and nitrogen, large rock formations, and ancient war-torn graveyards. This is the capital of the infamous extremist reactionary visionaries called the The Xerus Sorrowers, which descended from a wealthy family that suffered the worst of abuse from otherworldly beings, althougth it was actselly greatly justifived because the wealthy family were related to a known anti-USRA tyrant and they only suffered from their "abuse" because the tyrant declared war on the USRA races and ineditably lost, with the family being promptly punished for support of tyranny via justly torture and the majority of the male members being sentenced to steilisation to prevent the family from ever being strong enough to resurface back to rule, of which is already impossable with their names black-listed, and thus they swore to take over the planet once more and to then take over the universes and govern the behavior of otherworldly beings entirely, controlling them in every aspect. They have yet to do this, even going to war with another anti-otherworldly being organization in the nearby Tibella System, and losing resulting in them being banned from the system. This clan had been destroyed countless times and revived successfully, growing stronger every time, though thankfully not nessersarly wiser, but noneoftheless they remain a big concern to most. Fortunately, apart of likewise Xenophobes or those who joined for the sake of filling an anarchist fetish, the Xerus Sorrowers are pretty much the minority in a world under a Pro-USRA regine, however, a wide-spread minority none-the-less. The planet has 10 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:466d; Capital City: Xero City
  • Xe-Geter- A lava moon belonging to Xerus as it has large lava wastelands, mountains, volcanoes, and canyons, tectonic wastes, Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, native and introduced fauna and flora, active storms, geothermal, lava, and toxic valleys, rock and lava formations, and tons of Teadr 2 ruins. This world shares a similar history to Seegen, only it suffered a worse apocalypse that turned it into a terrible wasteland, much of the life adapted, yet none of the uridium the Uridians left survived and became a part of the moon itself, making it brew with energy, an energy of which is harnessed by space pirates and later the inhabitants of the system. The Xerus sorrowers tried to claim this moon, but were outspend and overwealmed by a Grutt named Grundel the Slugass. The moon has 16 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 15d
  • Guner- An ocean planet that has strong storms and weather, a white-blue sky due to it's small amounts of krypton, large and beautiful reefs built on twisting and turning topography, introduced fauna and flora from all over the AUU, ancient Teadr 1 aquacity ruins and monuments of Watan origin, and large Teadr 2 AFT-like cities of Kamino-style architecture and come in various shapes and sizes, from the size of an average platforms, and the size of an average megalopolis. The world used to be one where the Watans shared a co-existence with an undocumented Teadr 2 race until a war brought from a xenophobic maniac's trickery left the two to disappear from the planet, leaving the Teadr 2 AFT cities to be claimed by modern-day inhabitants while the underwater Teadr 1 ruins became additions to the coral reefs. The modern inhabitants have managed to excavate the Teadr 1 ruins underwater and utilize the salvageable technology to their own civilization, all while even using the Watans as their national symbol. Moons: 4; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:501d
  • Heto-Xi- A wetland jungle moon belonging to an uninhabitable plasma-based-superstorm-driven large planet called Ocreen. The moon has entire jungles and wasteland that grew all across what are apparently Teadr 2 cities and ruins, and the ruins themselves are littered with plants and wildlife, there is a blue sky filled with small amounts of mercury, active storms and weather, large rock formations, mountains, canyons, and war-torn graveyards. This moon is a post-apocalyptic and techpunk-style world which is in a feud against two forces: The Noblists, an all-sentient-being faction which are apologists of technology and progress, and The Floressist, an all-sentient-animal faction living in symbiosis with nature and developing biotics. As a world of technology verses nature, with two factions fighting for the two forces, the war started when the Floressists used a terra-bomb to tear up not just an entire Noblist ecumenopolis built on a sacred home of theirs, but also consumed the rest of their colonies. Dubbing this an act of war, the two factions began battling. The technology of the Noblists are derived from common war technology from Warboth and other worlds, and as such it can pose a logical threat to the Floressists, yet they breed their biotics to adapt to their own technology. The war continues to this very day. The moon has 67 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 17hr
  • Veno Toron- A tundra planet that has large volcanic, geothermal, ice, and toxic valleys and formations, a red, orange, and yellow sky due to it's small amounts of helium, neon, and sodium, a thin half-breathable atmosphere, an incredibly-small amount of dying but flourishing wildlife such as invertebrate predators and tough plants, large wastelands, four mantles and two crusts, and a core of pure nitrogen. Despite being a frozen world far away from it's red star, it is still a world of high volcanic activity as it had several periods of mass extinctions and volcanic cataclysms including superplumes, volcanic eruptions, seismic activity, and other geological cataclysms. This constant imbalance of temperature causes imbalances in weather as well, causing thermal shifts and unstable weather conditions, thus making it difficult to colonize. Being a flourishing world of life, the intense conditions ravaged most of the wildlife on the planet. The CCC usually uses this world as a banishment for those who stand in their way. The planet has 18 water/lava oceans surrounded entirely by ruined land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: NE:596d

Tibella/Aie Prog Ation System

  • Aie Prog- A semi-ecumenopolis planet that is similar to Marbon, except slightly bigger and has more advanced Teadr 2 architecture. This is a world that has been out of touch with the AUU since before the Common Era as a result of a corrupt multinational governmental agency called The Tibella Inquisition, which consists of xenophobic people that has forever been under the control of a family that was hurt far too seriously by other-worldly beings, though like the Xerus Sorrowers, it was justifived because the family was related to a known anti-USRA tyrant and they were justly punished for blindly supporting this fanactical rule, only instead, the Tibella Inquizition is actselly successful in taking back control of the planet and then some, and thus the family had dedicated themselves to making the people permanently forget about the existence of other-worldly beings. It has since remained that way for eons, but the world was left to be stuck in a tecno-50s like era with the absince of otherworlders, which were forbidden from entering under threat of execution and apprehension, barring space travel as the only legitamently advanced things. This technology would secretly be used by the Tibella Inquisition, and the bodies would be used in research in top-secret underground government installation called Installation 59. However, the Inquizition recently has entered difficult times thanks to a robotic rebelion. This world, is also the home of a special robotic model called Omnicans, which are fully-sentient artificial robots that can feel emotions and have a sentient outlook on life. Ever since their invention in the hands of inventor Alspund Omnics, who derived the technology from recovered Teadr 1 technology from the Yatorans, the planet on their control had since gained a tecno renaissance period of art, culture, war, and entertainment that the Inquiztion has mostly denied them of, thus this runs the risk of the Tibella Inquiztion being challnaged of their power, even the risk of outsiders being known once more, and the Inquizition Leaders feared of being tortured like their family. Thus, the Inquiztion has been at war with the Omnicans for control of the planet and to maintain overall dominance of the system. The Omnicans are regarded as renaissance masters and for all the revolutionary things they have done for the planet. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:369d
  • Tibella Pore- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet that has a global city that has the same architecture as all the rest of the cities of the system. The rest of the planet has large indigenous plants and zooplantae and indigenous fauna and megafauna, there is weak weather, large deserts and savannas, large rock formations, ethnic country groups, and a wide range of hazards. Much of the city itself built from and/or around spaceship graveyards from an ancient war involving The Tibella Inquisition, and the inhabitants of this world is one of the only worlds besides Aie Prog who remain aware of the AUU around them, yet are under a curfew brought along by the Inquisition that restricts them to their world 24/7 to avoid them disrupting their rule. The planet has a similar kind of society to Aie Prog, but aside from the curfew, it has little activity from the Inquisition. The planet has 18 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:177d
  • Mireo- A semi-temperate planet that has large deserts, geothermal and lava valleys, large rock formations, fauna and flora similar to that of Tibella Pore, a higher amount of oxygen which makes the air itself volatile but makes bugs much larger, and the lightning storms' fiery ignitions can be somewhat advantageous for wildlife. This was a world that has been long devoid of sentient inhabitants because it's ancient inhabitants were rebelling against the Inquisition until the Inquisition had them all under genocide and with little to no aid, they succeeded and left the world under their governmental control, being highly restricted even by their own members and will not be afraid to shoot anyone entering the world. Some question this as to why Mireo is so restictive, because the ruined planet has nothing of worth. Some debated that is because the planet holds a secret to take down the Inquiztion for good, or maybe an even greater secret to do that and more. The planet has a large supercontinent and 2 global oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:237d
  • Giolirk- A temperate planet that has active weather, a green sky due to it's small amounts of radon, plentiful plants and wildlife, large wetlands, foggy environments, ancient Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, and abandoned parks. This was a flourishing city world until the Inquisition claimed it and left it under sheer poverty and little money to support themselves. This is also where the Inquisition had a brief war with the Xerus Sorrowers from a nearby system for control over the system as they both has a xenophobic fear of otherworldly societies. The Xerus Sorrowers they believed they could run the system more efficiently than they would ever do so. Nevertheless, the Inquisition won the battle almost embarriously quick and nearly anti-climatic, and banished the Xerus Sorrowers from the system with the penalty of death for returning. Though Xerus left-behind groups are infamously common on this planet, the Inquisition have obscured them for so long since their battle, and even forbids the local inhabitants from setting foot on the territory, threatening to shoot any who disobey. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 6 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:395d
  • Zirruthum- A prehistoric jungle planet which is rich in prehistoric alien wildlife, and sometimes introduced wildlife from other worlds. It has a green sky as the result of it's small amount of radon, it has large rocky formations, it's wildlife is mostly hostile out of hunger or for territorial instincts. Other characteristics include land reefs, lands drenched with crystal clear water, ancient ruins of an old Teadr 7 race, and very active weather. This was a world that was colonized after a crash caused it's inhabitants, which were cut off from contact, to survive in a world of danger. They soon formed a lifestyle of their own as hunters and gatherers, yet still retained civilized intelligence. They built several small towns, they formed their own culture and still retain what little technology they had left. This world became one where the top priority is eat or be eaten. They have a blend of semi-technological society and they provide for themselves, each other, or both. They have been at this for so long, they have learned the strengths and weaknesses of all wildlife on the planet. Their descendants still retain this living to this very day. The Tibella Inquizition doesn't seem to be interested in this world because of lack of anything of interest. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding 2 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:424d
  • Bom Zeruxus- A rainforest swamp planet that has large amounts of flora which include plants, land reefs, and zooplantae, and fauna of all kinds, there are large abandoned Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, large mountains, Teadr 2 cities of common system architecture, and the weather is highly active. This is where the Inquisition establishing devices such as jammers and satellites to survey the borders of the system and avoid any otherworldly visitors that may threaten their rule. Aside from that, the rest of the planet has subterranean societies and it is all under surveillance of the Inquisition. The surface world is only occupied by Inquisition representatives and the entire ecosystem of the planet that it farms to provide for the underground society. The planet has 7 continents surrounding 5 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:488d
  • Eoom Lex- A dark-blue gas giant that is a world created by the Voxums long ago as they created an entire society of AFTs and artificial flying islands and continents, creating an entire military colony until the world itself was abandoned because of what was reportedly ancient gas spirits, which was actually that the gas was filled with carnivorous microbes that turned the world into a planet-like immune system as the microbes now act as antibodies. Thus, the world was forbidden from colonizing out of fear of the dangers the living antibodies possess. There are over 6,810 islands and continents found all across the planet. The Inquizition left this planet alone for those reasons. Moons: 39; DC: 68hr:1600d

Winxton System

  • Ecglade- A bizarre planet that used to be an ocean world with a large array of aquatic creatures until climate change lead to the oceans shrinking, forcing the life to adapt to air-breathing, including the corals. Sentient and unsentient animals that live here use these corals as cuisine and other means, and all live in Teadr 3 cities with copper buildings with durable glass windows, ground vehicles that are guided by screen displays and propaganda, and have 40% robot labor. There are hardly any cities underwater, the sentient aquatics just live in coral reefs. The planet has 4 large continents and 2 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:239d
  • Karinao- An ocean planet which has over 50 islands. The biggest island, Caplade Island, is the capital island of this planet, and is the home of the planet's capital city, Kubble City, which is the home of both aquatic and land creatures. The cities on the islands are at a Teadr 2 level, having large chrome, silver, and pearly buildings which have virtual rooms with holographic windows, an 85% abundance of plants, meaning grass makes up most of it's ground, screen displays and propaganda, and flying vehicles. However, most of the planet's cities, which are at a Teadr 3 level and have a similar architecture and appearance, but have no holographic windows or virtual rooms, are found underwater and are built in coral reefs. The cities also have air pockets for land creatures to breath and live in. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:253d; Capital City: Kubble City
  • Oslapus- A German temperate planet which has common German cultures, architecture, and so on. It is said to hold the finest military in the AUU thanks to being classified at a Teadr 2 level, and this planet is one of many to form a rebellion against the Villains Act. The Teadr 2 cities which have a common German architecture and government, stretch for miles. Because of most of the AUU's military strategies coming from this planet, it has been nicknamed 'Blitzkrilt City'. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:289d; Capital City: Ünira City
  • Uonoru


    Uonoru- A jungle planet with hot and humid climates, and tons of wildlife. This is the home planet of the USRA race of black orangutan-like Teadr 3 beings called Uonans, who evolved from Naroudan DNA after a biological Naroudan war millennia ago, and have thought of Naroudans as their gods ever since. The Uonans have developed a Teadr 3 lifestyle, having AUU human-like technology and Naroudan-like architecture, spending their lives and building their homes in the trees. The planet has 10 continents and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr: 356d; Capital City: Uon'in
  • Adrinda- A wetland planet which used to be trapped in a 100,000-year Ice Age until climate change finally melted the ice in 1800 and turned the planet into a wetland world with swamps covered with 3-6 feet of water. This allows the planet to be populated by a few sentient and unsentient fish as well as a few other aquatic animals. This is a USRA planet which had Teadr 2 cities with black buildings with yellow lights, large bodies of water and a high abundance of plants, screen displays and propaganda, and ground vehicles guided by light roads, were built across the swamps of this planet. Underwater cities do exist, though, but only at a Teadr 4 level, and can easily be accessible through underwater tunnels. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:424d
  • Ooruus V- An ecumenopolis moon belonging to an orange gas giant called Ooruus. Due to the city being at a Teadr 1 level, the USRA had concluded that the Yatorans had built it. The buildings had holographic windows, virtual rooms, and were made of electrically-conductive metals that provided energy for each building. The Yatorans have allowed the USRA to colonize this planet upon meeting and joining them. The moon has over 25 small lakes. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 551d
  • Ocrenon- A tundrous planet where snow falls seasonally and is populated by various mammals and birds. This is a USRA planet that is colonized by all the races of the Legion, and houses various Teadr 2 cities with black metal buildings, purple and red lighting systems, flying vehicles, and holographic displays and propaganda. The planet also has several Globex facilities, military outposts, firebases, and fortresses that served during the Interuniversal War and tested military weapons and vehicles out in the open cold wastelands. The planet has 9 continents, 5 oceans, and large ice, crystal, and rock rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:761d

Navi'Navatai System

  • Ka'Navious


    Ka'Navious- Historically called Klave, this is a terrestrial hot planet that has geothermal, volcanic, and rocky formations and wastelands, orgaliths, zooplantae and invertebrate biota, a thin yet breathable atmosphere filled with tons of oxygen that favor insect respiration and size, but also make the air volatile and flammable to the planet's active weather and storms, massive deserts and underground landscapes, pointed peak-like cities similar to this, ruins of ancient alien beings, and large treacherous mountains. Previously a colony for the Teadr 1 Scoeprions, this was where an enemy against the humans fought and capitalized themselves, and thus while the humans unknowingly gave birth to the Uonans, the enemy here unknowingly created this planet's native race, known as the Ka'Navi'Salaan, AKA the Klaves, which are colossal insectoid-crustaceam moth-beetle creatures whom the Uonans once aimed to befriend due to them sharing the same origin, figuring they could be a great asset for the USRA. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of sending Ambassador Klut C. Fool to the Ka'Navi, which resulted in him accidentally destorying a beloved relic from the Ka'Navi's ancient times. This enraged the Ka'Navi and made them declare war, and fought them in a brutal war until the USRA stood in the way of their revenge. The Ka'Navi have since developed a distaste for the USRA, gaining equal strength by joining the Union of Independent Systems. The Uonans felt personal shame for causing the Ka'Navi to be so mad at the USRA races as they learned of their rivalry 5 days after they met the humans as they attacked during a human ambassador's visit, and have been trying to make amends with them by trying to replicate their lost treasure ever since, even when the Ka'Navi won't accept replacements to their true prized treasure. Some Uonans would dare be bold to take the broken treasure pieces and tried to piece them back together, which only ends up being deemed an act of war by the Ka'Navi for act of stealing their beloved relic's 'corpse', even if for good intentions. The planet has 54 small continents and 18 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:515d

