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The Assosiation Symbol as seen on the guidebook.

The Equestria Education Association, A.K.A. The Equine Educational Associaton, sometimes mistaken as the Equestrian Educational Agency, or the E.E.A., are a large and powerful school, acadamy, university, college, etc., expansive organisation that puts all such schools in the same stretch of rules and guidelines for all of Equestria in that, despite being grounded in Equestria, has surprisingly expansive amounts of inter-national authority in where it isn't expected.


The E.E.A. Council

The E.E.A. Council

The current canonical reason for the E.E.A.'s existence is still to be discovered, but the existence of the organisation is pretty much likely the same as the E.U.P. Guard in that they had a prior existence in Equestrian Culture. Originally, it was a perfectly small organisation and only concerned itself to Equestrian native schools. However, the association was infamous of being extremely strict, even before Luna's Banishment. However, since the banishment, the ponies had to start picking up the slack, thus causing the association to become more and more stern.

Originally, the Association never protested nor nessersary cared about other creatures in Equestria establishing their own schools, albeit only within their own nations as they do get touchy about outsider schools attempting to establish something in equestrian borders or if a school accepted outsider students (barring a temporary foreign exchange), but it wasn't because of racism but rather because other races have nothing to gain from learning from Equestrian culture.

Of course, the eventful arrival of the Fear Wars and after it had passed, while far from true racism as of now, did made them MORE cautious of outsiders having a place within Equestrian Schools. As such, the E.E.A. gotten the Unicorn Council at the time to give the organisation more expansive international powers and juristictions. But because of operating on a Fear Wars mindset, it was mostly ever Non-Pony schools that get un-accredited, basicly a fancy word for unaccepted, while pony schools, baring those that accepted inter-racial students, barely suffered much in terms of that, but are given the equal trouble of being given even stricter guidelines.

But what pushed the E.E.A. dangerously close to true racisum is a rather recent event: The events of Magic University. Magic University was actselly a secretly created shcool by Celestia, who in knowing that the Association were still trapped in Fear Wars mindsets, she founded the school in secret to give mythic beings and creatures a chance to learn. But thanks to Professor Eagle-Beak, the secret was discovered dispite Celestia's best efferts to keep the event quiet. Cause of it, the original leader of the organisation of the time, Chancellor Yaysay, a secret benufactor of Magic University and was respondsable of tecnecally making the university approved by the E.E.A. with a highly restrictive periment acceptence seal of approveal that no other member of the E.E.A., nor any new leader, will ever have the power to take down the school, was admonished for his part in this, thus costing him his position and allowed his less cheery brother, Chancellor Neighsay, feeling betrayed by his brother's "betrayal" and over-analised the mess with Magic University to the point that he came to believe this is all that other nations would bring, to come into power. And thus, with Neighsay at the helm, and with all the international over-estatuation of power over other nations, the E.E.A. would end up being headed torwords a path of self ruin, espeically when it comes into conflict with Twilight's School of Friendship.


