The Main Drainer

Drainthus, An Exsample of the Erasers.

Erasers, or sometimes "Enders", "Apocthus", "Planet Crushers/Busters", or even, "Planetcraft", are lovecraftian creatures of Amoral One origin that primarly exist for two purposes: To test a world's worthiness to survive against the threat of anialation, or basicly to remove a current existence that failed the Amoral Ones expectations. Erasers are assentually smaller scale versons of The Xexaxez, whereas the Xexaxez can remove entire dimentions, Erasers can basicly wipe away life on a planet. Erasers are able to utilised powers already known from other Lovecraftians, but they can also inhereit powers based on the planet they were assigned to, like with Drainthus, he can utilised the Main Drain to drain his assigned world of water, using drought to remove socities. The Erasers can utilise traits or themes based on the world they are assigned to basicly be a planetary reset in order for new life to take over to give the Amoral Ones better results. Often, though Erasers are strong, a balenced or strong socity can be able to survive an Eraser test by working togather to fight Erasers, and often a mere prevention of an Eraser's trademark world ending ability is what can defeat an ender. Unlike Xexaxez, which if they are ever defeated they would be send to the Hybernation Realm, Erasers can be allowed a limited set of chances of whether or not a world beats them, as often worlds can change from the time an Eraser was beaten and might not be so strong or proud anymore by the time of a rematch. But if an Eraser ends up being repeatingly defeated by a world, it proves that the world has exceed Amoral One Expectations and are strong and balenced in a way suitable of a grand design, thus, the Planet's Eraser would be effectivly retired and be sent to the Hybernation Realm, it's purpose rendered moot.

Main United Universes' Erasers


  1. Lightha and Darkhulus (Overcomed and Hybernation Realm'd)- (Ligero and Obscuro)
  2. The Neverland Storm
  3. Buster (By a small margin)- (Wander over Yonder)
  4. Xeenophuub- (Xenosha)
  5. Pharohus- (Deserta)
  6. Zoolanathu- (Zootopia)

Warner Bros/Cartoon Network

  1. Devidus- (Camelot)
  2. Arcthanthu- (Archaeus)
  3. Darkside
  4. Anti-Pops
  5. Billy and Mandy's Chuthulu.
  6. Him
  7. Giant Starfish- (From Courage the Cowerdly Dog)
  8. The Lich- (Adventure Time)


  1. Mòrì zhī wáng- (Wuxim)
  2. "The End"- (Croods World) (Once thought to be abstract)
  3. Cashxin- (Accord)
  4. Communzal- (Businecaden)
  5. Pasifizt- (Warface)
  6. Nuuka (Eulogy)


  1. Simpsons Cthulhu.
  2. Galactus.
  3. Yog-Soggoth & Junior.- (Sam and Max World)
  4. Diet-Soggoth- (Vorac)
  5. Krakonus- (Islandica)
  6. Calamaty Lovecraftian- (Pastoon)


  1. Pariah Dark.
  2. The Darkness (Formerly)- (Fairy OddParents).
  3. Drainthus
  4. Yog-Stiffgoth- (Amusementia)
  5. Sartana of the Dead- (El Tigre World)
  6. Karnus of Kronus- (Kratos)
  7. Apex Posidon- (Lagoola)
  8. Yoggucationer- (Dementia)


  1. The Nothing.
  2. Jawsacane- (Paradisa)
  3. Badxluckus- (Fortuity)
  4. Eventus Extinctionus- (Zoica)

Video Game

  1. Mass Effect Reapers (Artifitually).
  2. Finalbozzthu- (Gamerene)
  3. Solaris- (Sonic World)
  4. Leptys- (Rayman World).
  5. Majora's Mask
  6. Galeem and Dharkon- (Smash Bros Ultamate)
  7. Certain Elder Dragons (To a limited degree)- (Monster Hunter World)
  8. Muutogentha- (Mutantus)


  1. D-Reaper (Artifitually)- (Digimon Franchise)
  2. 9-Tailed Fox- (Naruto)
  3. Gods of Destruction and Xeno- (Dragon Ball Francise)
  4. Yveltal- (Pokemon)
  5. The King of Tzumamis- (Chrysanthemum)
  6. The Ultamate Drag- (Dragma)
  7. The Skeleton King's Worm Monster Form- (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!)


  1. The Mysterious Beyonder- (Great Valley).
  2. Ichthu- (Ichthyos)
  3. Kraken- (Hotel Tranvilvainia)
  4. Tentagus' Race (Defected)- (Spookavania)
  5. Pastblaster- (Futurasia)
  6. Neat-Soggoth- (Artificilia)
  7. Ol' King Salty- (Slimeball)

MGM/Don Bluth/IC

  1. Purus- (Mytechia)
  2. Dynosaauru- (Odyssey)
  3. The Nautisapien God-King of Oceanic Doom- (Nauticilus)
  4. Yogg-Revoltsonna- (Revolur)
  5. Steamthu- (Steamius)
  6. The Lord of all Myths- (Mythos)
  7. The Great Scrapper (Artifictually)- (Ropedia)
  8. Renewza- (New Earth)


  1. The Black Emperor and the Obsidian Dragon Race- (Equestria)
  2. Unicron- (Transformers)
  3. Lawwula- (Mugshotra)
  4. The Grand Finalus- (Athletecus)
  5. Toythu- (Toyworld)
  6. Mantarux (Eraser from Thoraxians' United Universe, moved to Thorax IX)-(Thorax IX)
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