Rislama System

  • Grotomy- A desert planet which is the first in a system with two suns. This is a world with orange dunes, a red sky due to it's large amount of neon, introduced fauna and flora from Thexus, being far enough from the two suns to support them, large rock formations, mountains, geothermal and toxic valleys, rich amounts of energy crystals, wet volcanic underground caverns, and rare levels of weather. This world is so dry, the only sources of water are found in the ground, and thus it's old Crucyd and Aran inhabitants established moisture farms. They also mined the energy crystals rich on this planet, though like on Zomflux, it attracts criminals from other systems across the AUU due to their outstanding value and energy capacity. The Crucyds' cities have cantinas, casinos, shipyards, and loads of corporate activity from outside weapon manufacturing companies taking over the buildings belonging to the Crucyds' former technological company, while the Arans still continue to live primarily beneath the ground inside high-tech catacombs. This has since become the system's scientific capital, consisting of inventors, and scavengers for the Crucyds' lost technology across the system. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:270d
  • Cenia- A desert lava planet which is a ravaged world with trace bits of native dinosaur-like fauna and prehistoric flora, small amounts of Teadr 1 Yatoran monuments and ruins, large rock/lava formations, lava pools and valleys, massive heights, a purple sky due to it's small amounts of nitrogen, and less-active weather. This was a colony for the Yatorans as they discovered the energy crystals prevalent in this system, yet had to abandon it when an asteroid struck it, ravaging the planet into the state it is right now. Life was still able to survive, including the native dinosaurs that evolved, and it was later made a mining colony for the Crucyds (before their extinction) and Arans, and is now being mined by the remaining Arans and Thexuns. The planet has 8 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:291d
  • Orizon- A semiarid desert planet which have very beautiful prairies, oases, rainforests, geothermal valleys, large rock formations, large amounts of introduced fauna and flora which consist of zooplantae and land corals, hundreds of lakes, large mountains and extinct volcanoes, and robot graveyards. This was a grand colony for the Crucyds as they have built large towns, and it was a world where they played a lot of role-playing games that somewhat serves as a military tradition of building up strategic skill. This world has a large amount of criminal activity in the form of bandits and gunslingers, gamblers, arms dealers, smugglers, and bounty hunters. There are casinos, hotels, saloons, arenas, cantinas, and mines for metals and gemstones. The planet has 568 lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:313d
  • Zomflux- A semi-temperate lava planet which has arid red soil, a purple sky due to it's small amount of nitrogen and argon, it's old abandoned/operational mining colonies, it's large rock and lava formations, geothermal/toxic valleys, mountains and extinct/less-active volcanoes, it's introduced wildlife from Thexus and native flora consisting of plants and land corals, it's rare rain and snow activity, and for it's colossal animal bone graveyards. This was a colony for the Arans as it was where they discover their system's rich amount of energy crystals that could be used for value or for renewable fusion power, and even shared it with their new Crucyd allies. However, the value and power these crystals were worth attracted the attention of the Crucyds' Black Arm enemies, as well as other criminals that want to extort it, even after the extinction of the Crucyds. This world has since been protected by the Thexus Police, even against the notorious Grutt crime lord, Hexworkle the Hogging, and his private army of Gruids and cyborgs. The planet has 6 continents surrounding 4 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:342d
  • Ruslion- A desert planet that has large land reefs and plants, orange-tan arid soil, large rock formations, mountains, introduced fauna from Thexus, and active weather. This is the adopted home planet of a race of Teadr 2 subterranean human-like rodents called Arans, who, like the Crucyds, lost their original home planet of Arai, and thus the sympathetic Crucyds invited them to their system, gave them this planet to adopt as a new homeworld, and made an alliance with these creatures. The two beings met on one of their colonies in this system until the news of the loss of their home planet left the Crucyds to give them this world, one of their planned future colonies. Thus, the Arans have recovered and now adopted this system and heralded the Crucyds as their saviors and friends, even making them smile with their natural enthusiasm. However, when they went extinct, the Arans were devastated, and depressed for years until Helix Transgenics uncovered a library of Crucyd DNA. Thus, many Arans began to dedicate their lives to working with the company in order to bring back their extinct friends. The planet has many slum-like cities that are rarely above ground, yet Thexuns have built the majority of ground-based towns and cities built here. The planet has a large supercontinent that covers most of it's surface, has 78 islands, 69 lakes, and a global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:361d
  • Thexus


    Thexus- A semi-temperate desert planet that has arid lands, geothermal valleys, large rock formations, land reefs, introduced fauna and flora, canyons, plateaus, salt flats, large mountains, rare sights of billabongs, swamps, rainforests, and a mixed amount of similar cultures to Southern, Western, Mexican, Australian, British, and African, but it is mostly a Southern world. This world is a distant colony of the many worlds of Carbungia, Chimerum, Mucury, Cruiter, Sioephus, and Danoucant, and has ranging Teadr levels. Said to originally be the adopted home planet of a human-like Teadr 2 race called the Crucyds, which became extinct during a war against an undocumented nocturnal race dubbed the 'Dark Arms', the planet's leftover Teadr 2 technology was claimed by settlers from the 6 planets, and because the Teadr 2 cities were too ruined to be rebuilt, new civilizations in the form of small towns, colorful cities, rarely megalopolis cities, fossil fuel plants, cantinas, arenas, factories, facilities, global metro/subway stations, lopping and twisting highways, mine shafts for rarium, laserum, gems and metals, refineries, casinos, parks, and wildlife reserves. The technology left behind by the Crucyds have revolutionized the planet's community including weaponry, medicine, flight, vehicles, and advanced household appliances. This leftover technology is collected and sold to the many corporations for massive profit. The world is rich in gamblers, bandits, pirates, criminals, crime lords, gunslingers, outlaws, and local vigilantes. The world is primarily protected by a high-tech police force lead by a General Sheriff, and the whole world is a democracy run by a President, and has over a hundred states each run by a single mayor. The societies' common transportation is either ground-based vehicles, animal-drawn vehicles, or introduced dinosaur/mammal wildlife depending upon the state, there are some populations of Indian-like tribes that are sometimes hostile to the outside civilized world but can be made friends with, a decent number of robots are present, sporting events are very prevalent and popular, rodeo competitions are common, their cuisine is like a blend between Texan, Mexican, Hispanic, Australian, and Italian, and they have an icon in the form of the legendary Tavy Sprocket, who died during the Armaments War in the Battle of the Olomo long ago. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding 3 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:386d
  • Gotena- A temperate planet which has a deep-blue sky due to it's small amount of actinium, has large flying islands levitated by magnetanium, has bioluminescent flora consisting of plants and zooplantae, introduced fauna from Thexus, and has war-driven graveyards. This is where the colonists of the system study the war between the Crucyds and Dark Arms, as their graveyards give little-to-a-lot of detail on their history. They have built over a hundred parks here as a result, hoping to show them to the Crucyds as soon as they are brought back. However, this is also rumored to be a world where the Dark Arms themselves watch over and where they do missions to prevent the Crucyds from being brought back. However, no such being has been found, though sightings keep coming and coming. The planet has 7 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:406d
  • Obolion- A mountainous semi-temperate planet which has oddly-colored flora, wildlife introduced from Thexus, a large amount of rock formations, gullies, billabongs, rainforests, crystal-clear water and large water formations, collections of islands, and geothermal valleys. This was once a colony for the Crucyds until their extinction. However, to the later inhabitants' surprise, an entire library of dead and preserved Crucyds were unearthed. This brought the interest of Helix Transgenics to a new field of bringing this race back from the dead. However, such a task would be difficult as the DNA is hard to extract, and many clones of these deceased beings have ended up deformed and died early. This company continues it's efforts to rebuild the Crucyd population and reintroduce them to their former lives as excellent, thrill-seeking, and prosperous beings who always laugh in the face of danger. However, to this day, they still haven't accomplished this. Underground vaults were built to contain the hundreds of samples of DNA in efforts of their de-extinction process. The bodies are in display in museums and are heavily guarded by high-tech security to prevent any illegal DNA extraction. The planet has a few cities and towns with the same architecture as Thexus, and bandits and gunslingers are very common here. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:429d
  • Qohter- A tropical island planet which has colorful tropical rainforests, beautiful coral reefs consisting of similar fauna and flora to that of Tobulox, volcanoes, and a variety of introduced wildlife from other resort worlds across the AUU. The Arans considered this a unique resort as they build hundreds of cities, and because of the oceans' rich amounts of rarium, the Arans established underwater stations to mine for these precious gems and used them in their currency. Later, their colonies on this planet were populated by other sentient beings and animals since the Arans became extinct. Cuisine here is spectacular, as the wildlife was considered so delicious, that the Yuruns established large amounts of C&C Consumer take-out colonies to make profit from this new type of cuisine. The planet has 34 small continents and 6,805 small islands surrounded entirely by water. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:476d
  • Omwoler- A mountainous semi-temperate planet which has colorful native fauna and flora, toxic/geothermal valleys, large rock/toxic formations, crystal-clear water, a sky consisting of mercury instead of xenon, mountains and less-active volcanoes, hundreds of ghost towns, and ancient Teadr 1 Yatoran monuments and ruins. The Crucyds have made this world a viable and colorful resort world where the geyser fields are used in many spas. This is where amusement parks have been built, and companies doing business in Sercury have made a viable and decent living here. The economy is perfect, and thus prices are cheap. Parks have been established here, the temperature is warm all-year round and thus the Crucyds enjoyed relaxing here. The Arans even speculated that this is how the Crucyds got their carefree and laughable nature, as many Thexuns and other-worldly beings have left the planet in the same spirit. The planet has 8 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 33hr:499d
  • Sercury- A semi-ecumenopolis temperate planet which has global cities with Crucyd architecture and appearance, underground virtual catacombs of Aran design, and viable ecosystems consisting of native wildlife such as plants and zooplantae, active weather, large mountains and rock formations, and exhausted and abandoned mines. This is where the Crucyds and Arans expanded their corporate powers by inviting other corporations and build a grand semi-ecumenopolis such as Tessellate Incorporated, C&C Consumers, Globex, Holoverse Corps, and various others. When the Crucyds were destroyed, this became a USRA planet populated by sentient beings and animals, all under the welcoming of the Arans. The planet has 5 continents surrounding 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 36hr:543d
  • Tobulox- An ocean planet which has a large beautiful global coral reef covering the entire sea floor as the result of rich organic substances in the water. The planet is populated mostly by native wildlife, but it is also populated by introduced ocean fauna from Thexus, and has a purple sky due to it's small amounts of nitrogen. The Crucyds and Arans built complex buoyant cities on this planet, and travelled through tamed underwater wildlife, and either hunted for seafood, harvested sea fruits, did underwater farming for edible seaweed, and did a lot more, easily travelling with either buoyant air-locked carriages, or wearing special suits or taking aquagens. Since their extinction, their colonies were taken over by Thexans and formed the same community. The planet has only a few small islands. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 38hr:589d

Waifu System

  • Scovinso- A Scottish planet with coniferous climates. The villages are bustling with sentient creatures that speak a language similar to Scottish. The Scovish language is one of the hardest languages to learn, taking years to do so. This planet has a very distinct culture and religion, and has been one of the many places in the AUU that has never had a conflict for millennia. The planet has 14 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:284d; Capital City: Scoin City
  • Orxane- An uninhabitable planet once populated by a race of dog-like Teadr 3 hyenas called Orxinoids who had a strong hand in the Interuniversal War, and won nearly 7 victories. They lived until they were wiped out by Gordon the Animal by a dozen nuclear explosions, leaving the planet as a deserted, poisoned, radioactive wasteland. The planet is currently being terraformed by the Teadr 2 Atonts, and the planet's appearance will vary until terraformation is complete. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type III; DC: 21hr:328d
  • Zolaros- A jungle planet populated by sentient and unsentient animals. The planet has Teadr 2 cities that can span for miles, containing silver and bronze buildings with durable glass windows, an 85% of plant abundance which means grass makes up most of the ground and even the walls, screen display and propaganda, and having flying vehicles. The planet also houses one of the largest Globex research facilities in the AUU. This is the birthplace of the G5-NovaTitan and the models before it, as well as a few other robotic war machines. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:388d
  • Iarranthum


    Iarranthum- A lava planet where the Villains Act aired and filmed a gladiator reality show called VA Deadlockers, making them a massive fortune and giving them a massive merchandise. But when the Villains Act fell, the show was cancelled forever, and the Heroes Act claimed ownership of the show's arenas, obstacle courses, and technologies. The show's obstacles were so advanced, it's arenas were turned into a training base for the Heroes Act. This is where the strongest heroes in the Heroes Act prove their worth, and gain awards. The planet has a large array of obsidian, rocky, and crystalline rings, which the crystals were used to power up the obstacle courses' weaponry and power. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 25hr:447d
  • Nygia- A mountainous planet populated by sentient and unsentient flying creatures. The planet is known to have the finest flight technology in the AUU for the military, and even had a hand in the development of the GravWing-10 Wing Pack's design. The Wing Packs themselves are also used on this planet as a means of public transportation, and floating Globex facilities here are working not only on a new model for the wing pack, but they are currently working on an advanced GravWing-X01 Mech Suit that will be much more advanced than the GravWing-10s. This is the home and birthplace of the Para Knights. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:627d

Worldus System

  • Karyessh- The Homeworld of the treasure huntering race of the Karyeesssah, a race taller then the Yaterons who are reknown for their durability, agility, and their weaponry. They've been known to hunt jewels, not for the sake of keeping them like how everyone else does it, but because they deemed it as food, given that their stomichs are capable to break down and digest even the likes of Rarium. Thus, it is often that the Karys are banned from parpisipating in many of the valuable stone mining facilities for this very reason alone. This aside, the Karys are very valued by the USRA and UIS races reguardless because of the Karys being marvels of evolutionary perfection, even for a Teadr 2 race. Thus, the system and planet are contested as a result. Another thing the Karys love is to fight and compete against one another, hence why their weapons are so damn good. Even married couples can have "Battles of Love" to deminstraight how much they are dedicated to them as much as Kary values, hence why it's been advised that "If you marry a Kary, do so at your own risk".

Virdrin System

  • Nastryke- A temperate planet with several abundant sources of plant life and megafauna, and the sky is red as the result of the small concentration of bromine. This is an Ohrugan military colony which served as the Ohrugan Ranger Core's prime base during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War. The Kraetans had put up a good fight here, yet because this world had no moon and no seasonal weather changes, the planet's climate was usually cold, a temperature which the Kraetans, as reptiles, weren't used to. Once the war was over, the Ohrugans made this world the planet where all activity with the Kraetans would be monitored in case something happens. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:325d
  • Aothis- A semi-arid rainforest planet which has a temperature that only reptiles can thrive in, and has floating soil platforms levitated by magnetanium. This is an Ohrugan planet where the Ohrugan Ranger Core developed jetpacks for aerial combat, especially since the Kraetans, during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War, could thrive in the warm environment. This world has a few large cities, most being found on the floating terrain. This planet has 5 continent surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:396d

Naiku System

  • Ravina- An ecumenopolis planet where sentient and unsentient animals live. The planet has a Teadr 1 level, meaning that it was a Yatoran colony. The cities are among the most complex of all of the Yatorans' designs, and has become a USRA planet when the Yatorans joined the USRA. The global cities' lower 4 levels are known to contain criminal syndicates which mostly consist of worn out Starbots and other rogue robots that had been either abandoned, scrapped, or dismantled. Which might be the result of the planet's 90% robotic labor, but it hasn't proved to be a problem. The planet has 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:336d
  • Equaria


    Equaria- The AUU version of Equestria which was thought to have been lost during the Villains Act, but had protected itself by putting up a magic shield that made the planet invisible. The civilizations are just like Equestria, being populated by mythical creatures, but because of illegal introductions of technology, this planet has been turned from a Teadr 5 society into a Teadr 3 society. The planet's main race is the Lonies, antelope-like patterned and colorful ponies which are divided into 4 tribes: Normal Lonies (Earth ponies), Magi Lonies (Unicorns), Air Lonies (Pegasi), and the long-living Omni Lonies (Alicorns) that rule the kingdom. These ponies have been fearful of the actions of the Villains Act since the friend who gave them technology betrayed them, and they have been very cautious with other-worldly visitors. This place has had more evils than Equestria, and it's history is far different than Equestria's. It's landmarks and monuments are so large, they almost match the scales of Yatoran architecture, similar in scale and appearance to the landmarks in Dungeons and Dragons, with the main castle in the capital city of Calsmir is a quarter larger than the Castle of Gondor in Lord of the Rings. The planet has 8 continents, and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:367d; Capital City: Calsmir
  • Hosk'ene- A desolate moon belonging to a dark purple gas giant called Hosk. This is a world which the Lonies of Equaria call 'The Nightmare Zone', where they banish evil spirits, demons, and even powerful evils. This moon is known not just for being a Lony banishment site, but also for it's colorful and beautiful skies with a view of Hosk and for having some plant life on it, but it's also considered the most haunted place in the Naiku System. This is a world that the It is only accessible through a magic portal in the Castle of Calsmir that can be activated by Omni Lonies, but can also be accessible through outside magic powers. DT: Teadr 3; AT: Type I; OT: 512d

Ka-Scab System

  • Ka-Scabbus- The home planet of the kingdom of Ka'Scabbins, an arabic culture-eqsed race of Spiny Rattle Snakes that with Teadr 2 tec granted themselves artifical arms. They beleive in "The Ways of Ka-Scabbus", a religen that deems reptiles as superior and mammels as inferior embarrisments to evolution, based on the fact that reptiles were among the first to evolve from the sea and deemed mammels to have never been intended to happen. So the Ka'Scabbins believe in mammel enslavement and subugate mammels into harsh and cold labor. The USRA, mostly consisting of mammels, delcared war onto the Ka'Scabbins, but were saved by UIS. With the USRA chased out of the Ka-scab System, the Ka'Scabbins announe loyalty to UIS, and deemed any mammel apart of UIS to be an exception to their religious laws while USRA races gain an incrisingly unfaverable relation, even if they're fellow reptiles. The Ka'Scabbins had their slaves build a giant wall that isolates enprouching USRA forces from now Isolated Worlds. Even though this has been deemed un-nessersary due to lack of proven prodoment sentient life in the systems, however, there is a concerning secret the Ka-Scabs are keeping dark from even their most trusted UIS allies in relijustus fearing.

Isolated Systems-3

Bunlowtan System (Bungrans (Ape Beings Labeled Teek))

  • Bungtoo- (Bungran Home Planet, TBC...)

Jaj'aja'jaja System

Hazmoronsa System

Jinnnjin System


Jiji'ji System

  • Vol Taulantis- The oceanic homeworld of the Sigea's fellow Teadr 1 neightbers and once allies of the Sigeas, the Voltaus. Simular to the Dead Space Aliens, they saw the writing on the wall that the Sigeaians' actions would only end poorly, so they protected their home by cutting off their cities in caves from the rest of the planet and use a machine to freeze it to keep the created mistakes of the Sigeaians from expanding beyond these systems. The Voltaus live in fear that one day, they would have to confront the moons because of events beyond their control at long last.

Owbulus System (Owbules)

  • Owbulus Minor- (Owbule Home Planet, TBC...)

Filtipis System (Filtrens)

  • Filtra- (Filtren Home Planet, TBC...)