High Chancellors

  • High Chancellor University Spirit- The elderly and de-facto leader of the organisation that was entering retirement before jumpstarting it by disbanding the group, now serving as the super-intendent of the Friendship School.
  • High Chancellor Great Oaken Beard- A Co-Leader of the E.E.A. and an aged bearded Unicorn capable of Tree-Based Magic. This magic allowed him to exsellerate the growth of even redwood trees to fix a home crisis for tree-dwelling Ponies and other creatures. Oaken Beard has a great connection and history to the E.E.A. as his family were among the founders of the group pre-Fear Wars. In spite of this, Oaken Beard is not very heavily effected by the growing post-fear war mindsets and was among the High Councellors that wanted to fix this, as just as much as he cared for trees, he cared for the good the E.E.A. was capable of doing Vs. the harm it did, believing that if it was given a chance, it would redeem it's mistakes. However, thanks to Neighsay, the E.E.A. as it was got disbanned, and University insisted that it was the best for him and other dishearten Chancellors. Thus, it left Oaken to have two disliked things: Neighsay for being the catacalyst behind ruining his family's legacy, and the School of Friendship for being why it happened at all, but purely for that alone, as he does reckindise the intended good it would bring and that he was never fond of Neighsay's previous transaggressions, but the fact that the E.E.A. got disbanned over it, conflicted Oaken's otherwise great judgement about this because of pride for the E.E.A. and his ansistry, thus leaving him vulerable to be swayed to pick the wrong side.
  • High Chancellor Evening Universe- University's adopted sister and co-leader of the E.E.A. that was left embittered by her brother's actions and was upset that he did not console with her about the E.E.A.'s place and how it was disbanned by something the two could've worked to fix and just simply had Neighsay removed and left it at that and worked with the Friendship School that under certain conditions that would've have something worked out, but her brother insisted that just removing Neighsay wasn't enough and that ALL members, not just him, need revaluation. Evening had since disappeared without a trace to University's worry.
  • High Chancellor Fearmonger- A High Chancellor of the E.E.A. and the ring-leader of a quiet High Chancellor Conspiractors trying to cause the School the Fail via trying to control whatever E.E.A. member is already causing trouble. He is Neighsay and Yaysay's father, his married name being Fearsay, in marring Jaysay. Though Neighsay is his son, he is not extravigant about being against interacting with races to the point of blunt racisum like his son, hence why he has no fear of admiting that Neighsay "Gave a gross-over-reaction". He is more against it in being pessimistic and doubtful of Equestria being capable to heal the world after being away from it since the chaos wars whilst under the suffering of the Storm Clan's madness. He blieves that because other races don't have purity like ponies or it's just not being as great, he more believes that the school is a wasted jesture then a symbol of hope and isn't nessersarly against the The Cutie Map's wishes for it, ergo it being an extention to the Tree of Harmony, as more like he feels like that the prospect of the school being able to heal the world just feels too idealisiticly unrealisitic to be possable and only wants the school gone for that much, though he admits some begrudgment about the E.E.A. being disbanned by it, but he considers himself "Too Smart" for petty revenge and kept his sights on trying to "Wake-Up" Twilight instead of anything that'll only make HIM look like the bad guy, believing that in doing so otherwise would only further damnate the E.E.A.
  • High Chancellor Celluitis- An obscenely obesed and fat High Chancellor of the E.E.A. that is so abnormally fat, he's fatter then the "Whoa Nelly" Pony and almost Hutt/DBZ Guru Levels of Fat. He pretty much cares more about eating alot then getting legit revenge, being more a slave to his stomich then any fear wars mindset, however, that stomich can be malmitulated by Fearmonger into getting involved with him with only the offering of food to allore him into his side. Celluitis always had that tendingcy to bring food into meetings because his gluttony just has more power over him.
  • High Chancellor Persnickety Cleaniness- A very skinny well dressed and very clean looking member of the High Chancellors of the E.E.A., as he is about having everything as neat and clean as possable, and as thus he also wants everything to be done by the rules. But a barrage of rule breaking done so by the School of Friendship which drove University to disband the group, lead to Persnickety to automaticly side with Fearmonger because of the School refusing to go unoperational after being unaccredited, which drove the order-absolutist complusive cleanness obcessed High Chancellor to have abit of a panic fit at the idea that he ended up going to Fearmonger right away without thinking things through.
  • High Chancellor Insomnia- A High Chancellor with a problem with a sleep-disorder in that she can't get enough sleep, thus having sleep-like trances when she gets drowsy and fails to pay attention due to her complusiveness to always work. The E.E.A. being disbanned didn't exactly help her condition as she still suffers from lack of sleep and failure to keep awake, often to Fearmonger's annoyence.
