Erok Gurt

Erok Roapley Gurt

Erok R. Gurt is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Gruy. He is a grub-like insectoid being, and has been living in the streets for a full decade since his abusive parents, a war veteran father turned gangster father and his con artist mother killed each other by accident, and with the company of just a pet Squiibii named Swinger, which was shot dead by a Gruid mugger in his final month in the streets, he did well in providing for himself. He stole what he needed to survive while ducking the Gruid Armed Police Forces, who are highly advanced and behave like a police/SWAT/military force, and even they couldn't book Erok for a decade. By the time he turned 15, he was adopted by CEO Clinton Armatage and CEO Atrick Osse Huncus, the two CEOs of the Armatage and Huncus Corporations, which were one of the top and best-selling military technology and weaponry manufacturers in the AUU. They bickered over who should adopt him until he suggested they both do it, as he knew their two families' habit of bickering since their 190-year feud long ago. He now lives with them in the alley between their two HQs, and aids them whenever he can, whether it be maintenance, defense, offense, or anything else. He has even been known to build weapons of his own in his spare time.


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