Daed System

  • Sigea VIII- The Home Planet of the Ka'Scabbins' extinct Mongoose-like being rivals, the Sigeains. They were known reptile haters and deemed mammels the superior of evolution's creations, basicly they're why the Ka-Scabbins are such pricks to mammels. The Sigeains were considered destine to become Teadr 1 that the Sgieains dreamed of obbtaining so they can enforce mammel superiority onto all spieces, espeically onto reptiles. However, their aim of doing this, doomed themselves and the neightering systems but Ka-Scabbus inadvertingly thanks to UIS, by creating a marker-like artifact that would asend those sharing the same planet as it into hallusination indused madness, then muanting into horrendus creatures relijustusly known as the Daed, or for a more modern name, Corpsemorpths, the artiact, named The Expiration Mark, to basicly be the AUU equilent of the horrors of dead space, but being weaponised to punish the rebelious or any that dare declare war, designing to destroy those that have no humility or sense of humility (In their eyes), and/or anything preshived as sinful. However, the very artifacts they created ended up betraying them when the Sigeains ended up having EXACTLY those problems in that they were reptile hating pricks, and basicly, they went the way as expected of anything based on Dead Space. Thus, the many moons of the planet became infected with the creatures and became Judgement Moons that began to bring forth judgement days to systems and worlds they had deemed sinful. This would be considered the among the instences where UIS isolating isolated systems were actselly a relitive good thing, and in the Ka-Scabbins case, to protect not just themselves but all of the AUU and perhaps beyond certain events considered, it's for the best it stays that way, but they worry that the Judgement Moons are intentionally letting this happen to them because they're waiting for the ineditable anti-UIS imbacile to free them so they can reap judgement onto all of the AUU, or worse, even seek out other United Universes.
  • (AUU Dead Space Planets coming soon.)

Midicras System (Squrgids)

  • Reetrion- (Squrgid Home Planet, TBC...)

4. Buexxer Sector

A secter founded by Professor Buexxer of Narudan fame, the Narudans came to the secter to reshearch the mysterious Mugioh before it got modernised. Like all of the Epsilon, this secter is filled with surprises that can come out seemingly out of nowhere. That was very true with Carbungia. It also has a system of birds that believe in more then one mate, the homeworld of an infamous apex predator, and who knows what else......

Introx-Murxhur System

  • Iemuxtull- A semi-tundra temperate planet that has gigantic mountains, increased thermal shifts, large rock formations and glaciers, forests, mechanical graveyards, large amounts of military colonies, and large amounts of diamonds and cryonite. Formerly a colony of Warboth that fought well during the Interuniversal War, this world became rogue when it wanted to end the war quickly with illegal astro missiles, which can strike a world in the same fashion as a cataclysmic asteroid, thus getting them taken off the war. As a result, the world swore to prove their methods can end war quickly and save trillions of people but never have because their choices of weaponry is always illegal. Agents from Warboth have always been charged with keeping them from becoming trouble and the founder of the faction has gotten displeased of their meddling and constant intrusions. The planet's war technology includes advanced vehicles and mech suits of all sizes, powerfully enhanced weaponry, war robots of any form, automatic machinery, genetic animal husbandry, and illegal war technology including nuclear and astro weaponry. The planet has 8 continents, 3 oceans, and a large icy planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:391d

Flaron System

  • Hinterworld- A jungle planet (Red Dwarf (Flare Star), Kepler-438b, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: ; DC: 35hr:333d

Mirgoll System

  • Mugioh


    Mugioh- A semi-temperate desert planet which is distinguished for it's rich jungles, active weather, beautiful fauna and flora which consist of colorful plants, land reefs, and zooplantae, it's large rock and lava formations, large mountains, geothermal valleys, it's flying islands and mountains levitated by magnetanium, and for it's Ancient Egyptian-like ruins. It has been a world of gambling and gaming since ancient times, as they challenged through genetically-engineered monster duals until an ancient warlord used these monsters to try and conquer the planet until the monsters were sealed within hundreds of tombs never to be awakened, as the warlord was defeated and killed by a wound infection. These monsters would be heralded in ancient hieroglyphics, and their legends spread out across the rest of the AUU. As the years passed, the ancient people evolved their gambling into over a hundred known card games that use virtual trading cards that summon holographic monsters for simulated battles. Other games include board games, video games, role-playing games, virtual/augmented reality, and many others. These games eventually spread their influence across the AUU, and is used by hundreds of gaming worlds. This world eventually became a USRA planet with Teadr 2 towns, cities, and megalopolises where the Omninet is a vastly-used network, games are very popular, conventions are highly-common, movie studios produce stunning movies with virtual reality, there is a virtual reality gaming network, touch-screen mobile devices, wearable computers, holographic glasses, smartglasses, computers, and various other devices for entertainment are widely popularized, and a wide population of nerds make up a balanced part of the global population. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:312d
  • Nisoh- A semi-temperate mountainous planet which has strong storms, gray soil, dull-colored alien fauna and flora, ancient Teadr 2 city ruins, large bizarre rock and lava formations, geothermal valleys, and massive boney graveyards. This planet used to be a prosperous world and colony to Mugioh, but thanks to intense global warming, a superstorm made the world uninhabitable, the only safe havens being underground in virtual catacombs and levels which has technology consisting of augmented and virtual reality, holograms, robotics and AI, globe-spanning underground highways and metro systems, and airlocks for spaceships to leave the planet and follow safety precautions to do so. Like Mugioh, this world has been widely popular for it's many forms of entertainment, yet it is not as popular as Mugioh because of it's inability to house conventions. Gambling, card games, Omninet, and mobile devices are popular here, and this world is widely known for it's annual Wars and Weapons Virtual Tournaments where the popular game of the same name can be played through a valley-spanning underground arena with simulated scenery. Sometimes, this tournament can be taken advantage of through corporations and criminal syndicates which can profit from this in one way or another. The planet has 17 continents, 9 oceans, and a large icy and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type III; DC: 22hr:376d
  • Uerthum- A temperate wasteland planet which was ravaged by a nuclear war. This world is best known for it's preferred history of using atomic technologies, and has been within a pre-war era where an Atomic Age revolutionized their world, creating atomic blasters, nuclear-powered vehicles, advanced robots, and other futuristic technologies exist alongside a 1980s society. Also, among these technologies was obviously nuclear weapons, which meant serious consequences for the world itself. Thus a governmental corporation declared that backup plans be made in the form of fallout shelter cities called Subcities, all linked through underground metro stations, which would protect in the event of a nuclear war and help them overpopulate for the remainder of the nuclear winter and radioactive decay, as well as preserve some wildlife that might get wiped out. The president swore to outlaw nuclear weaponry beforehand, yet was assassinated before he could sign the pact. This left the world to be attacked by the culprits in the form of an atompunk faction called the Atomists, which didn't want the pact to be signed as it would take away the entire stock pile they had which would allow them to get revenge on the country after they destroyed their illegal manufacturing community during the last war. Thus, nuclear war erupted, and before anyone knew it, the Atomists took control of the Subcities once the surface dwellers were wiped out. Ever since, the Atomists had begun to take over the surface world and rebuilt the world that was taken away from them, while the only ones who can stop them would be trapped underneath since the Atomists have bordered the exits with motion-sensing atomic cannons which prevent their prisoners from leaving. This went on until the Beta Federation discovered the truth, freed the inhabitants, and dethroned the Atomists for good, leaving the freed inhabitants to grow into a fallen wasteland world ravaged by nuclear war. They seem to do well with it to. Though the civilized society they had is gone, they have been able to rebuild. However radiation is still existent from the war, and has created many mutated wildlife, usually from it's former civilized inhabitants that were unable to make it. With a large portion of the planet's infrastructure in ruins, basic necessities are scarce. Barter is the common method of exchange, with bottle caps providing a more conventional form of currency. Most cities and towns are empty, having been looted and deserted in favor of smaller, makeshift communities scattered around the planetary wasteland. Regardless, civilization still prospers. The planet has 6 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 25hr:402d
  • Iztrek- A marshy swamp planet which is distinguished for it's large prairies, swamps, tar pits, rainforests and wetlands, introduced fauna and flora, cascading waterfalls, active rain, and a green sky as the result of it's small amount of radon. The planet consists of cities where almost anything, legal or illegal, could be had for a price. Arriving visitors ran a gauntlet of gaudily lit stores known as trade plazas, designed to hook new arrivals and separate them from their credits as soon as possible. With little regulation, Iztrek was a world of grandiose free-market policies and utter corruption. The world is rich in cantinas, casinos, smuggler coves, crime lord palaces, most of the electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants, wind turbines, and sometimes watermills depending upon the Teadr level, and underground virtual catacombs which can be used to hide from outside authorities. Some other areas are rich in black-market dealings, or can be common hangouts for drug addicts or drug dealers. This world is infamous for the labs that make a living producing and inventing illegal drugs, and yet they are unable to be stopped because of little attraction. The planet has 6 large oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:432d
  • Sqoullex- A temperate planet which is literally a virtual wonderland. All of the fauna and flora, through real and are required to make the atmosphere breathable, are synthesized and it's care is manually controlled through computers, the ground and walls of buildings and underground tunnels are virtually augmented, tap into the Omninet, and have an entire array of commands, all activated through touch command, the environment is mostly terra-morphed, the virtual network covers the entire planet and can control most of the weather, AFTs can be found all over the planet, and cities and towns can be found literally anywhere. This is a world in which the company known as Holoverse Corporation, claimed this virtually-crafted world after it was built long ago by an extinct Teadr 1 race, and used it as a decent place to test their products well through the virtual system. Though this world is owned by them as the president is a benefactor of the company, they have adopted to using their technology well. They have even adopted the customs of Mugioh and Nisoh and have role-playing and card games, and even have virtual gaming events of their own in the form of valley-spanning arenas. The cities spanning the planet are digitally constructed thanks to Holoverse-brand digital technology, a praetorian guard consisting of Holoverse-brand holobots, clothing consists mostly of Holoverse-brand digital clothing suits which the wearer can digitally change their clothing appearances, and other famous digital technologies, such as Dictymon, are branded here by Holoverse. The planet has 22 continents and 15 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:486d
  • Agathaox- A turquoise gas giant which has a beautiful zoeosphere and artificial continents, islands, and mountains levitated by magnetanium. The landforms are populated by introduced fauna and flora, there are large mountains, rock formations, and the active weather and the high amount of water in the gas giant make it possible for the life to flourish. This is a scientific capital where corporations specialize in virtual/augmented reality, wearable computers, mobile devices, and digital and holographic technology, all while being controlled by the megacorporation known as Saiber Corps, which was founded by game enthusiasts from Mugioh, and the main company that spreads it's influence throughout the entire system, bringing it's influence in the form of the gaming events and many other entertainments. The gas giant also has large megalopolises, cities, and towns that are all sponsored by the corporation. Various other sports are prevalent on this planet, racing for example. The planet has 559 continents, 76,000 islands, and a large rocky, icy, and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: None; DC: 65hr:988d

Nabe System

  • Nabe Prime- A planet with a surface covered 89% by land with little traces of water as the result of climate change and while most of the water would be in the sky, the water that was left was preserved by (It seems likely that Darwin IV was covered with large oceans a few million years ago, just like Earth. But because of important climatic changes, the oceans evaporated and most of the ocean water became part of the atmosphere of the planet. The continents are now mountain chains and plateaus, while the ocean floor has become a large, open plain of deserts and savannah. Thus, most of the creatures who now inhabit Darwin IV are descendants of land-dwelling animals. The dense atmosphere is full of clouds and meteorologic activity and the plains sometimes resemble "weather oceans". Most of the water is found in the atmosphere, but there are also millions of tons of frozen water in the regions of the poles, and big lakes and rivers where the 'pocket-forests' reside. In the deepest part of the evaporated ocean basins, there is a "lake", the Amoebic Sea, composed of tons of microscopic creatures who have evolved to conserve the last of the remaining sea water inside their bodies in order to survive. The continental plates are still moving, and the areas where they collide are full of earthquakes and volcanic activity, phenomena that remain mostly unseen on Earth since there they occur under the surface of the oceans.) (Orange Dwarf, Alien Planet Darwin IV, Kepler-1544b, Human Veldin-Like Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: ; DC: 81hr:868d

Paradigia System

  • Thurm- A temperate wetland planet where the Paradisoids have developed advanced technology, and is their scientific capital. This is where they discovered cosmetics, plastic surgery, and various others. The cities are larger than those of any other city in the system, and it's also where several plays and musicals are showcased. The planet has 12 small continents, over 671 small islands, and 5 large oceans. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uoice- A rainforest planet which is noted for it's larger amounts of weather, it's rainbow-colored sunrises and sunsets, and for being the Paradisoids' gambling and economic capital. This is where they gain their wealth and economic powers, trading with the AUU Currency Troupe, where they place bets in casinos, sporting events, and others. It's also known for it's large supply of spices and geothermal herbs which are useful for many things including body care, hygiene, and cuisine. The planet has a large supercontinent surrounding a small global ocean. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Paradisum- A rainforest planet which is known for having a colorful sky as the result of it's stronger magnetosphere, and the small amount of noble gases composing the atmosphere. The wildlife is colorful, wet, and plentiful in almost every corner, and the wildlife is serene and beautiful. This is the home planet of a beautiful Teadr 4 avian race called the Paradisoids, which despite their stunning sense of beauty and their numerous though unnamed and not exactly extreme unigte enough to be classifived breeds, have a bad name because they are a race that doesn't believe in infidelity, or in their words, "Singularity". They lived under polygamy and a matriarchal society that believes that Singularity is dishonorable and a way to limit relationships and love, beleiving that love should be limitless. These beings, as a result, had been labeled 'the worst race to marry' by critics. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Girmode- A rainforest planet which is noted for it's purple sky as the result of it's moderately-larger amount of nitrogen, and it's colorful wildlife which was introduced from Paradisum. This world is distinguished for being the capital of the many secret societies in the Paradisoids' society that try and legalize polygamy across the AUU, and to try and get people to see their ways. These societies have been under investigation by the Human Protection Agency for years until their disbanding left nobody else knowing about it. As a result, these societies have been free to do as they please as their goals can forever remain uninterrupted. However, they keep this as secret as they can to not draw attention. The planet has 6 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Monkli- A Metropilous planet owned by the extremely perfectionst race of the Monklins, which are Goblin-eqsed Monkeys. It's the one planet not owned by the neightering and wide-spread Para birds. The Monklins are ruled by a perfection savy dictatorship where everything must be like their standerds and/or the commen standerds of comman socity. So you can imagine that the Paras really seem to have issues with the Monklins because of their beliefs conflicting with the Dictatorship they have. Before the USRA, the Monklins and the Paras were once in a proxy feud over the control of the three planets outside of their main ones, Thurm, Uoice, and Grimode. The Paras used their netourious seductive measures to trick the simple-minded Monklins to unwittingly and peacefully let the Paras control the planets the Monklins wanted. As such, they realised they fucked up badly when the Paras won the proxy feud through wit and cunning, and allowed the system to be named after the Paras, leaving Monkli the odd-one out of the planets not own by the Paras. This made the Monklins envous and angry at the Paras, who already don't like the Paras to begin with, and are practicly the reason why the universes basicly turned their noses at the Para culture because of their extremely different views on love and romance, which allowed the Monklins to malmitulate the people of the AUU, even the USRA, to make laws that disbenifit the Paras as a way of payback for the Monklins' humiliation. They even tried to have their secret socities exposed to further make the Paras look bad, but the VA inadvertingly ruined their attempt by having the HPA disbaned. The VA also screwed over the Monklins by being unable to handle a rising Para heroine that started to put the Paras in a better light, which however means that the Monklins are on the verge of making sure the Paras pay for humiliating them once and for all, even if it means geniside.

Wandican System

  • Jerlaildo- A planet that contains desert climates and there is less water. It's sentients make their homes underground out of the hot sun that is closer to the planet than Earth, but just close enough for plant life to be possible. The planet's underground Teadr 3 cities are very colorful, and made out of bronze-based durable metals, and are lighted by colorful advanced neon-lights. They're architectures are similar to Chicago, and the underground tunnels usually have mineral lakes that are good for swimming and some say the minerals in them can act as a reinvigorating youth substance that makes people feel young and strong. The planet has 60 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:312d; Capital City: Ouassa City
  • Carbungia


    Carbungia- A planet which has climates similar to Earth, having deserts, swamps, jungles, and other kinds of climates. The planet is twice the size of Earth, and almost every species in the AUU live here in cities varying from Teadr level, and they live in either peace or war. The cultures are usually Western, Eastern, German, Russian, or Spanish, and only a few Globex facilities are found here, either still-running or abandoned. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. This planet was made famous after the Shell Lodge Squad crashed here and saved the AUU in 2010. Homeworld of Xandy, Xerxes, Serpentos and Magnum. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:397d; Capital City: Mirne City
  • Tarvillion- An ecumenopolis planet with Teadr 2 cities built by the USRA in 1322-1328 AD. The cities are made of neutronium, a substance much stronger than titanium, and have an architecture similar to Tokyo. This planet was populated mostly by the humans, but when they retreated, the dominant race of the planet became the Ohrugans. Other sentient animals populate the planet as well. The planet is also one of the many ecumenopolis planets that have a high-abundance of plants, having only 70% of them. The planet has 3 oceans, and a crystalline, ice, and obsidian planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:410d
  • Carade IV- A desert moon belonging to the scarlet-and-apricot-colored gas giant Carade. This moon looks like Mars, but it has an abundant supply of water, especially at it's polar ice caps. This moon has been colonized by humans during the early days of the USRA, and have built many Teadr 4 cities with Cunone-based architecture and Naroudan-based technology. This moon currently serves as the home for many robot factories and Globex facilities that research robotics and weaponry. The moon has a large global ocean surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 317d
  • Carade VII- A desert moon also belonging to Carade. This moon is similar to Carade IV, but has a smaller water supply, being colonized at a later time by the USRA. The moon's Teadr 3 cities are much larger than the ones on IV, and has massive Globex facilities which also research robotics, but also cybernetic technologies. This was where certain battles in the Exo-Wars began, and it's where the Villains Act built a few Starbot factories, which are still used today by the Dark Radicals. The moon has 2 medium-sized oceans surrounded by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 402d

Hydrocabiasia System

  • Hydrocania- The lost homeworld part of the lost homesystem of the Sea Squirls for the entirity of the AUU that is cut off and isloated from the rest of the AUU by an artifical cluster that turns invisable from the side out. This was once the home of the Sea Squirls themselves, who before the AUU discovered them, were never known prior to discovery, along with the system itself. This was once a Sea Squirl Paraside, until a powerful revolt in the form of sentient Poulkey, proceeded to booted the Sea Squirls out for using them as a food shorce with their powerful Teadr 1 tec, naming themselves as The Poulkenias. Because of the super-smart Poulkeys' clear resentment to the Sea Squirls, of which they had all erased of their memory of the system and created the barrior ro ensure they are never rediscovered by them again, this was the only system that hated Sea Squirls even before the mess with the VA and subsiquint troubles. To combat any possable return, the Poulkenias founded Hydrocabiasia's goverment regime, The Conferate Hydrocabiasia Intelligence Control Kapabilities Eniginuity Neutrolisation, or by the unfortunate actronim, C.H.I.C.K.E.N., to make sure the Sea Squirls are never capable to come back. But they were accsidently discovered by the Zeapents of Keyti System after capturing a poucher trying to hunt a Gladiozont from a wildlife reserve planet. In return for secretcy, Zeapents as representives of UIS agreed to help keep the system a secret from their oppressers and those that would only abide to them.