  • High Chancellor Seniority- An extremely old and wheel-chair-bounded High Chancellor to the E.E.A. that makes him a marvel on why he wasn't retire any sooner before the disbansion. He's teetering on the edge of scenilisum, has a difficulty hearing things, and is barely even aware of where he is half the time. He would've already been wheeled off into a retirement home had it not been for Fearmonger, even if Seniority is in no good shape to get involved.
  • High Chancellor Concoction- A brillient sciencetist and E.E.A. High Chancellor member and considered one of the most smartest ponies of Equestria. He's pretty much one of Fearmonger's most compident of the inner circle and their science backbone. He only follows on what is scienctifically logically sensiable, and his science showed that other creatures either don't have that great a purity, or most commonly, none at all, thus he only followed Fearmonger for the scienctific espects. Concoction is often exspearimenting with something, even in meetings, as he is the inventer of fuel powered early era drones that enable magic lidquid fuel powered spying onto the school and how they would learn of any lesser members causing issues.
  • High Chancellor Musta'far- A Saddle Arabian Horse and the closest the E.E.A has to any member not nesserarly an automatic pony but still equine in nature. He is basicly the High Chancellor Representive of his homeland of Saddle Arabia, and, considerably the most friendliest of the bunch and actselly isn't wildly against the School other then because it defied unaccreditation, but otherwise perfectly reckindised the good things it can do, but his passive nature keeps him from being a true desenter of Fearmonger's Inner Circle due to Musta's fear of losing friends.
  • High Chancellor Warface- A pegacious pony and an old war vet for the Wonderbolts from a previous battle with a rogue legion of dragons that threaten Equestria in defience of Torch being the Dragon Lord because of him being more neutrol and not tough enough on ponies. As a result, Warface is the most wildly aggressive and athoritarian of the E.E.A. High Chancellors. He earned his title for basicly being respondsable for putting the Wonderbolt accadamy under the E.E.A.'s thumb when it originally had no E.E.A. ties due to not exactly being an actual school as more of a sub-millaterry place. Alchourse, apawn the E.E.A.'s newfound controversy, of which Warface fears greatly, The Wonderbolt Accadamy Defected from being under E.E.A. control and became independent like The School of Friendship, with Warface denounced as a veteren Wonderbolt. Apawn his downfall, when Warface got involved with Fearmonger, he had hoped to ease the Pillers against the Friendship School, starting with Flash Mangus in due to that Warface is the desendent of Flash's old leader during his private days and had hoped to earn Flash Magnus' trust, there by starting a domino effect of getting the favor of the other pillors as well, which would've greatly helped Fearmonger and others, had not been for the insodent in Las Pegacious that further tainted the E.E.A.'s name, in that Neighsay lied about still being of E.E.A. athority and had the oddasity to accredited an obviously for-profit sudo-friendship school that was obviously only a means to allow the FlimFlam Brothers a way to upgrade and expand their current resort business as a means to undermine Sparkle's school, making the E.E.A. look like moronic hypocrites that they would favor sham artists more then the Princess of Friendship, thus Warface ended up losing favor with Flash and the other Pillers thanks to Starswirl making sure they were aware of what occured, with Flash calling him a disgrace to his ansister and his title as a war hero, making Warface even more angry about life then already, to the point that he yells very steriotypical drill-sargent-like manner while making sure Fearmonger NEVER forgets what his "Basturd Son" had done to him! He also doesn't trust that the inner circle came to have connections with one of the two ponies respondsable for his newfound controverseal status with the pillors, and often takes even a legitamentally benefital idea with a grain of salt with a side of snark, quickly calling it a plan that's "Dead apawn arrival", showing that he's not exactly a pony with a high sense of faith.
  • High Chancellor Animality- A beautiful slender unicorn mare, lover of animals and keeper of the Choosing Phenox, which she named "Choosy", and the only member of the Inner-Circle with a strong willingness to forgive the school AND speak her mind about it, even at risk of automatic dismissal. Animality was forced into the inner circle because Fearmonger guilt-tripped her that her phenox didn't choosed Neighsay nor Perplexity, but instead O'Hardknocks, and forces her to go along with this as "Repentence" to the E.E.A.. Even dispite ths, Animality does see the potaintional the school has and that it's the E.E.A.'s own fault for being too corrupted by Fear Wars Mindsets, along with being stuck-ups or eccentric half-wits, to not see that for themselves and that Neighsay was just unfit period.
  • High Chancellor South Dunce- An extremely stupid redneck backwater undereducated member of the High Chancellors of the E.E.A. who only got the position because he had rich parents that bought him the position.... That's litterally it. The only benefit to Fearmonger is that he's good for filling space he needed for his inner circle when he couldn't find Universe, and Oaken Beard just refused, but otherwise is personally annoyed with Dunce's stupidity.

