Erica E. Wedlock, AKA The Lost Link, is a human summoner from the world of Radiant Garden. She was a young friend of Kairi's mother Kanji, being pre-adult during the days Kairi made friends with Lord Shen. But Erica, as a junior summoner and combatant with an eye for detail, had a habit of mistrusting strangers, including people with darkness in their hearts like Shen. She even cared for her friend Kenji to where she tried to keep her away from Shen. But one day, she had a vision that Kenji would be lost to a traitorous companion if she met a king named Aaron. Though she initially thought it would be Shen, and nobody believed her warnings because of her extreme skepticism, dubbed as committing treason and exiled. Feeling betrayed, Erica ended up turning into a Heartless called a Lost Link, a lost strain of Heartless created by the decommissioned Omni-Heart Outer Gods capable of snagging hearts of the deceased, and turning them into Sentient Heartless, which is common exclusively in Kingdom Hearts, then have them use the power to transfer a world into Kingdom Hearts without triggering a Keyhole. This tainted her summoning abilities giving her the ability to summon any kind of Heartless she desires that despite being the feral type, are loyal to any hero, including the wielder of the Kingdom Key. With these new powers, Erica tried to stop King Aaron and Kenji from meeting, but failed because she never expected him to be a Keyblade warrior, impaling her head with the weapon, messing her psyche up further and losing the ability to do things morally and mentally incapable of seeing right from wrong. This failure resulted in the loss of Kenji not from Shen as she predicted, but by her pet owl Clockwerk, who was revealed to have been the amnesiac enemy of The Cooper Clan undergoing redemption thanks to the High Council, only for his heart to be too dark for such a thing, betraying Kenji by ratting her and Shen out to Cobra out of jealousy to the young Kairi, allowing Kenji's Nobody to be taken by the Mask of Bastet and giving birth to the modern Mirage while her heart would be lost to Kingdom Hearts forever. But years later, she would be rescued by Kairi, her fiancé Sora, Riku, and their crew, when Kairi hugs her allowing her to use the resulting love to restore her human body at the exact same pre-adult age from long ago. Riku also ends up falling in love with her, feeling lonely because his evil history was because he was in love with Kairi just like Sora. She uses her revived summoner powers blended with her Lost Link powers to help the heroes stop Sephiroth from destroying the world of Radiant Garden with a magic reserve fountain they were looking for because of a magic drought. Sephiroth quickly runs out of magic even when using his Supernova ability to send the heroes to a dying dimension, and Erica personally killed him, becoming human again and getting together with Riku, and even helps defeat his previous near-girlfriend Vanessa when she becomes a Darkspawn. She is a summoner just like those of the Final Fantasy franchise with the ability to summon creatures of great power.


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