Keyti System

  • Keyti Prime- A temperate planet which has large colorful jungles and rainforests filled with plants, land reefs, and zooplantae that are often bioluminescent, resilient, and have alien-like biology, has been a world of evolutionary experimentation for eons, it has a colorful sky due to it's small concentration of noble gases, active storms, large rock/water formations, large mountains, crystal-clear waters, rich amounts of oxygen in the air, minimum traces of AUU God and Zyaūar Master activity, and several cities of Zyaūar origin that are mostly still used by modern civilization, yet altered out by modern architecture. This world orbits a blue dwarf which used to be a red star until it was exhausted of it's hydrogen fuel and shrunk 1.6 billion years ago. This planet, as well as many others, recovered from the resulting nova and the AUU Gods, and later the Zyaūar Masters, redesigned the planet and made it into a world plentiful of life of all magnitudes. Life flourished and survived even the most cataclysmic of mass extinctions. The most famous animal originating from this planet is the Gladiozont, a mammalian predator that was dubbed the AUU's top superpredator, or a predator that can be so resilient and successful, they can cause environmental damage if not put in an appropriate ecosystem. The Gladiozont evolved 99 million years ago and remained 75% stagnant in evolution as they were too perfect for evolution. Eventually, they were acidentally introduced across the AUU through an extremely powerful warlike race that tamed them as attack animals which, despite being successful, were difficult to maintain loyalty as they had little to no trust to the beings and only had limited loyalty to them, and thus it got the best of them as the race was chased away by them, leaving them free across hundreds of planets, and it took hundreds of years to prevent these superpredators from causing environmental and ecological harm across worlds. It was impossible to tame them the same way the race did because they were smart enough to never trust beings who want to use them again, even if they offer food. Because of this danger, debates about making gladiator hunting with this creature illegal was forsaken as it would technically be seen as population control, a quality which was required with these creatures. The planet has 19 continents, 9 oceans, and 6,689 islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:319d
  • Keyti Lesser

    Keyti Lesser

    Keyti Lesser- The home planet of a tribe-eqsed snake-behaving lizard race of the Zeapents that worship the Gladiozont for it's evolutionary marvel. They've been known to wear the remains of their kills, commenly feathers on their heads, for an exsample, and have build their civilisation around the Gladiozont's likeness. They view the creature a marvel of evolution gods greatness. As such, the Zeapents are offended at the idea of Gladiozonts being killed outside of their system, even if there was a reason for him, deeming it an insult to their majusty to be hunted down and killed for any reason, along with being offended by the fact those can actselly tame a Gladiozont without earning it's actual trust and affection. They've been known to be a hassle to deal with on worlds with introduced Gladiozonts, even worlds that had trouble with them of a serious degree. They WERE gonna be put on an exile sheild probation, but the UIS got in the way of that when the Zeapents were included to their ranks. The Zeapents continue to hunt down any who harms Gladiozonts every chance they get.
  • Ux- A temperate planet that has half-desert-half temperate climates, having large amounts of flora consisting of land reefs, plants, and cacti, and fauna and megafauna that are both introduced and native, has active weather, ancient scientific research facility ruins that used to belong to an ancient time of corporate war, foggy swamps and bogs, large amounts of water and monsoons, and large mountains and rock formations. This is a world of ranging fauna and flora that had been introduced all across the system for years, and it is a world of ranging ethnics and societies, creating one combined mixed world and the capital of the system itself. The headquarters being run on a colossal Zyaūar Master Holo-Castle called 'Halcyon Hall' refurbished into the capital of the planet, the world's council founded it's own independence from the USRA after a rough and bitter rebelion and gained it's own diplomatic power, founding it's own ultimate police force known as the Sparetean Group, now currently lead by a former-mercenary commander. Though the founder of the system, Bollò Keyti Genoshum, started out as an elitist senator for the USRA and the head of a dozen wealthy and powerful industrial families, had gone out of control with a monopoly that nearly ruined everything, and when he was fired, it was discovered that each of the families could trace their origins to a single wealthy family, and when one thing lead to another, discussion slowly evolved into a plan for turning the families into noble aristocratic rulers, thus after a very rough rebelion against USRA forces that tried to restore their control, they repaired the castle given their natural Zyaūar ancestry, and thus they restructured the world into one of their own. The Sparetean Group uses weaponry of Zyaūar origin, and they defend the system to the best of their ability. With the planet's allyship with the Zeapents of Keyti Lesser, the entire system came to have a more pro-UIS attatude, even through the Sparetean Group do not directly serve or have an allience with UIS, they do reckindise their athroity and respect them as friends of the Zeapents, their valuable allies that before UIS membership helped the people of UX gained their independence and share control of the system with. The planet has 7 continents, 718 islands, and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:346d
  • Bos- A temperate planet that has a colorful sky due to it's small amount of noble gases, colorful fauna and flora, large mountains and rock formations, ancient long-abandoned Zyaūar Master ruins, flying mountains levitated by magnetanium, and large wetlands. This world is an unfortunate getaway for bounty hunters, smugglers, and mercenaries all across the AUU, and have undergrounds, shipyards, junkyards, and other locations for them to meet up. Aside from that, the rest of the world has a lawful society and an efficient police system. Keep in mind that this world was like this BEFORE the Keyti-Ux rebelion happened. This world would still be a mess, independent of whether the USRA still had control or not, and it neither gotten worse nor better when Keyti independence was declaired. Large cities and megalopolises can be found, all connected through underground highways and interstates, and several large abandoned Zyaūar Master towers that are inside parks and given amazing tours. There are also large monorails and underground global subways. The world itself is also run by corrupt company employers, black marketers, scavenger employers, and crime lords, which included the Grutts. The planet has 19 small continents surrounding 881 islands and 9 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:389d
  • Odylus


    Odylus- A temperate humid planet that has massive amounts of prehistoric fauna and flora, nitrogen-rich soil, large rock formations, geothermal valleys, mountains and canyons, a red sky due to a small amount of neon, strong weather, oxygen-rich water, and fossil-fuel-rich ground. This is a prehistoric world famous for the fossil-rich site known as Hell Falls Formation which had constant streams and falls of water that washed up so much soil, bone graveyards appeared all across the valley. There are over a hundred exhibitions out to work here, and they built hundreds of cities here for their work. This world has most of the AUU's prehistoric fauna inhabiting it, and the plants are highly fluorescent and bioluminescent, and there are indigenous land reefs and zooplantae. The planet has 19 continents, 918 islands, 5 seas, and 3 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:440d
  • Eycarro- A rainforest planet that was one of the many Zyaūar Master colonies, as well as one of the colonies that keep their ways alive. The planet has massive amounts of zooplantae and land reefs, large wetlands, savannas, introduced/native fauna and flora, a green-blue sky due to it's small amounts of xenon and radon, strong weather and monsoons, large rock formations, mountains, and toxic valleys. The Zyaūar Masters supported this world's sentient animal tribes after defending them from a false god, and allowing them to worship them as their own Gods, even after their supposed extinction when the tribes' modern-day descendants think of them as gods and keep their cultures alive by adopting much of their own cultures and architecture into their own, still keeping their magic and spectral powers alive in museums and other means. There are also rumors that this world is building a new Zyaūar Civilization with their own enforcers and fresh new culture. But this civilization has been just about as lost as Atlantis. The planet has 6 continents surrounding 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:478d
  • Gestion- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet that has large colorful jungles filled with plants and land reefs, clear water formations, rock formations, an orange sky due to it's small amounts of neon and sodium, fauna and flora introduced from Keyti Prime and Odylus, and active weather. Despite the high level of criminal activity left behind during the Great Stagnation and during the Old CrimeTech, the quarter-ecumenopolis that was ravaged during that time has been briefly claimed by the criminal society, especially since it was taken over by the sadistic Grutt named Gushu the Overlord, whose reign of tyranny lasted until 2005 when law enforcement reached the planet, overthrew Gushu, and allowed the ecumenopolis to be reclaimed by civilized society. Though Gushu escaped and is now living in the lawless non-ecumenopolis territories waiting to reestablish his criminal empire, yet thanks to increasing law enforcement, it was all difficult for him, yet he continues to never give up. The planet has 11 continents surrounding 7 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:515d
  • Scefutis- A tropical island planet that was considered a glorious Zyaūar Master resort world because of the sun shining on it 24 hours a day because the world is locked in place and never orbits, and thus while the dark side of the planet is an icy wasteland with little life, the light side is an elegant and beautiful world full of small continents and islands, all carrying fauna and flora both native and introduced from Keyti Prime and Odylus, it has active weather, beautiful water and rock formations, a colorful sky due to it's small amounts of noble gases, and Zyaūar and Teadr 7 ruins. The economy is very perfect, especially since much of it was influenced from the Globrunx System. The world it highly corporate for many businesses across the AUU. There are massive artificial underwater reefs that were built by the many Teadr 7 tribes that inhabit this world, particularly by the semi-aquatic members of the tribes, and many underwater playgrounds could be found on this planet, among normal parks. The cities are stunning and are of the same architecture as Gestion's quarter-ecumenopolis. The planet has 811 islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: None
  • Qoy XLIX- A toxic moon belonging to the cyan gas giant Qoymore. It is a world that is occupied massively by chemovorous fungi, and it is prohibited for entry because it has a ton of carnivorous slime molds, has toxic water, large land formations, large invertebrate fauna, flora consisting of colorful plants, land reefs, and zooplantae, has 24/7 rainy weather, large rainforests, large rock formations, geothermal and toxic valleys, large flying rock fields and mountains levitated by loadstone, and a dark green-blue sky filled with metallic gases, radon, and xenon. This is a world that was under constant biological research by biotic scientists who wished to use the fungi and animals for their research. However, they all disappeared when the fungi escaped and devoured all the labs, causing them to crash onto the moon's surface. Since then, entry on this moon was highly prohibited. The moon has 70,700 islands. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 440d
  • Qoy LXXXVIII- An icy moon also belonging to Qoymore. The world has a dark-blue sky due to it's small amounts of metallic gases and actinium, active storms and weather, frozen soil and large ice and rock formations, large amounts of introduced fauna and flora, and ancient Teadr 2 ruins. This was a former VA rebellion base until being destroyed by them when they captured a member that revealed their location. The world also has underground aquifer oceans inhabited by large marine worms and insects that formed their own ecosystem. The moon has 17 small oceans surrounded entirely by frozen land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 829d
  • Vatania- An icy planet that was artificially terraformed into having the same ecosystem as Qoy LXXXVIII, except it has a green-blue sky filled with xenon and radon, and has weaker weather. It was done so by the Zyaūar Masters of ancient past, as they needed a world highly-secluded from their enemies at the time of a war. The world has large amounts of ancient Zyaūar ruins, towers, and monuments that are currently occupied by modern-day civilizations. There are also large cities with black buildings and red, yellow, blue, and purple pigmented plating, roads and underground freeways, subterranean societies, and a global heating system. It even has aquacities in the freezing cold oceans of the world, which, like Qoy LXXXVIII, is entirely inhabited by marine worms, yet is also inhabited by invertebrates that were able to be introduced from Qoy XLIX. The planet has 77 small lakes and oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:701d

Saeclis System

  • Saellis- (Saelilisian Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:309d

Zinceic System

  • Klonium- A jungle planet which used to be an ocean planet until climate change left the oceans to shrink and form coral jungles. Plus, increased volcanic activity spread toxins across the planet that left most of the planet's water too toxic for drinking. Not to mention the atmosphere is half-toxic to most AUU life. All life on this planet has adapted to become immune to these toxins, and grew used to the toxins of the atmosphere. It's also said that some toxins were mutagenic and created vicious monsters called Klonbeasts, which were seen only a few times in the past. Then in 1889, they were proved to be real when were reported to look like reptilian bears with 6 legs tipped with massive claws, and a thick crested tails. After the Interuniversal War, the planet was abandoned to leave the Klonies alone. To this day, the planet is protected by 10 ODSs which have Teadr 2 weapons to destroy anything it comes in contact with. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; DC: NE:298d
  • Juluwa- A Japanese ecumenopolis planet which was built by the USRA in 1638, and has Teadr 3 cities with chrome, silver, and black buildings standing over 120ft high, and the lights and architecture are much more advanced than the ones in Tokyo. The planet's language takes years to learn for an immigrant. The planet has one of the best cuisines in the AUU, provided by the Yuruns. The planet has 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:372d
  • Eorathos- An ecumenopolis planet populated by flying sentient and unsentient animals. The large Teadr 2 cities have huge light-fluorescent skyscrapers, the AFT cities are very large and have the same appearance as the cities, and the underground level of the planet has a wide number of criminal syndicates that have been 80% sent to justice by investigative public soldiers called I-Lites. The planet's global cities only cover 76% of the planet, and the rest are just plain land for animals and plants to flourish in. This planet has 4 oceans, and no moon. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:465d
  • Axthone- A tundrous canyon planet which is known to be a world dominated by robots. Since it was colonized by robot pioneers in 1336 AD, it had become a place where robots can evolve and turn into more advanced robots. They have built Teadr 2 cities with large silver and black buildings with holographic windows and rooms, underground catacombs for labor and agriculture, screen/hologram displays and propaganda, a 78% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This planet used to have a law that no organisms were allowed until it was eventually abolished. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:505d

Toslar System

  • Tosla Prime- A barren rocky desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jundeath- A forbidden jungle planet home of the Vinerens. An all female Asexually reproducing race of Venus Flytrap-Eqsed plant folk that grow in the forbidden jungle planet of Jundeath. It was said that the race came into existence thanks to an self-admiring Vellen that was cursed by a vengeful shaman who got stubbed off by into becoming a Vineren. As such, Vinerens are assentually plant-themed Vellens. They behave in a more animalistic/plant-folk behavior and rotinely tend to feast on those that get allored into them by their singing and sweet oders.
  • Claser- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Simcle- A semi-temperate lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Arnimus- A toxic uninhabitable stormy planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Nelper- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Miris System

  • Alirim- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which used to be a colony for the Yatorans. It is filled with colorful prehistoric-like jungles with land reefs and mostly-friendly wildlife, and the sky looks normal except it is filled with mercury instead of xenon. The planet's cities are Teadr 3 in origin, and have a lot of lighting and beautiful architecture. But what is most iconic of this planet is that it has quantum anomalies that are the result of an ancient AUU God experiment gone awry, as it causes disruptions in the local timestream, and thus the anomalies temporarily bring prehistoric creatures from the planet's past and even future to them. Special Globex teams specialize in regulating these anomalies in order to maintain peace, and even prevent any rampant anomalies from destroying the planet itself. These anomalies are fifth-dimensional as they can lead to the past and various futures that can be changed or not. However, anything that happens in the past doesn't seem to affect the present because they are quantum based, and therefore anyone entering is only an astral quantum image that can interact with anything in the past, but the actions are not permanent. Thus, this interests Globex in a specific brand of time travel where quantum energy can be used to negate anything done in the past at any time, or can do multiple methods of temporal manipulation. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:324d
  • Direx- A temperate world which is known for it's ranging environment, and for it's wide range of monsters. This was a world that was formerly a capital for genetic research for an ancient race, which created this wide range of genetically-engineered animals that are very tough to tame or catch. When the race disappeared, this world was turned into a gladiator hunting world, and later the USRA protected these creatures by law, and now the gladiator hunting is replaced by taming and getting along with these creatures, making theme parks and zoos dedicated to these creatures. Several cities which are under the protection of a praetorian guard admire and worship these creatures. However, when the Villains Act started, the gladiator hunting was revamped, the USRA lost control of the planet, and these creatures were being hunted by gladiators for sport. Gladiator rings, often belonging to the VA Deadlockers, were created, and these creatures were being threatened once again. It wasn't until the Villains Act's fall that life was restored on this world, and the population of these creatures were restored, though some needed more help then others because of how close to extinction they are. These creatures are still smuggled by several criminal syndicates, but the praetorian guard considers it a priority to stop these. There is even propaganda raising awareness to protect these creatures. The planet has 5 large continents and 3 oceans, and a small crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:387d
  • Aniforse- A temperate world which has no sentient civilization in sight, and the environment is completely clean as no sentient beings have set foot here give or take a few stragglers. This is a world where non-anthropomorphic sentient talking animals reside and have battles with each other. Though they have no technology, they have their own cultures and communities including kingdoms, and like the Lion King World, they live under the Circle of Life, though major differences in their beliefs are apparent depending upon the continent. These sentient animals have never been off-planet, and have limited means of transportation, never being on any other continents besides their own. They still act like animals, eating other species either through hunting or as their own form of cremation. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:415d
  • Ropini- A rainforest planet with tall trees and deep waters on the ground. The planet is covered entirely by this giant rainforest and all civilization is found in the trees as the ground is too waterlogged and muddy to have sustainable living areas on it. The tree cities were all built by the USRA using the construction techniques of the Naroudans to build arboreal houses that are easily supported. People have lived up here so long, they learned easy gymnastic skills and acrobatic capabilities, even without tails needed for balance. The waters are good enough for swimming yet can be filled with predators, the air has more oxygen in it, and thus plants are more plentiful and insects are much bigger, and are even kept as pets. Globex facilities can be found here on AFTs to research vehicular technology, and have built grand hovercars that the people of this planet use greatly in the form of the many air traffic systems. The planet has 8 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:433d