(To be added as to be reveiled).


  • Chancellor Yaysay- The Original Leading Non-High Chancellor and one who was aware of the E.E.A.'s troubles and aimed to reslove them with Magic University. He had been removed from the position in thanks to Eagle Beak's uprising. Apawn hearing the group's disbansion and University's retirement into being a super-intendent, Yaysay began plans to create a spiritual successor to the E.E.A. that would be free of the E.E.A.'s ills and any unfit members, named The Equine and Creature Education Association, or E.C.E.A., with the intention to have the group reverse the sins of the E.E.A. and basicly revive the Magic Universities that were closed down as un-accredited during the E.E.A.'s time.
  • Chancellor Neighsay- The now former current leading non-high Chancellor of the E.E.A. and pretty much the reason why the E.E.A. disbanned. His indoctrination into the outmoded beliefs of the Fear Wars E.E.A. left him as a barely unfixable mess to the point of earning Equestria's and beyond's ire.
  • Chancellor School O'Hardknocks- A once destin new High Chancellor to replace High Chanellor Universeity, but when his assendion party began, it was quickly cut short when University ordered the group to disban in due to what occured with Neighsay. Not helping that O'Hardknocks has amongst Neighsay's personal peers, so because of it, even when O'Hardknocks wasn't seriously behind Neighsay's racisum but was just as much as a rules follower as Neighsay was and a firm believer of the E.E.A.'s broken ways, that means that the E.E.A. can't accept his High Chanellorship should it reband. O'Hardknocks wanted to get pay back against Twilight's School by making a pony-only friendship school that would out-compete against Twilight's that would serve to be even more inviting in compairison as an act of revenge through aiming to steal the very plans of the school for his own purposes.
  • Chancellor Wellplay- The E.E.A.'s insurence agent and pretty much one of the more already pasifived Members, Wellplay played a role in covering insurence issues for Schools under the E.E.A.'s banner, unless they are unaccredited. In because he was never fully ingrained by the Fear Wars Mindset, Wellplay avoided being liable to be a threat to the Friendship School and in fact would be able to help repair the School come damages from threats and/or self-inflicted shenanigans from a certain Ambyssian Vulture professor. He is an expert gambler from Las Pegasus and the father of Eightball.
  • Chancellor Mode- An E.E.A. member and also the Fashion World Monopolist that runs the entire monoply of the fashion world or at least amongst the biggest names in the fashion world of Equestria. Mode can be a ruthless competitor and a very spiteful sort to those that cross her. Her reasoning behind being an E.E.A. member is purely status bling as she cares little about it's appearent erodsions of outdated Fear Wars mindsets, but not exactly a champion for change neither as she is against non-pony interactions, more so for recent events then the past and her own equilly no better beliefs in the status quo that only ponies can enjoy the utopian concept of friendship, thus meaning that she won't keep her position should the E.E.A. gets rebanded. Cause of it, she now has a serious beef with the school because of this fact that even though she's far from having a serious assusiation with Neighsay, her tendingcy to lean torwords agreeing with him to some extent and that the E.E.A. disbanned because of the friendship school, deeming it a threat to her status quo ideals, she aims to ruin the school with scandelious details about it and any related students and staff as a means to get revenge, along with her own growing problems of basicly being the Dr. Eureka of Fashion and stealing great designs from many deisgners as her own, often with her morally conflicted daughter Eye Beholder.
  • Chancellor Luck-Out- One of the elder non-High Chancellors and a lover of Equestrian Gambling, given her civilian name of "Lady Luck-Out", as she was able to always win even the most impossable of bets and thus is amongst the richest ponies of Equestria for it. She was the E.E.A. Mentor of Yaysay and Neighsay, and being an old pony, has long adopted and accepted the outdated ways established since the Fear Wars, thus the E.E.A.'s disbansion left her to be perimently retired from any rebansion. In realising that simply trying to close down the Friendship School was a no-go given that she has much more respect for the Map, she's just as much a problem in that she aims to try and take over the school itself to make it follow E.E.A. guidelines and likely lead to either the exspellion or at the least the outcasting of the inter-racial students and the firing of non-pony teachers in preference to pony teachers, and being a gambler known to take risks, she would do so by doing the equestrian crime of faking a friendship, with none-other then Granny Smith, the Grandmother of Applejack, who is with the School.
  • Chancellor Sea-Bitter- An old Sea Navial Captain with a Peg-Horn Attachment due to an accsident involving trying to capture an Albino Leaf-Dragon-like Sea Dragon with an appisite for unicorn horns and magic who retired from the sea life as a Member of the E.E.A., though begrudgingly under the request of his sister Sea-Salt. However, when the group disbaned, he saw that as being freed from the "Boring Job" and is actselly relieved to be considered amongst the no longer accepted due to his minor kinship with Neighsay, even if he doesn't back Neighsay's beliefs. Sea-Bitter sees this as a chance to hunt down the Albino Leaf Dragon known as The White Horn Sucker, and chase it down with Captain Ahab-like Madness. And such madness would likely be troublesome to the Sea and Merponies if he starts shanghai-ing them to become his crew with aide of Kludgetownian Pirates.
  • Chancellor Aquarius- An E.E.A. Chancellor and a lover of water wildlife since a young age. Aquaius is far from being a serious supporter of Neighsay NOR that of the problematic outdated Fear Wars based mindset most members accepted, and perfectly agreed with those like Yaysay that the E.E.A. needs to be re-avaluated, so it's clear she won't lose sleep of it's disbansion. However, her big problem stems with her sister and fellow chancellor, Wawa Aquarius, being a found-out Neighsay sympathiser in that, like Twilight, she thinks that Neighsay was a victim of very bad circumstances and not a proven byproduct of a mindset that was in dire need of being replaced, thus leaving her sister into being an outcasted pariah. Thus, Aquaius' desires to threaten the Friendship School are for her sister alone. In spite of that, however, it is possable to get Aquaius on a good path far better then most others.
  • Chancellor Maximus Von De'Marque- The E.E.A.'s more politically driven member and a pony who has the biggest political involvement. He's pretty much the political backlash deflecter in protecting the E.E.A. from outside political comuppence, given that realisticly other nations would have issues about the E.E.A. stepping beyond Equestria's borders and shoving their noses into their business as they do. Maximus always defended even the most questionable of the E.E.A.'s decidions and stances.... But when the group disbanded, Maximus was left to become the political punching bag of all the representives of nations heavily effected by the E.E.A.'s interfearence. With his political smarts, he managed to get into the Equestrian Senate and plans to give the biggest political payback by introdusing a bill obviously designed to restrict non-ponies from parpisipating in Equestrian culture with Cutie Mark requirements.
  • Chancellor Party Pooper- A unicorn devoid of a joyous childhood and one of the most hated members for abolishing 'fun' in the educational system, viewing fun as a roadblock to learning and thus swore to keep schools as serious as possible with no disruptive parties or delinquency of any kind. Pretty safe bet he's behind the part of the E.E.A.'s problems not related to racisum: Also being boring stiffs.
  • Chancellor Perplexity- A unicorn capable of fluent mind control and breaking through psychic blocks, and is the extremist prosecutor for the EEA, as well as being famed for her intelligence and inability to be fooled. She is Shineflare's cousin who agrees with Neighsay because of being in the same slavery as Shineflare and thus seriously hates non-ponies. She's also a personal rival of O'Hardknocks who has been known to take Hardknocks' ideas and make them better, albeit then passing them off as her own, because of deeming herself more decidive and superior to the overly ambitious O'Hardknocks. She's even envious that O'Hardknocks was going to be the next High Chancellor while she wasn't just because the Choosing Phenox reacted fearfully around her while it cuddled up with O'Hardknocks, which indecated that Perplexity wasn't safe for the E.E.A. to use and potaintionally could've been it's downfall (Before Neighsay, which the Choosing Phenox also reacted fearfully too, ended up doing just that in tecnecallity), thus, she simply wasn't choosen, incrising her already bad attatude as it was.