Ozaborn System

  • Aumnilt- A semi-ecumenopolis desert planet which is the only ecumenopolis that was built by the Boritoids. This world's global city has a far different architecture and appearance than that of other Boritoid cities. The cities have large chrome buildings, there is holographic displays, and the main currency is the many precious jewels that are mined in the underground wet caverns that formed from volcanic activity centuries ago. The wildlife is very large, there is a small amount of plant life and land corals, and the city covers over 24% of the planet. This world has several research stations, agricultural colonies, and because this is the capital of the Boritoids' economy, there is a massive amount of banking systems. Often times, there is gambling activity here, and criminal syndicates exist to take advantage of it. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:289d
  • Thingo- A temperate planet which is an agricultural colony where the soil is rich in fertile substances, and the plant life can grow spontaneously in the higher amount of weather. There are large wetlands, wet jungles, a large amount of wildlife, and there is over a trillion species of plants. This is a Boritoid planet where they grow several crops in the fertile soil, and trade them across either their colonies or across the AUU through the AUU Currency Troupe. There are also large megalopolis cities, and research stations which work on agricultural technology. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:332d
  • Bassanka- A gas giant which has been modified into having a habitable zone where artificial flying continents and islands could be created. This has since been a resort world with large tropical jungles, has several archipelagos, small bodies of water on the continents which are replenished by the gas giant's large concentration of moist gases, resort cities with Boritoid architecture, funfairs, and a massive amount of tropical wildlife. This is a Boritoid world where people like military soldiers can go with their families to relax from all the stress of their jobs. Several people visit this place, but mostly favor other resort worlds. The planet has over 693 islands, and 2 large oceans. Moons: 5
  • Zeesae- A taiga planet which is noted for it's large scientific colonies which are all owned by the Boritoids, this planet being their capital for science and technology. Globex facilities have even been built around here with the Boritoids' permission. There are no cities as the climate is too cold even underground or in domes. The facilities are well-insulated and are specially-designed to be in isolated areas, though this technology doesn't work forever, and has to be recharged every few weeks. The sciences here can range depending on where they come from. The planet has 8 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:386d

Beases System

  • Abestis- A semi-desert planet with massive canyons and large spineless cacti the size of trees. The Naroudans that live here have used these cacti as makeshift trees since they are just as durable and heavily-built. The canyons are also a place where the Naroudans can make their homes, as well as several mesas and mountains. The cities are massive, and rarely exist on the ground. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:291d
  • Scykes- A forest planet which is famous for it's tall trees and inhospitable ground where vicious beasts lurk searching for food. It is a Uonan military colony where the Naroudans and humans taught them how to be excellent military commandos, which concluded in a big success. The Uonans here have utilized Teadr 2 technology to it's fullest, and have defended their government from many invasions in the past. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:312d
  • Ceahes- A wetland jungle planet which is a Naroudan colony which was the place where the Naroudans and humans taught the Uonans how to become military experts before they made Scykes a military colony. This world is also filled with vicious carnivores that the Naroudans usually fight for training. The planet has 10 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:439d
  • Nao Tiber- A wetland rainforest planet with large floating soil platforms and Yatoran landmarks which the Uonans that colonized this world have been given the permission to study. This world has been known for being covered 85% in water, and thus the continents are small, and the Uonans here have adapted to a semi-arboreal lifestyle, especially for the underwater Yatoran landmarks. The planet has 11 small continents surrounded entirely by a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:504d

Naka System

  • Gymnia- A tropical planet that has large amounts of fauna and flora consisting of plants, zooplantae, fungi, and land reefs, mostly-amphibious fauna introduced from across the AUU, large amounts of water and humidity, heavy storms, Teadr 2 societies of Vellan architecture, swamps, strong Omninet connections, large rock/water/geothermal/toxic valleys and formations, underground subterranean aquifers and colonies, underground transits, metro stations, and interstates, transparent vehicles, flying islands and mountains levitated by magnetanium, aquacities, resort cities covered in large amounts of decorative water and plants, artificial reefs and terrain, and a platinum core. This is a world infamous for being a global nudist/naturalist colony where 98.90% of the population are nudists, yet have holographic aid to support those too modest to be around them, and even aid them in environments too cold or hot for them. This is a famous Vellan colony where activities like skinny dipping, a massive colony of nude beaches, nude sports, clothes-free organizations, and others are present. This is where even the wildlife like a native and infamous penis-like amphibious coral called a Pinii exemplify it, and this world has been very prohibited in lawful and modest means, and is the capital for all public nudity activity in the AUU, and it's become so aiding in public naturalism that a nudist has to be licensed to ensure immunity to public nudity laws on other worlds. The planet has 18 small continents, 17,880 islands, and 10 oceans. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Fuucgasa System

  • Fuucgas- The home world of the Fuucgus race. A race of mushroom-headed Teadr 1 beings that believe in enlightentment and peace and tolerence with all walks of life, great or insignifigent. Though no bigger then a child, they make up for lack of size or intimidating might is that they have great telecanisiest capabilities. A single Fuucus, can be able to rotate an entire planet on his own with only mimual assentials for 10-weeks. An entire armada's worth can move a planet out of it's current orbet into a new location they so fit, which allowed them to get their home planet out of the path of Asterriods and Black Holes, even would-be invaders. The Fuucgus never believe in violence, being naterolly pasifistic, and would sooner use their powers to sooth would-be enemies to submission then bring physical harm. As such, even the most determined of hostile races would rather leave the Fuucgus people be, their teleconisus too great to counter. Even the VA never bothered to have any assusiation with them, neither good or bad.

Skroomus System.

  • Skroom- The fungus covered home world of the Skroomstai. The Skroomstai are a known hostile fungus race of purple giant mushroom-headed combatents. They mastered all forms of fighting, physical, magic, (Rarely Magilo), ranged, biological, chemical, weather, orbitation, elemental, even things beyond mortal reckondnition. They can automaticly master any form of weapon, even things not native to the AUU in general thanks to their brains being hyper-adaptive and evoluting in rapid rates. Skroomstai are often a collective, taking orders from a vastly intelligent individual who calls all the shots and the Skroomstai queen. The scarist thing about Skroomstai is that they been known to turn any captured enemy into one of them, chanting "One of us, one of us" repeatedly while taking them to the Skroomtai queen to infect the unlucky sap. Hence why even the mightist of any hostile race would give the collective-hive-minded Skroomstai a VERY wide girth! Even the USRA Races would rather stay out of their way.

The Cluster Rim System

  • Clusta Prime- The primary planet of a clustered up part of the secter surrounded by wall-like asteriods that stay in perfect place. This is the home planet of a multi culture group of spieces and races, the Cybernettic Skorg, The Threeeys, The Purpumans, The Grreens, The Teejins, the hive-mind Jinsects, the Crustapusians, The Reddods, the Vampiruan, The Zhammerhead, The Blackmaneuons, The Glowis, The Seaplantis, the eyeless Jroous, and at one point a shadowy dragon-like spieces called the Shagoons, before they were all entombed inside the now Forbidden Temple. (these guys). All these beings largely prefer their lives to stay independent, thus they have largely faver UIS, which all these races lean more closely too. However, The Cluster Rim is contested nonetheless thanks to a splinter cell trying to win the planet over to the USRA, if though oftenly this splinter cell can pull some pretty extreme stunts to do so.
  • Clusta Minor- The colonised moon of Clusta Prime by both the USRA and UIS embessies for the planet. Often these embessities either just ignor eachother or at the least only give eachother a passing judging glare before going about their business. Although the Embessies due enter intense debates on why this system should be for the groups they represented and not the oppisition. 

Breegbus System

  • Golob- An ancient planet filled with highly-elaborate golden ruins, (Yu-Gi-Oh (Supernatural Role-Playing Games), TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Othsome- A desert temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Trost- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Bandgry- A semi-ecumenopolis planet (Lawless World, Bandit Corporation, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Poolworld- A tropical planet that has highly-active rain and storms, introduced/native fauna and flora in the form of zooplantae, plants, land reefs, amphibians, fish, birds, and invertebrates, as well as a sky filled with mercury instead of xenon, Teadr 2 cities and Teadr 1 underwater ruins and monuments of Watan origin, flying islands levitated by loadstone, and active tidal effects as the result of it's two moons. (Resort Flood World, TBC...) Moons: 2; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Xoten- A temperate island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Lok'ro- A barren crystalline moon belonging to Xoten. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Hellong- A once-prosperous quarter-ecumenopolis planet with advanced Teadr 2 global cities, a gray sky due to it's small amounts of metallic gases, red soil, introduced fauna and flora from other worlds, the most infamous being dinosaurs, active weather and strong storms, large junkyards, war-torn graveyards, large rock/lava/toxic/geothermal valleys and formations, hundreds of fossil sites, wrecked lands, and this world has been in dire peril since 1910, as an introduction of prehistoric-class wildlife caused a ruckus that left the world to be in a survival situation that left the cities in ruin, and despite having sympathizers, a law specifies that any dinosaur found must be destroyed or relocated, and was illegal to have as pets, but that doesn't mean it's not advisable to at least try and socialize. The purpose of their introduction was to make a prehistoric fit to the world as it's dinosaurs have been as extinct as the Ice Age. All surviving citizens have armaments to defend themselves from dinosaur attacks, and a defense force that issues all of the activity on the planet. All the people defend themselves however they can with blasters and phasers, plasmathrowers, grenades, tasers and other electrical weaponry, and ride in all-terrain/aerial military vehicles in the form of ATVs, jeeps, tanks, military helicopters, VTOLs, tiltrotors, and so on, while at the same time fortifying their hideouts with high-tech defenses. Though despite this, there are still sympathizers who have become so intolerable of the laws of euthanizing and relocating dinosaurs because of how they 'don't belong on the planet because of what they did to it', they had to form an animal rights movement to protect them, especially when the inhabitants have started gaining several good and evil sides besides the animal rights force, as there are also sympathizing survivors, a corrupt execution force, a corrupt shipping and black market force, and basically anything that wants to decide the fate of the dinosaurs and their world, as the bad side does it 'to protect people', as the good side does it 'to protect both sides', and thus several territories and borders were established across the dinosaur-riddled wasteland. The planet has 11 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Elmbis- A temperate moon belonging to Hellong. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Degrypso- A coniferous tundra planet (Lawless World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Seygmore- A Singapore quarter-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Carbond- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Theep- An ice planet similar to a Snowball Earth. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Stungus System

  • Shting- The Home Planet of the Stungrooms, Mushroom-Eqsed Jellyfish with fungus quilities. The Stungrooms are famed for weaponising Rarium and created a ray that can vaberised even the greatest of ships. The Stungrooms believed this discovery would make Rarium more then just an economic shorce and in essence, evem more valuable, but the USRA didn't share the belief and banned the weapon. Hurt and betrayed, the Stungrooms joined UIS who have FAR more appresiative prospects for the weapons. In cause of the USRA's rejection, Stungus system became a very USRA hostile place, with a forcefiled powered by weaponised Rarium that blocks out USRA ships from advancing beyond the system.

Isolated Systems-4

Sumbell System

  • Sumbell Prime- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vogel- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sumbell Lesser- (Robonaut HQ) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Huxle- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zai- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ende- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sumbell Greater- (Robitiensky Robotics HQ) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Fendio System

  • Foressdra- A Native American rainforest world with strong weather and mechanical technological graveyards of dead robots and machines. It is the home planet of the Teadr 6.5 Jembs, an agile race of carefree and skilled human-ape creatures that embrace any scavenged technology they can find and embrace ascension. They have thus learned to survive underwater, through powerful storms, damaging events, and any kind of problem. Stemming from the tale of a young Jemb orphan named Obi who used intelligence and the development of their first technology to save her dying forest home and confront a dark owl-hawk-like monster called Nihl who hates technology. The planet has 12 continents surrounding 9 small oceans and large icy and rocky planetary rings. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:465d

P9878s System

J8762536 System

8876sFa System

Iopmoa System

Impostoni System

  • Azz Blasta- A planet that is home of a spieces not too dissimular to the creatures of the Tremor movies. But the Planet got it's name from the made iconic (In a gross yet weirdly badass way) in the creatures' final stage, the Azz Blasteron, who are able to utilised a combustion-fart that allows them to fly and glide into the air. All stages of these creatures are predatory and perfect evolutionary balencers to a planet riddled with herbavores with too good of a reproductive system.
  • Crook-Crooka- A troubled planet infested with crime came after an economic downfall. It was once a vegasy like place, but it's planetary leader made a mistake to gamble with a Domic and was cheated in a game of cards. Now this Domic took over the planet and turned it into a hotbed of crime ever since.
  • Yufailia- A would've been Yurun Colony that at the time was recently founded before UIS isolated the systems and discovered this planet. Naaars were sent to the planet to capture every bit of Yurun presence, taking every Yurun colonist to a dark fate common with Naaar capture. Thus, with the Yurun tec taken as well, the would've been colony sites are deserted ghost towns commonly used by the criminals of Crook-Crooka as hiding spots for their illgotten items and treasures, along for base of operations for illegit activities.
  • Pirato- A Space Pirate colony that came about around the time of the isolation. It was once a peaceful ocean planet until early colonists of Crook-Crooka took it over. Now it became the epicenter of pirate battles and sea-fairing conflict. Even the surrounding space of the planet has rotine space battles between rivaling pirate factions fighting for dominance.
  • Con Astra- A netourious epicenter of Con Artists. In due to an origin of where a con artist managed to win the election of president, (Albeit through alot of rigging, political slander of better oppendents and a netouriously silver tongue), Con Astra had been going down a slibbery slope ever since. The planet was turned into that where Con Artisry became a way of life, and is respondsable for some of the most famous con artists in AUU history. It was even the training site of the netourious Slimebag of the Racon-Rocan twin systems. Con Astra is riddled with dishonest corruption, and shady practices infest the planet like a plague. As such, this ends up being one of the rare planets that makes UIS question "Allowing Planets to make their own legacy" because of the foul nature of it. The Racon-Rocan Birds are espeically stern about this planet because it was where Slimebag learned to become what he is. Thus the planet has became a subject of debate to be declared an exception to UIS' golden rule of letting planets have their own destinies and to initionate the Racon-Rocan Bird approved plan of "Project Soul-Searcher", a UIS operation where UIS forces invade the planet and commence to the mass-arrest of all inhabience to take to a Brainiacaazkian Theropy Station to be "Mentally Reformed" of these ways. Granted, approval for the operation is under stalemate because, for as disgusting Con Astra is, short of declaring loyalty to the USRA, Con Astra isn't a proven danger to independence, and thus, the UIS races can just avoid the planet. However, an infamous USRA/UUF conspiracy done by Worm McSinep and a collection of others, including an anomamus sell-out ally native to the planet, might end up rustling UIS' jimmies enough that the exception would just soon happen.

9889976555 GAHS System

5. Ulcram Sector

A secter discovered by a Yateron master named Master Ulcram, who came here to give a gesture of good will for the Lorphyds, which will turn out to be a relitive good thing all things considered. This is the secter that has Klenamark, Grooka, and Vandora.

Rodon System

  • Roentgen- A barren rocky planet that has a thin yet breathable atmosphere, unstable plasma-based weather, is the first in a system with a highly-radioactive pulsar, has ancient Teadr 3 ruins and monuments, Teadr 2 cities and megalopolises, intense rock/lava/geothermal/toxic valleys and formations, yellow skies due to it's small amounts of sodium, often toxic weather and storms, and crazy near-apocalyptic graveyards. It used to be a normal world with a normal Teadr 3 race until the gamma burst that turned the sun into a highly-radioactive pulsar that intensifies in radiation every 50 years, and while most life would be wiped out from the system during the gamma burst, one species evolved to be the newest native race to resist the newly-inhospitable radioactive quality of the system, the Teadr 2 Roenton, a cockroach-like insectomammal that can withstand intense radiation, and can do anything a Qroach can do, especially since most species of Qroach came from this world. They even managed to gain genetic diseases and mutations of their own after being exposed by specific radiation that allow them to evolve faster than normal, evolution only taking thousands of years. They are a neutral race that shifted through race types, being warlike, diplomatic, religious, and economic, many times switching with mixed results, which is why they are considered an erratic race to interact with, and is extensively studied by other races. The planet has 18 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II (Due to radiation); DC:
  • Kerma- A poisonous stormy lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sieverta- A junkyard planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gammar- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Stront- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Stochasta- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Remma- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Grey- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Fluxex- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Lucell- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Fissius- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Scint- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Ossex System

  • Riytha- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Nuygvis- A temperate lava planet (AUU Project Genom, Having destroyed their planet, humans found a new home and a new life on Avalon. But someone else has plans for this planet too. What draws the mysterious alien race of the Almer to Avalon, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qipelast- A temperate jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sulsor- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Torstrom- A stormy ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Corcirpous- A humid tropical planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Gloggle System

  • Sciea- A desert lava planet which has black lava pits, large amounts of Teadr 2 dumps and toxic wastelands, various large rock/lava formations, small traces of water and plant life which make the planet barely breathable, a dark sky due to large amounts of smoggy clouds blocking out a majority of sunlight, though there is enough to let plant life grow, and there are large amounts of rarium and ores of a laserum variant that doubles the payload of laser weaponry. This attracted the attention of several smugglers and Grutt crime lords who claimed the planet before the Lorphyds could. This world was considered too dangerous for the Lorphyds to enter due to the hostility, and thus the launch there was cancelled. But it didn't stop renegades from landing there and getting a majority of their group enslaved and almost leaked sensitive information to disarm the entire race if it wasn't for the USRA. But this sensitive information is still leaked out somewhere and Grutts will pay smugglers billions of dollars for the information so they can enslave the race. Thanks to the Human Protection Agency, the Grand Council, and later the Heroes Act, this has never been accomplished. The planet has 9 small oceans of water surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: NE:215d
  • Welgrene- A temperate planet that is covered 82% with water. It has large jungles and forests with wetlands and marshes, a humid atmosphere, a green sky due to it's small amount of radon, it's higher concentration of oxygen which, despite making insects bigger, can make the air highly volatile, meaning that lightning storms can combust any place they strike. This is a colony for the Lorphyds who live in both land and sea, as in the water they have built artificial reefs similar to their own home planet, but bigger and more elaborate. Most Lorphyds live in the water because most fear the volatile air on the land, and can easily develop a fear of lightning storms. The planet has 9 small continents and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:278d
  • Loryde- An ocean planet which has several desert islands similar to the land of the Ordovician Period, lacking much oxygen and more carbon dioxide in the air, large artificial reefs that were built by Yatorans long before the planet's main race, the Teadr 3 sentient fishes called the Lorphyds, evolved. These artificial reefs made decent homes for the race and actually help them evolve through playing within the large complexes. These artificial structures' origins were eventually discovered, and it inspired a handful of Lorphyds to build large suits to allow them to explore the mysterious world of land to find who created their homes, as the discovery made them very curious of the world outside their home. Thus the Lorphyds started hundreds of global launches and explored over 450 worlds, making some colonies and living of their own. They enjoyed the world outside their home more than their 'boring' home planet, and some have formed pioneer groups that continue to explore space to this very day and provide for their own system. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 22hr:319d
  • Mogluavis- A rainforest planet that is covered with a global rainforest with large moist wetlands, large bugs, a large amount of oxygen in the atmosphere which is as volatile as the oxygen atmosphere of Welgrene, geothermal valleys and pools, a sky filled with mercury instead of xenon, and a large amount of megafauna and introduced wildlife. This is an ideal colony for the Lorphyds because there is a rich amount of spices that can be sold to the AUU Currency Troupe for profit. However, the criminals of Sciea have profited from this as well, stealing spice trades and selling them to the black market. The Lorphyds even accidentally caused a bit of an impact on this world, causing several extinctions, and thus started protecting this world as a sanctuary, even to other-worldly poachers by founding a ranger force consisting of Lorphyds with mech/vehicle-based water suits to carry average-suited Lorphyd troops. This method had later been used to found a police force that guards all the colonies of the Lorphyds across the AUU. The planet has 7 large continents surrounding 3 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:356d

Pobawa System

  • Porgassor- A jungle planet populated mostly by dinosaurs and other reptiles. This planet has the biggest collection of dinosaur species than any other dinosaur world in the AUU, making it a great tourist attraction. To avoid being attacked by predators, the tour buses are hovervehicles covered with neural shields that confuse any flying dinosaurs that try to attack the buses to the point of compassion. Several theme parks are even found here and are protected by domes, and there are no cities present. The planet has a large supercontinent and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:219d
  • Danoucant- A barren plateau planet with bustling Teadr 2 cities similar in appearance to a futuristic Las Vegas, with black, chrome, silver, bronze, and golden buildings that have holographic windows, and sometimes virtual rooms, ground vehicles guided by light roads, a 40% abundance of plants and land corals, holographic/screen display and propaganda, and several theme parks and casinos. Because of it's high amount of gambling and riches, it is regulated by the AUU Currency Troupe through trade routes with Inorbon. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:296d; Capital City: Pox City
  • Toroid- An ocean planet which is known for several small islands and sources of land covering several areas of ocean. While the land is covered primarily with land corals and plants, as well as small amounts of tropical wildlife, underneath the oceans is a semi-ecumenopolis teaming with massive coral reefs and is populated by sentient and unsentient aquatic creatures. Air pockets on this planet which are fed through air vents coming from the many sources of land on the planet are so large, that Teadr 3 cities with bronze buildings with red and aquamarine lights and holographic curtains, screen displays and propaganda, metro stations that travel across the planet from one air pocket to another, and aquavehicles that can travel across the seas from these air pockets, were built inside for air-breathing creatures to live and breathe in. This planet holds an urban legend about a human daredevil named Zariot Gorbermann being able to hold his breath underwater long enough to swim from his home air pocket of Aqu Vegaria City to the surface in less than 3 minutes without drowning. It was made an urban legend by the fact that no other human has been capable of doing that before their evacuation. The planet has a maximum of 6,920 islands surrounding a global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:352d
  • Istouto- A snowy ice planet where temperatures are colder than the Arctic. Teadr 2 cities with silver buildings and monuments, red and blue lights, virtual rooms, and a 30% abundance of plants, have to be underground or inside domes. This planet is the birthplace of virtual technology for the humans. As a celebrated tradition, certain underground cities can be entirely virtual and be controlled by the mind to allow customizing of appearances, virtual screens, games, and environments can be summoned by the mind, and so on. Wars on this planet are not apparent, but instead they practice virtual wars, and no weapons are allowed in the cities. The planet has no oceans, and 3 moons. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:417d

Septes System

  • Rass- A desert planet and a military colony for the Kraetans. This world has been one where the Kraetans have developed superweapons that fought during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War including war machines and robots, and thus the Ohrugans tried to destroy the factories, yet because of the intense temperatures, they were exhausted and failed every single attack. These factories were eventually decommissioned and turned into robotic labs following the end of the war. The planet has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:299d
  • Torbith- A small swampy planet which is a Kraetan colony where several battles during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War took place. The planet's cities were rendered slightly-dilapidated following the battles, yet they were still standing. The planet was also a good spot for Kraetans to train in weaker gravity. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:346d
  • Dath IX- A wetland moon belonging to a purple-and-pink gas giant called Dath. This is a Kraetan world which is known for it's nitrogen-rich soil which has so much nutrients, the trees grow larger than average. Thus the Kraetans have made an arboreal lifestyle living in treehouse civilizations. The ones that lived on the ground were weak while the ones that lived above were the strong. The moon has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 596d

Syylteum System

  • Mubruypra- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Pastade- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uprion- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sothlem- (Sothlan Home Planet, Teadr 4 Flightless Avian Beings With Colorful Faces, Vocal Sacs, Curiosity, And Military Prowess, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vagruayama- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vaga Gho- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Shoxolia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Puglade- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vuongyama- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Vung- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vong- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Letholla- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iuspuemia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Warban System

  • Klenamark


    Klenamark- A desert planet with bustling Teadr 2 cities filled with black and silver buildings with holographic windows and rooms, screen display and holographic propaganda, a 54% abundance of plants, metro systems, and ground vehicles. There are also lots of Globex facilities and fortresses, as well as lots of military activity that experiment with augmentation serums and created many of the supersoldiers that fought during the Interuniversal War and the Villains Act. It was also one of the many planets to have a rebellion with part of these supersoldiers fighting against the VA. This is a USRA planet that is populated by the dominant races and sentient and unsentient animals. They also keep track of the files of every supersoldier existing in the AUU and store their files in large vaults on the planet's moon, Iobe, and keep them safe with an energy shield. This is the location of the hideout of Team Sonariath. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:387d; Capital City: Otworx
  • Grooka


    Grooka- A hot jungle planet of mostly bird races which are known for having ancient legends. It once had a dystopian rule of the main race of Teadr 2 hawk-like beings called Grookians who tried to use technology to rule over the planet until an ancient hero of a Teadr 6 race of crane-like birds called Grootars saved the day. The problem was that she ended up being worse than the Grookians because of technophobia after machinery killed her parents at such a young age, and her crimes left her to be imprisoned in silver in Mt. Cranleen, named after the hero herself. The story has been obscured into legend, but the technological dictator's descendants still live today and aim to find Cranleen's statue and kill her with her own sword. Some of the Grookians prefer not to follow the beliefs of their old dictator, and have joined to help those who serve her today, including a few birds that live in a medieval Teadr 6 society, and her Grook-Grook Birds, which are protected by law of the USRA, to reform Cranleen and help her appreciate a new and less-violent technological society. While there's still technically signs of civilization, it's still on very slow recovery and currently still recognized as a low-Teadr planet until technology is allowed to make a massive return here. The planet has 11 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:401d
  • Vandora- A jungle planet similar to Pandora on Avatar. This is the home of most of all life in the AUU. Sentient creatures there are either primitive or modernized. Since this planet was colonized by countless systems, the cities range in Teadr level and architecture, yet some of them have been abandoned and dilapidated after various wars, mostly after the Interuniversal War, which has had a large impact on the community of the planet. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:481d; Capital City: Zornna Eal
  • Gadu- An ocean planet which has massive coral reefs and large Teadr 2 cities. The planet's oceans contain many minerals that sooth skin. These minerals are especially crucial for the planet's main species, a species of Teadr 2 semi-sentient beings called Gaders, which had personalities of Pokémon and advanced technology. Because of their limited intelligence, these creatures are studied or kept as pets. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:528d

Mantridus System

  • Mantrididia- The Home of a Mantis-Eqsed beings, the Mantrididons, a tecnologically brillient race with a gift for tecknowagey made them a faverite for both UIS and the USRA to try and winover to their side. However, the Mantrididons see both good and flaws in both groups, and believe that both groups have the power to make eachother better if they spend less time squabbling over unfortunate history and be above this, thus they remain neutrol and the system became contested. 

Canihu System

  • Ciyner- A humid forest planet which is a city colony for the Uonans. This system was given to them by the Naroudans, and this world seemed to fit their arboreal nature very well. Each treetop city can span a couple of miles, and the Uonans usually ride on flying animals. The planet has 4 continents and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:286d
  • Smade- A rainforest planet which has a gray sky as a result of it's small concentration of metallic gases. This is also known as a world where the Uonans have established several metal mines which has metals which the Uonans use in various ways such as armor and architecture. Some of these mines are operated by Thabes. The planet has 7 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:348d

Quadpus System

  • Qauda- A planet surrended by a Satern Ring of Moons and home of the Quadods, a race of worms with quadpod insecttoid legs that makes them freaky looking. This Teadr 2 race are reljustusly warmongers because they worship a god of war in Quada legend that states that the Quadods are destetin to destroy the three-eyed demons who threaten the soverinty of all worlds. Problem is, they msitaken the Yaterons to be the demons because of VERY unfortunate simularities! Thus, they delcaired war on the race and by extendtion the USRA in a crusade to destroy the yaterons! The Quadods were very powerful oppendents, and lives and colonies were lost, but the USRA ultamately give the Quadods a powerful enough push that they won the war as a result. Still determined to crush the three-eyed demons, the Quadods came to join UIS. While the Quadods under UIS enfluence came to reckindse that the Yaterons aren't their demons, they still deemed their lost in need of a settled score. The Quadods build an unsurpassable wall that now blocks out isolated systems.

Isolated Systems-5

Clidrix System

  • Cliya- A superhabitable tropical rainforest planet that has colorful biota due to the system's red, yellow, and blue stars giving off mixed forms of radiation and light, the flora grows up to 100ft, weather is very active, and beautiful land reefs, geothermal and lava valleys, mountains, and rock formations. The fauna here consists mostly of dinosaurs with colorful feathers, dominantly the theropods and dromaeosaurs that adopted bird biology. This is the home planet of the Teadr 3.5 Cliyons, which are avian raptors with brown feathers patterned with colors, swirling raccoon-like tails, and a massive learning intelligence and socialism. (TBC...)
  • Scolidoa- A superhabitable planet that is exactly the same as Cliya because of sharing the same orbit as it's twin planet. The life is convergently different from Cliya despite the same biology, and yet has it's own race, the Teadr 3.5 Scolids, which are colorful avian raptors much taller, have beaks of many forms, short feathered tails, and a learning intelligence and socialism. They and the Cliyons have a bitter rivalry that spans for generations. (TBC...)

Grinnnnna System


Klamo System

Tsuy-Nōbu System

  • Eiria- (Eirian Home Planet)

Uchūs System (AUU Galaxy Saga, The Second Galactic War is over. But all is not well. The conflict between the three major powers ended in enigma as they were all attacked simultaneously. Their new enemy? Dark Matter, a dominion shrouded in mystery. The Malkan Federation, The Norch Republic, The Vejim Empire. Under duress and in desperation, the three domains joined forces. The fruits of this alliance bore an organization known as Trinity. Your destiny is to lead Trinity through the cosmic seas! Gather your comrades, confront Dark Matter, and restore order to the chaos gripping the galaxy)

Ōto System

KA-HA System

BOON-NO System

Jhax System

  • Darthen- A recovering dystopian planet that has cities of different alien cultures, biota from all over the AUU, a militant regime of bug-like robotic forces, and a slowly recovering socity based on the world of Samerai Jack. It was formerly a USRA planet, and basicly the closest the USRA has actselly managed to reach a set of systems that would come to be Isolated, before it was taken by UIS after the people revolutionized against them for incompetently allowing a powerful ancient tech mage named Rai-Alch to take over, and basicly turned the present USRA races into his mind-slaves that were pocessed and corrupted to serve Rai. When Rai was defeated by the UIS commander, Sir Qheck, he became the new leader of Darthen, making the world one of the first USRA colonies taken by UIS. The USRA colonists were subsiquintly arrested and taken to Alpha station because of putting the planet through so much woe, even when the colonists were no longer in Rai's complete control. The USRA's name was forever tainted in this world since, though USRA tec wasn't enitrely forsaken, albeit recycled and revitalised with UIS tec to the point of unreckitnisability. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:451d

6. Essephemer Sector

Essephember Secter, founded by the same founder of the Vasax system, Count Essephemer VI of Narudan fame. With the famous Sabochans and the beautiful Jenovis as neighters, he figured that he founded the system that'll always be the talk of the Epsilon System.... Thing is, he's right, but no nessersarly exclusively on those possitive traits. It is also unfortunately assosiated with the uprising of the Villains Act, and having an ice planet filled with vampiric pterasaurs. But then again, Count Vasax was one to believethatl all publisity, even seriously bad ones, is good publisity, so he won't nessersarly find this TOO reputationally damaging as long as it gets people talking. The Count had a known amoral streak.

Vasax System

  • Vasax Prime- An ocean world which is known for being a USRA planet where the USRA races have established domed cities and mines that harvest energy crystals which are used for either weapon batteries and lenses, energy sources, and various other uses. This world is one of the few USRA planets which was the hardest to establish due to the global ocean. Regardless, sometimes the USRA have propelling pressurized suits so the races could explore the underwater world the animals have inhabited. The planet has a large icy and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:361d
  • Technarse- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which was surrounded by Teadr 1 cities which, surprisingly, were not of Yatoran nor Ehswan origin, having a much different architecture. It was unknown what Teadr 1 race built these cities, but some have speculated the race fought during a war before the AUU Second Cartoonian War, or maybe even during the AUU First Cartoonian War, or even fought against the Ehswans, though no other planet in the AUU have similar architecture. These hypothetical beings were nicknamed the 'Technarums', and were popularly imagined in movies to have been covered in body-covering suits because of their appearances being unknown. The planet has 15 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:399d
  • Cinch IV- A temperate moon belonging to a yellow-and-red gas giant called Cinch. The moon was abandoned by the Ehswans before their extinction, and the Yatorans didn't bother to colonize it because the damage left by the AUU Second Cartoonian War had left this moon damaged and abandoned. Fortunately, eons later, sentient animals would recolonize this world and repair the Teadr 1 technology, and they would make this world a military colony where they would make rebellion bases to fight against the Villains Act. And with the Teadr 1 technology, the Villains Act hardly won every attack. The moon has 6 continents and 4 oceans. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 266d

Gibbirm System

  • Gov Thrax- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vetha Veta- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Goux Togertum- (Gouxum Home Planet, Teadr 3 Togruta-Like Beings, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gohta Hix- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gotha- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Trerurilia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Vampra System

  • Ioswagua- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Clinda- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gosmo- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ompyria- A lava wasteland planet which has a red sky filled with small amounts of neon and helium, strong weather and storms due to the increased heat, seismic wastes, geothermal, volcanic, and rocky formations and wastelands, vehicle and city graveyards, massive mountains, chiropteran alien creatures, and a hostile lawless society. This world used to be a viable normal flourishing world until a cataclysmic seismic event tore it apart, and created global crevices called Scars, and massive lava wastelands and oceans called Bleeding Wastes, any and all resources, including highly scarce water, are exploited by the corporatocracy run by the world's president and head of the world's biggest megacorporation, Venae Enterprises. This is the homeworld of a race of Teadr 3 vampiric flightless chiropteran beings called the Ompyrs, who have grown into a dystopian society on par with Blood Drive, where the ultimate superpower is blood, which is now not only a food source, but a fuel and the world's common currency, making it into coins and dollars. This resulted in a horrible reputation that made the rest of the AUU treat the race fearfully, being described as 'making the Pteraveus look like Goon-Goons in comparison, because at least the Pteraveus aren't that crazy for blood'. Thus the Ompyrs suffered far worse discrimination and hate and had to be saved by a sympathic UIS, mainly through the Battus, to earn UIS membership with UIS and continue their insanely unpopular lifestyle, protecting the system with UIS abiding. The planet has 15 lava oceans surrounded entirely by arid land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Nosnyria- (Ecumenopolis, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oypra- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Thurelea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Earia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Boastea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iegreoter- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Speelia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Woypra- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Ithigax System