(More to be written down as they are reveiled.)


  • Counciler Cross-Word- Counciler Crossy-Wordsmouth Is both the exact oppisite of Neighsay yet ironicly no better. The Former being about he's far more accepting about letting in non-ponies into schools and wasn't against Twilight's School for THAT much. However, his disfondness for otherworlders is what kept him from being a straight-forword ally to the school, espeically when Electross was accepted as a teacher there, figuring that the entire Grand United Universes are more of a threat to Equestria then something native to the world. What's even more unfortunate is that Cross-Word was actselly a bitter enemy of Neighsay, and how Cross-Word would've been the friendship school's greatest ally if it wasn't for him having issues with "Aliens".
  • Counciler Pish-posh- The son of the Sub-Council Leader and abit of a strict prick, but a fair strict prick. He is considerably a better evaluator replacement to O'Hardknocks, but he's very prone to easily hold a grudge to any that failed to impress him, meaning that losing his favor would be the most damaging thing to happen to the school.
  • Counciler Aphrodite Lova- Counciler Lova is apart of the counciler ponies that do more behind the scenes E.E.A. polotics work while the Chancellors are the ones who get more invovled with the schools they govern. When the E.E.A. disbanned, she gotten into being a love guidence counsler being left with mixed feelings about the whole affair. She is conflicted where to hate Twilight's School for betraying the standerds of the E.E.A., or be glad that it's outdated ways won't hurt Equestria's biggest chance to help fix the world it left behind. Thus being the most prudent exsample why the members need to re-avaluate themselves about the E.E.A.'s ways and why the disbansion is a mixed blessing/curse.
  • Duke Sands'abar- The international representive of the E.E.A. who's encharged of international operations through the neighbering nations of Equestria, who counteractively hates travel but does so in professional grace and requirement. However, when the E.E.A. disbanned, he was left stranded in Saddle Arabia, which he's not largely against since the Saddle Arabians are the closest to equine creatures his E.E.A. mindset can make peace with, but it's the princeipal in that he's left stranded there at all is where the issues lie. He came to have heard about the Friendship School, and aims to get even with it when it becomes convinent to him.

(More to be written down as it comes along).


  • Headmaster Recliner- The leading figure of the Sub-Council of the E.E.A. that operates independently of whether or not the E.E.A. still funtions as a means to keep E.E.A. approved schools from collapsing without E.E.A. suport. Thankfully, Recliner is the more neutrol of the E.E.A.'s ranks and for now isn't an admitiet threat to the school of friendship, if anything, winning over the Sub-Council would be the School's most impourent challnage to prevent E.E.A. members from being serious threats beyond their own abilities to be so and to ease the concerns of more sane and less massively embittered members from being quick to side with ill-suited members.

(More Sub-Council Members coming soon)


  • Count Façade Play- A famous rich acting coach and a benufactor of the E.E.A. who is a talented master of jinxes and spells. He hoped to one day get his Young Daughter Fa-Cad-Dee into becoming a Chancellor for the E.E.A., but those desires were dashed when the E.E.A. disbaned, his daughter distroted that her dreams were lost, and Facade hungry for revenge at Celestia for leading it to that direction when she got the royal parents and University involved. Thus, he aims to take advantage of the fact that Celestia is appearently a bad acter, and with his Jinx mastery, he can co-herse Celestia into believing he can make her a better acter, then using Celestia as a means to get vulerable infomation about the school known to him, get it in trouble with some legal issues, and make Celestia look like a traitor to Twilight in a bid of getting the E.E.A. rebanded.
  • Duke Terminal- An inexplictably rich former benufactor of the E.E.A., who is on a terminal illness with a hereditary heart condiction that slowly paralises the barer of the sickness with time as the heart begins to beat slower and slower, Terminal had to pull funding back during the E.E.A. was still around to keep himself stable, the group left to rely on Facade and other benufactors.

(More to be writtin in as more are to be known.)


  • Agent 8- An agent and evaluator for the EEA who now serves as the agent for the School of Friendship for watching for EEA activity.

(More to be reviled).

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