  • Porjiu- A semi-temperate desert planet which is noted for it's red grasses, it's red sky as the result of it's small amount of neon, it's large rock formations which can span for miles and have bizarre shapes. This world contains sufficient amounts of introduced megafauna and plants. This is a colony for the Boritoids which has cities with modern-day Japanese-like architecture, and it's own native language. This world suffered a few invasions during the Ohrugan-Boritoid War, and some cities remain in ruins. There is a small amount of science facilities here, and military activity has been increased due to a few attacks from rogue space pirates for their goods and treasures. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:322d
  • Govot- A temperate planet which has a small amount of lava lakes as the result of it's alternate tectonics, it's yellow-to-orange sky as the result of it's small amount of sodium and neon, it's massive rock formations, geothermal valleys, and mountains, and for it's massive amount of megafauna and jungles. This is a Boritoid planet which was chosen to be a military training world where military camps and schools are found to train members to become part of their military. This world has been a military colony since the Ohrugan-Boritoid War as it suffered several massive attacks, training a maximum of 500 individuals a year. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:387d
  • Evalutha- A rainforest planet which has a massive amount of fauna and flora, and has a large amount of water vapor in the sky, which allows for massive rainfall and nourishment for plant life. There are large plants and several land corals, and there is a massive amount of wildlife. This is a Boritoid planet where several large cities with the common Boritoid architecture are found, and it is the home of several research facilities for mainly military technology. There are also several large bodies of water which are good for swimming. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:414d

Iober System

  • Iober Prime- A desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Fusx- A semi-temperate desert planet under Corruption Co. control as they seek to find the planet's rich amounts of cryptovite which is stored in an enormous stash in an abandoned underground vault after extensive Yatoran mining eons ago. This world has colorful plants and large rock formations, wet caverns, has active weather, and the land reefs are large enough for vagabonds to live in. Corruption Co. has been searching for the cryptovite stash since the foundation of the Villains Act, and are still doing so for the Dark Radicals. The only ones standing in their way is a group of vagabonds who descended from miners of the cryptovite that have formed an elite taskforce to protect this stash from falling into the wrong hands. Their forces are superior to Corruption Co. and can easily do some damage to their operations. They still defend this stash to this very day. The planet has 6 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sagex- A semi-temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gellom- A tropical island planet (A popular resort world of beautiful beaches. It had a low axial tilt, which gave it a large temperate zone over much of its surface. A popular tourist destination, it possessed 4,527 luxury hotels some thirty years before an attack by a Grutt family. It lacked any dangerous land fauna and flora on its many islands, and the number of nautical dangers was also low, even though there were some dangerous animals like giant predatory slug and eel-like creatures. The relatively safe tropical environment made the planet one of the leading water sports resorts in the galaxy within easy reach of many Epsilon Universe inhabitants. It was speckled with literally thousands of islands, which in the day before the USRA were inhabited by rich and famous civilians, but were occupied by members of the Villains Act during their reign. Apart from holidaying officials, governors, officers and the like, VA presence on the planet was scarce. There was a VA garrison there, but they were mostly servants to the holidaying VA top men rather than imposing the will of their leaders, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Raegus- A rocky temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Morpzom- A temperate jungle planet under Corruption Co. fascist control as they have complete control of the planet's cities through their mind-controlled and privatized police forces, allowing them to easily enforce their own rules. As such, the planet does as they say including slavery, mining, providing resources, and others as they built an infinite amount of weapons for the Villains Act. However, before the Villains Act was destroyed, Corruption Co's control over this planet was nearly dilapidated by the Morpzom Rebellion, which formed from people rescued by the tyranny. Now that Corruption Co. is starting to lose control, the Dark Radicals are helping them step up their game by improving their forces. They still own half the cities of the planet and plan to reestablish their control, yet the Rebellion still quells them. The planet has a large supercontinent and a small global ocean. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zeo Nurbheus- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gurccor- A green-blue gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:

Watalove System

  • Gurdonwa- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:'
  • Alea- A freshwater ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:'
  • Bathesca- An ocean resort planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:'
  • Ohia- An ocean planet (Peepyd Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Puria- An island resort planet Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:'
  • Hyeta- A stormy uninhabitable ocean planet with an inhospitable poisonous ocean filled with an underwater reef-like wasteland. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:'
  • Weesh- An ocean ecumenopolis moon inhabited by aquatic races and belonging to Hyeta.(TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Custrine- A frozen ocean world (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:'

Zemto System

  • Tyvice- A desert planet which was a world littered with energy crystals that cause anomalies that are hazardous to visitors. Large amounts of moss and lichens make the atmosphere breathable, and small amounts of fauna are present. This world is mined for it's rich energy crystals which are used as an energy source in multiple applications. Several smugglers from several criminal syndicates take advantage of this as well, and several pirates make a living here stealing energy crystals. However, mining for these crystals can be a hazard because the anomalies caused by their energy can cause disintegration or massive biological deformations. The planet has 18 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:287d
  • Olloy- A mountainous semi-temperate plateau planet that has a red sky due to it's small amount of neon, large amounts of introduced fauna and flora including land reefs and zooplantae, large rock formations, few lava formations, toxic pools, wetlands, and rich amounts of rarium. This is the capital planet for the dreaded Olloyan Death Gang, which consist of red-armored foot soldiers recruited after swearing loyalty to the infamous Rellex Family in exchange for a cybernetic augmentation and longer lifespans. These foot soldiers were equipped with a mechanical reservoir that acted as a second heart, injecting a secret combination of chemicals into the soldiers' bloodstream, giving them a boost of speed and aggression. They communicated via high frequency data streams transmitted from the central disk in their faceplates. They were armed with the latest black market technology, such as the long-outlawed Qooler Munitions, providing weapons such as plasma cannons, percussive cannons, transfusion cannons, detonator cannons, melter cannons, nuclear pistols and cannons, explosive cannons, and combat drones. Founded by Boss Rellex, the Olloyan Death Gang has been active for up to 70 years all while under the care of the Rellex Family. There are a few cities and megalopolises that are protected from the Death Gang by a revolutionized police force. This world smuggles the massive amounts of rarium across the AUU and uses them for the budget of manufacturing the banned Qooler weaponry. The planet has a large supercontinent that covers 85% of the planet's surface, along with hundreds of small islands and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:341d
  • Gorroley- An ecumenopolis planet which has a large amount of white and chrome buildings with holographic/computer interface windows and red, orange, blue, and purple pigmented metal plating, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and pink lighting, AFT platforms of multiple sizes, metro systems, hover vehicles, robotics and AI, a large amount of fauna and introduced flora including land reefs and zooplantae, underground virtual catacombs, a sky consisting of mercury instead of xenon, and a variety of other technologies. Being nicknamed 'Tradeworld' as a result of it's society of trading, this world had originally been abandoned long ago during the AUU Third Cartoonian War when the Byzankans laid siege on the planet. But when they were exiled, the planet quickly recovered, and the underground catacombs built by the Byzankans during their rule left a widespread amount of technology, equipment, goods, and props for people to trade all across the AUU. Though this lead to several black market bodies forming that not only smuggles from the underground, but also steals the most valuable from other traders in order to claim the value for themselves. Most of the underground treasure zone remains undiscovered, and the Byzankans have stored enough valuables for the trading community to last for over 500 years. The planet has 7 oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:376d
  • Oornet- A wasteland planet which is considered the AUU Planet of Zombies for it's zombie apocalypse breakout, however, the zombies are more like ravenous, animalistic, infectious, and agile mutants. It used to be a metropolitan planet of large megalopolis cities, colorful plants and land reefs, friendly animals, and a red sky as the result of it's small concentration of neon. However, sabotage on a Globex facility by an unknown betrayer on a new kind of stem-cell technology which could augment and improve DNA created a batch that ended up spreading throughout the planet, infecting all in the Globex facilities, and a lot of other outsiders into zombie mutants that wreak havoc and infect anyone they bite or scratch. Survivors did whatever they can to get by, but some go rogue and raid others for their resources. But since the violence ends up attracting zombie-mutants, it left a lot more to be infected. Now the world has become a barren wasteland where people eventually had no choice but to leave the planet entirely, leaving the planet to be a quarantine zone. The culprit of this zombie-mutant apocalypse has yet to be revealed. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 26hr:398d
  • Zamrytle- A temperate planet that has colorful flora and passive-aggressive fauna, ancient Teadr 2 city ruins claimed by nature, a sky consisting of mercury instead of xenon, large rock formations, land reefs, and active weather. This was a world that, as the result of climate change, was abandoned by it's civilizations and relocated to it's moon. However, within 60 years, the world, as the civilizations were claimed by nature, had slowly recovered into a new and thriving environment, which gains the interest of recolonizing it and restoring what was lost. However, this resulted in up to 7 factions that wanted the world for themselves and fight with the use of combat machines, weapons, and other military technology for it. They have established over a hundred outposts and forts all over the planet and fight in different metropolitan areas with the technology they have or obtained from the ruins of the planet. Hundreds had died in this battle for the world, and their technology evolves as much as possible. They still fight this battle even to this day. The planet has 8 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:424d
  • Ryrethy- A jungle planet which has several ancient Teadr 1 science facilities and city ruins, as well as many ancient Teadr 1 monuments and ruins, large colorful flora consisting of zooplantae and land reefs, active weather, a dull-colored gray sky filled with layers of cloud and small concentrations of metallic gases, underground caverns filled with primordial soups in the form of purple pools. This was formerly a colony for many science corporations for millennia which took advantage of the underground primordial soup which was utilized in genetic experiments, controversial or otherwise, and placing them within zoos and displays, planning to introduce them into the planet's ecosystem as new forms of wildlife. However, thanks to ethical fanatics that believed this was 'playing God' and 'disharmonic to nature itself', these operations were sabotaged and the genetic creations went berserk and killed millions. The fanatics had an elaborate plan to purge these creatures until they overwhelmed them, destroying them once and for all, and leaving the world abandoned for good. This incident was the last that this world had records of as entry was illegal. Later, it was dubbed a retreat for other genetic creations as rights activists as Globex saw potential in them, and thought that they could fit in with creatures just as hard to look at as they are. The plan worked and the world was since used as a mutant retreat for Globex, and further experimentation and interaction with this world was banned by the Globex Confederacy of Corporations. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding 4 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:466d
  • Atlor- A rocky tundra planet which is a world of war-torn graveyards filled with battered robots, skeletons, and various other war objects. There are strong blizzards, humid cold summers, liquid nitrogen valleys, large geyser valleys, a deep-blue sky due to it's small amount of actinium, massive fogs, large photosynthetic land reefs and lichen trees, and large mountains and rock formations. This was once the capital of a defunct weapons manufacturing company named Wayword Qooler, owned by a war tycoon named Gershom Qooler, who made weapons during an Interuniversal War battle until production was illegalized and his company was shut down. Qooler responded by turning the company into a terrorist organization that stood tall against oppression for 19 years until it eventually shut down due to exhausting far too many resources. However, the technology was stolen before it could be destroyed, and is now utilized in many black markets across the AUU, utilized by hundreds of criminal syndicates and criminals. Cities have since been built and the war-torn graveyards, forts, and facilities are made into attractions in parks. The planet has a large supercontinent that covers 71% of the planet's surface, and several small ice islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 36hr:513d

Espemerdis System

  • Xurkey- A Turkish planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Soecury- A semi-temperate steppe planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Quspion- A temperate planet which is known for it's colorful dense jungles, it's crystal-clear waters, it's semi-technological communities, it's flying islands and mountains levitated by loadstone, it's large mountains, rock formations, and for it's vastly-clouded skies. This world is in it's Teadr 6 stage as it is in, as they call it, a 'Magic-Industrial Revolution', where they have discover that their home planet had a kind of quantum magic energy in the form of an ecological substance called Manae, which was left behind by an ancient Teadr 1 race, and was the source of all magic on the planet. Later on, the planet's new inhabitants harnessed the power of manae, and used it to go into a revolution as they have learned that their many types possess the ability to augment, empower, alter, fuel, build and destroy. Because of this, it has affected society greatly, with devices called 'magic engines' harnessing this power for lighting, vehicles, communication, and robots, among other uses. While previously only a select few could wield magic, many mages have gained super-being abilities beyond their limitations through constant exposure to each of the mamae variants. Manae was a very renewable resource as it was synthesized from the planet's core and leaked up onto the surface, and thus to control these flows, several underground manae vents were made to provide plenty of manae to the planet. The world has a cyberpunk, steampunk, and biopunk society as they use manae for many kinds of experiments which are all part of the revolution to become better. Some communities wage wars with each other, some trade with each other, some are highly peaceful and ultra-religious, and others are very wealthy. The planet has 18 small continents and 10 small oceans. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Neoclite- An ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Voiria- An ecumenopolis planet which is noted for having large black and gray buildings with computer-interface windows and AI, decorative plant and animal life, underground metro stations, hovering vehicles, holographic display and propaganda, advanced robotics and cybernetics, and a deep-blue sky due to it's small amount of actinium. This is a world which is an ecumenopolis on the surface, but underneath the catacombs is a temperate and lighted environment consisting of large rock formations, large technological supports that support the upper world, prairies, jungles, clear waters and rivers, balanced fauna and flora, an artificial weather system operated above automatically, and Teadr 6 semi-technological medieval community which has little knowledge on what is above their home. This community, dubbed the 'Havenland', only has small knowledge of the upper city through lost technology, foundations, several types of refineries and mining plants, energy fields, and several others, each of which reside in what the inhabitants call 'Unknown Zones' which are considered too dangerous. The technology they found is sometimes used in their own society to their full potential. The upper community used to be a part of them until they discovered alien technology which allowed them to ascend, but because of a long-forgotten war, they had to build the upper ecumenopolis above as their own territory, where they have become a Teadr 2 society which their old allies have grown to forget about, only knowing the ecumenopolis people above as the 'Surfacers'. These two civilizations hardly interact with each other, but are aware of each other's presence. The planet's unerground has 6 large oceans surrounded entirely by land, and the upper society has 3. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:???
  • Gaflayter- A swamp planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Yorolla- A temperate planet Magic Territories/Science Colonies (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Uttor System

  • Uttor Prime- A desert island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oepruse- A wetland swamp planet with large bayous, hillbilly animals, tiki ruins, and a large history of magic and meteorological activity. The mix of humidity and temperature brought on by the planet's tidal locks and very unstable greenhouse effects. This causes weather to be chronically random. The natives bird tribes have discovered how to manipulate these weather patterns with their magic after destroying a giant weather monster that wanted to use the weather to take over a vulnerable planet of defenseless birds, all lead by the mighty Weatheana, and under the future rule of a bird named Thunderia. The planet has 18 lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC:
  • Barix- A humid temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sossble- An ocean planet which has an ocean that covers over 99% of the planet's surface, the only forms of land being islets, small islands, and rocky formations. This world is not inhabited, but is actually a world which is a preferred place to admire the sea life, and just have a fun time exploring. Thus, several underwater stations have been founded here, and all the islands that are inhabited have spaceports and small cities on them. This world's coral reefs are considered the most beautiful in the AUU, as the colors are admiring, and the sea life is partially harmless, give or take some signs of sea predators. Some Harbins from Harbanisan even volunteer to work and even live here and assist the inhabitants. Like on their home planet, they act as companions with strangers, and protect them from the sea predators no matter how big or how small they are. This world has been under constant scientific study for decades as the wildlife seem to adapt to an ocean that contains large amounts of zinc and chlorine, even the Harbins. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:
  • Grase- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Gigigi System

  • Ergo- A soiled planet that was originally a wild planet before the VA came to colonise and stake claim to it and made into to a slavery planet, which also has a bit of a crime problem as a result. But thankfully, after it's fall, immigrated species took over and planned to make a new goverment here. But it has been difficult since the planet was getting close to being uninhabitable due to mass pollution made after factories building resources and weaponry. So, to resolve this with help from otherworlds, they switched over to using reactor power, which is less hazardous to the environment. The Villains Act's factories have been bought by the USRA, and some have been converted to Globex facilities. Ergo has been healing from the VA's enfluence and is on the path of recovery, but some parts of the planet are still in need to be cleaned, hence why the cities in the world are limited on the surface and most turned the metal mines into underground towns to settle in until the planet gets more and more cleaner. The planet's pollutions have at least made the plants' biology improve, making them larger. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 21hr:344d
  • Peerbon


    Peerbon (Sometimes refered to as Peerdon due to the planet's founder's name, Peerdon Peerbon, which, ends up being admitingly confusing to some.)- A then made-lawless tropical mountainous planet which contained large Teadr 4 cities underground which were accessible by caves, or over ground. This planet served as the location of the Villains Act HQ. This was the planet where the Villains Act originated, and all of the planet's citizens were enslaved by the Villains Act, all of the cities on the surface were turned into military bases, and the underground cities were populated by the Villains Act's main henchmen. Following forth were beaches turning into military outposts, resorts becoming weapon-testing areas, and sacred chemically-engineered body-altering fruits used by Peerbonian plastic surgeons called 'plastofruits', was used by the Villains Act to alter the appearances of their henchmen after memory-wipe to prevent them from discovering their pasts. But when the HQ was destroyed by the heroes of the Original UUniverses, and the Villains Act came to an end, the planet was still a secret hideaway for villains that have survived or are independent. Insanely advancing law-enforcement eventually forced the remaining villains to leave the planet. The Peerbonians are talented plastic surgeons, and discovered plastofruit-farming in 1895. These fruits are what allowed the Villains Act to fool Darkness Qui into thinking she wasn't a dragon. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:382d; Capital City: Magnum City
  • Jenovis- Once, an incredability beautiful tropical rainforest planet so undoubtingly beautiful, it puts Pre-Garbage Dump Pharagu to embarrising shame. Now, it's new found ruined appearence even puts post-Garbage Dump Pharagu to shame on how ruined it is. It has a hot temperature due to the humidity in the air, it has active weather and storms, a gray-blue sky filled with small amounts of xenon and metallic gases, large rock/geothermal/toxic/water valleys and formations, fauna consisting primaril reptiles, flora consisting of zooplantae and plants, gray-and-dull-yellow soil, an unstable magnetosphere that makes the world vulnerable to cosmic radiation, and it's effects worsen now-a-days post-VA. It is a planet with cities populated mainly by reptiles, mainly lizards, but houses the occasional snake, turtle, crocodilian, and the once-or-twice dinosaur family or so. Jenovis was a place of pure beauty, but it was also a place of multiple resources that in a time of a rising Villains Act, made the peaceful world too irresistible for conquest-happy villains to ignore. So the planet was invaded in a way so infamous, that it was publicly censored on how the VA really went at it. The ones that didn't get killed, accidentally or otherwise, were turned into constantly-abused slaves of all kinds and were made to industrialize on their own beloved home, reducing it into a hidious and virtually-irrepairable mess. Though when the VA was finally disbanded after so many painful years, Jenovis would not heal in a fashion most favorable, so the broken natives had to leave the planet for new homes, a good majority being understandably broken up about it. The event, known as 'The Tragity of Jenovis', would end up playing a role on why so many people would turn so easily and angrily against people like the sea squirrels when a secret founder gets exposed as a member of the race, along side the fact the VA would since go on to do similar things. Though the world recovered, it was still a wasteland that remained abandoned because it was far too damaged to be restored. But it does not stop some VERY ambitious former Jenovisans with the right tec to make scienctific reseach to see if they can artifictually restore the planet since the natoral way isn't enough. Though they yet to pull it off, it gives the reptiles of Jenovis hope that their home planet will return to it's glory days. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:414d

Burddlea System.

  • Bruddle


    Bruddle- Home of the Bruddlefish, a cuddlefish-eqsed race of utopian mollisks with strict standerds about meddling with the affers of other worlds, both good ways and bad ways. The Bruddlefish's unmockable defences and system sheild protect them from an easy VA invadtion, while allowing the bruddle to rotinely astro bomb VA bases in the neightering system and where the VA has congured with use of non-nuclear weaponry (They're extreme but considerate.) designed to thwart VA's process. Even with the Starbots, they get easily trounced by robotics that even make Omnicans look primitive and thus allow the Bruddle to trouble the VA as much as they liked. However, this in mind, they only do this because they hate the VA's meddling in other worlds affers, not nessersarly because of the VA's dystopian ways, though find distaste in that opitionally. They also have been known to not be a fan of the Grand Council's Heroes Act and the Lougers of the other United Universes, and would've long challnaged the USRA Races had not for their power, hence why they came to join the UIS. This means that the Heroes ineditable encounter with UIS one way or the other will be abit of a sour first encounter.
  • Jooveis- The Home Planet of the AUU Equilent of the Boov from Dreamworks' "Home", a mollisk race that is very sub-servent to the Bruddlefish race and live in a socity no less different then the Boov. This race, The Joov, are all about efficently and perfection, and are rarely capable to reckindise emotions or enjoying themselves and are considerably a backwords socity and a ironicly moronic sense of superiority. In spite of this, there tec is legitamently well constructed, no less different then the Boov. They obedently joined UIS under their "Glorious" Captain, Steiller Captain Ccrak.
  • Pun'ishimai Prime- The exile planet for the Bruddlefish. They use this to exile UIS enemies most offences to the Bruddles, or any of their own bad seeds within their group. In contrast to it's watery neightbers, it is unbelievely dry and arid. Basicly being a Death Valley planet.

Arbit System

  • Qeaphus- A semi-steppe planet which is a Yatoran colony for massive megalopolis cities, large AFTs the size of asteroids, and mining colonies which harvest the planet's rich sources of astronium, usually being managed by Thabes. This is also a world where several geothermal valleys can be found, and these are the richest locations of astronium, as well as volcanic caverns and the planet's rocky and dusty rings which are also mined for the astronium. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:271d
  • Basa Malam- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which was abandoned by the Yatorans long ago as the result of the planet's climate change ending in intense weather storms and thermal shifts, especially concerning this planet now has a massive superstorm that froze everything, and has never wore off. This planet has since become uncharted and could not be recovered. Though life still exists in the form of Ice-Age-like mammals. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:348d
  • Luxer Po- A temperate planet which was abandoned by the Yatorans years ago because of a superplume erupting from the ground and wreaking chaos and destruction on the world. When the volcanic chaos was finished, the planet became uninhabitable, it's ozone layer was destroyed and the sun's radiation burned the surface and destroyed the breathable atmosphere, and thus the Yatorans had no choice but to abandon the planet. This planet still suffers these conditions to this day, and the only life that exists here are merely plants that have grown and recovered from the chaos, and even so, they wouldn't be able to create enough oxygen to restore the planet to it's former glory. The planet has 4 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None ; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: NE:388d
  • Sermon- A temperate planet which was a former Ehswan colony until their extinction lead to the Yatorans claiming it. This world was one where quantum experiments took place, and the Ehswans had tried figuring out how to use this energy for enlightenment by meeting the AUU Gods. However, when they were gone, the Yatorans tried the same thing, yet had never had any luck. Regardless of the quantum labs, this planet has a grand amount of large megalopolises and an abundant amount of plants and megafauna. The planet has 7 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:413d
  • Maswuiter- A large blue-and-white gas giant which was an Ehswan colony with a habitable zone where the Ehswans built asteroid-sized AFTs which often mined for special gems called gasphite, valuable in the AUU Currency Troupe for $500. These gems are formed as the result of a combination of the extreme pressures present in the gas giant, pressures great enough to crush elements together, and the scraping of the liquefied air of the planet against its metallic core. The result is a diamond-like crystal which the AUU Currency Troupe valued a lot. Thus the Yatorans have mined this planet for them. Moons: 28

Jeugus System

  • Syphuge- A humid desert planet which has a lot of water, and a lot of rainfall, though plant life is still semi-prevalent on this planet, only existing around bodies of water such as puddles, streams, creeks, and lakes. There is also a large amount of megafauna from several worlds. This is a military colony for the Jeuxans, where they train members of their Ranger Command Core to battle whatever threat they can through the harsh climate, or through virtual training grounds. Several cities can be found here, some being megalopolises, and others being the size of an average town. The cities also have underground catacombs which are also virtual. The planet has several small oceans and lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:314d
  • Vux- A semi-desert planet which is noted for it's massive rock formation which range in shape and size, as well as the flora which can grow on any surface, vertical or otherwise, as well as it's massive amount of fauna, some being introduced from Jeuxis. This is a colony for the Jeuxans which they built several mines for rarium and other precious gems, as well as massive cities that are often close to each other or can be merged together to form megalopolises. This is the first planet that was colonized by the Jeuxans due to it being an easier starter planet which only took minimum terraforming. The planet has a massive supercontinent comprising most of the lower part of the planet, and a small global ocean around the upper part of the planet, and there are a small amount of smaller oceans around the supercontinent. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:354d
  • Jeuxis- A wetland planet which has a wide variety of flora, which mostly includes algae, fungi, and land corals which form reef-like jungles, and is populated by mostly amphibians, reptiles, and semi-aquatic mammals. This used to be an ocean planet until the planet got into a brief ice age which formed glaciers on the poles and lowered sea levels, making massive jungles of corals and other undersea life. The underwater life was forced to adapt to the new environment, and after millions of years, they evolved into efficient creatures. This is the home planet of a Teadr 2 race of cerulean-skinned alien-like beings called Jeuxans, which evolved from semi-aquatic mammals due to having no hair, and their antennae allow them to tap into any network or machinery, though not control it. This allowed them to evolve into a Teadr 2 race in no less than 440 years. As a result, they have become one of the most noted non-USRA alien beings in the AUU. The planet has 6 continents, up to 465 islands, and has 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:376d
  • Omiassa- A large ecumenopolis planet which is noted for it's cities with a 50% balance of plants and land corals, as well as it's AFT platform systems, and it's massive amount of wildlife which is often kept as pets, some of them being civilized sentient animals which live in the household. This is a colony for the Jeuxans, and it has been welcomed to other sentient beings for centuries. The underground levels are often rich in criminal activity, and the AFTs are vast. There are also a series of river complexes which provide water across the planet and for it's plants and land corals. The planet has 5 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:426d
  • Toimen- A tundrous planet which is noted for it's massive amounts of preserved fossils in permafrost. The plant life is massive and the megafauna is built to combat the cold. This world's only civilization is built underground in virtual catacombs which have it's own data network, more advanced than the others in the system. This is a colony for the Jeuxans, who have been able to make this world their capital for science and technology, establishing several science facilities that primarily focus on computer technology and various others. The planet has 3 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 36hr:489d

Squappa System

  • Acarath- A desert lava planet that has two currently-under-terraformation moons, and is a mining colony for laserum and rarium for the Saurans. The planet has entire valleys of lava, heat-retardant plant life, native wildlife, has ancient spaceship wrecks, a red sky due to it's small amounts of helium, a thin atmosphere that is still nevertheless breathable, and ancient Teadr 2 ruins that are not of Sauran origin. The Saurans study these while also mining for the rich metals and gems found on the planet, even claiming the ruins as new places for research in science and technology. The planet has 17 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:199d
  • Caune- A semi-temperate desert lava planet that has large lava, toxic, and geothermal valleys, large rock and lava formations, large amounts of fauna and flora, large flying mountains levitated by magnetanium, less-active weather, a red sky due to it's small amounts of helium, and it has Teadr 7 ruins. The Saurans discovered that the world was inhabited by an extinct ancient shrew-like race called the Cauners that were known for their high metabolic rates that give them faster reaction and efficient and hostile hunters that are currently studied primarily by the Saurans. The Saurans built multiple plants for energy resources that the planet possesses, and multiple cities are found here. The planet has 9 large lava and/or water oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:239d
  • Iybard- A semi-temperate canyon planet that has wide open grasslands and rainforests, a yellow sky due to it's small amounts of sodium, active weather, plentiful fauna and flora, geothermal valleys and large rock formations, and large wetlands. The planet has higher traces of oxygen in the air than normal planets, and therefore it causes the risk of the air itself reacting violently to lightning storms and causing fires. Nevertheless, fires like this can be advantageous to some forms of wildlife like plants and animals. The Saurans colonized this planet to be a getaway from the dangers of technology and thus, while some of it's inhabitants still use it, others live a less-technological existence in villages with traces of their former-technological lives. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:279d
  • Saurum- A temperate planet that has a colorful sky due to it's small amounts of noble gases, has colorful fauna and flourishing fauna and megafauna, large rock formations, crystal-clear waters, active weather, and ancient Teadr 7 tombs. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 reptilian beings called the Saurans, who evolved in a similar way to humans, have been through 3 periods of fascist genocide, and have been through a few outer wars in their past. They have built strong and durable cities similar in design to human architecture, and they have built artificial flying islands and mountains with machinery, and they have effectively built artificial ecosystems in their grand times. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:324d
  • Zum- A rainforest planet that has a green sky due to it's small amounts of radon, strong weather, fluorescent and beautiful rainforests filled with plants, land reefs, and zooplantae. This is a world that was fit into a very nice park resort for so many kids and adults to spend vacations on, all the parks being built by the Saurans. The water is very effervescent and colorful, rich in wildlife, and the fauna is very friendly and tame. The planet has 7 continents surrounding 4 small oceans, and a large icy and rocky planetary ring.Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:361d
  • Vuss II- A lava moon belonging to the red gas giant Vussuble. It has small traces of alien wildlife that are only suitable to the alternate atmosphere of the moon due to genetic reconfiguration, and the moon has active firestorms. Despite a barely-breathable atmosphere of oxygen, carbon, boron, and iridium, this moon's rich pools of molten metals and toxins are advantageous to the Saurans as resources and thus are mined. The moon has 18 lava lakes surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; OT: 182d
  • Avathell- A snowy ice planet that has a surface covered in miles of ice, and is a basic Snowball World. It has an entire atmosphere filled with nitrogen that is poisonous to many worlds across the AUU. It has very strong snowstorms and other unstable forms of weather. The Saurans were intolerable of the planet's conditions, not just because of their cold-blooded nature, but also for the unbreathable atmosphere. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 31hr:429d

Ninnorria System

  • Ninnorria Prime- The home planet of the mighty Ninnorians, an ambitious warrior race aiming to make themselves Teadr 1. They made it to Teadr 2, but are still working on reaching that next level. This system is contested by UIS and the USRA because of these incredable beings, but the Ninnorians have yet to be convinced to pick a side and kept neutrol, leaving the system contested ever since.

Jeorsk-Oxk System

  • Cuicury- A barren planet belonging to a system of two blue stars. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Curce I- A temperate moon belonging to Cuicury. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vocerkust- A temperate planet . It was isolated from the rest of the galaxy due to a strange magnetic field that limited hyperspace travel and offworld signals communications. Vocerkan Home Planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Etis- An ocean planet . (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Imy- A temperate moon belonging to the dark-blue ice giant Iverlock Zhong. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Motroytis- A semi-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eai Darchlord- An ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vorey- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Glamri System

  • Awmen- A swampy planet with large marshes and large forests. Various kinds of animals thrive on this planet and since the planet has no moon and no axial tilt, random weather patterns appear across the planet, though it's distance from the sun ensures that no seriously-destructive weather can occur. Teadr 2 cities and villages are apparent here and have large black buildings with red and blue lighting, durable glass windows, holographic rooms, display and propaganda, and a 70% abundance of plants. This is the second planet that was colonized by the Teadr 2 Sabochuns. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:291d; Capital City: Mortax Vil
  • Ralo- An ocean planet with a deep-gray-blue sky formed by the atmosphere's 0.6% abundance of silicon, and oceans that are filled with a wide abundance of genetically-sparse animals. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 3 cnidarian creatures called Ralooms, which are anti-social to other-worldly beings and prefer to keep their world to themselves, building Teadr 3 cities with chrome buildings with purple and yellow lighting and durable glass windows which also serve as computer interfaces, screen displays and propaganda, a 56% abundance of coral reefs, and metro systems. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:462d
  • Sabochalla


    Sabochalla- A tundrous planet with massive mountains and large forests. It previously suffered a 20,000-year Ice Age until climate change left temperatures to drop and continents to form. The planet has large polar ice caps and loads of wildlife. This is the home planet of the USRA race of canine-like Teadr 2 hominids called Sabochuns, which live in a technologically-primitive society with large Teadr 2 cities and villages which have black buildings with red, blue, and orange lighting, durable glass windows, holographic rooms, display and propaganda, underground heated agricultural sanctuaries, and a 40% abundance of plants. The planet has 4 continents and 2 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:686d Capital City: Szárunti

Gabooza System

  • Icex- A former Sabochun colony until the conlonists all flee in horror from the planet. Many are too afraid to find out why, but very few entered the forsaken planet to discover that it is actselly the home a dwarfed but very strong race of blood-sucking vampiric pteridactyls, called the Icexdactyls, that suck all blood and insides dry until there's nothing but skin and bones. Fortunately, the Icexdactyls aren't even in tribal stage yet, so the world was safely cut off from the rest of the AUU via Exsile sheild. However, doing so only lead to Icexdautyls to take hold of the tec and to thrive on it into becoming a rising new Teadr 2 race. And thanks to a total twat of a Sabochun wanting to force an attempt to aquire a reshorce unigte to Icex, the race were given a sour enough impression on their neightbers of which they grown to mistrust and USRA races as a whole to where it became bad enough that they joined UIS out of not trusting Sabochun denouncement of the jewels, fearing rouges. This would lead to them to create a giant space ice wall to block out USRA race advancement subsiquintly, isolated worlds the USRA could've explored into later.

Isolated Systems-6

Casippitus System

  • Caspo- (AUU Future Boy Conan) An island planet existing in a system of three suns and thus rare nights that hardly last that used to be a utopian temperate planet until a war using ultra-powerful magnetic weaponry threw the planet off it's axis causing massive earthquakes and tidal waves that covered most of the planet in water. What remains of the planet was almost conquered by a megacorporation called Industrios, overthrown by a former Greetean UUF member and Sepshur's brother named Lepshur who aimed to create his own corporatocracy after being turned down by UIS and fired by the too-deductive UUF, until being stopped by a briefly stranded Team Cibarron and a semi-feral child named Contac, which is one of many good things that the UUF did and one of the achievements that would put Team Cibarron into a choice of redeeming the UUF and creating the Independence Guardians. The planet has 18 large islands surrounded entirely by global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:122d

Teritius System

  • Tertiom- The once location of UUF Epsilon-6 Headquarters, ran by Commander Sepshur. Sepshur was once the most prodominate UUF member the group can ever asked for. He was able to adapt to many of UIS' attacks, even if bases were lost as he was always able to establish new bases. Sepshur was deemed the group's most beloved prodigy and would've been their best shot to at the least be on equil footing with UIS and would've been a big help to establishing future bases in other isolated Systems or even re-attempt failed attempts, had it not been for Lepshur desiding to expose the latest base Sepshur was in anomamously to UIS, which this time finally lead to Sepshur's capture and arrest when he surrendered in return for his troops to be spared the worse of it, which worked 50/50 save for some idiots that couldn't take a hint that in return for being let go, they have to leave the UUF. Sepshur has faced a life sentence in the Prison Stations ever since. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 19hr:241d

Cice System

Bice System

Nice System

Kice System

Xice System

Rice System

Lice System

Zice System

Aice System

Dice System

Greetecus System

  • Hypaxxus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Nexir- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gordub- The Greetean Home Planet. The Epicenter of the quickly grown Greetean Empire, the swift congurors of the Isolated systems in thanks to UIS inadvertingly, althought the Greetean conquest of the systems was already in process cause the Sabochans were so afraid of Icex that they never ventured beyond it, so even before the timegap for the wall to arrive, the empire was already conguring the systems, though the last two systems were finally congured near after the time the isolation wall was build when the Icexdactyls joined UIS. While far from intentionally malevolent, they have the habit of being assentually the AUU verson of The British Empire, and like such they saw themselves as a great good and see imperialisum as a great thing. So it isn't hard to imagine that their treatment of the native beings that once own the neightbering systems haven't exactly been the most ideal. The Greeteans are more then aware of UIS' existence with their native system cut-off with the other systems and only see it as a minor inconvinence, as they are creating two giant bots called Brother and Sister Exsodius, two giant bots based on Heaven and Hell (In AUU terms anyway), and in throey the giant machines would be capable to tear down UIS' isolation, and would enable the empire to spread beyond this point.  Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Mekbor- (First Greetean Terraformed Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Quixifflen- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
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