Ever since the Eroxxon Corporation was finally able to outdate all fossil fuels thanks to help from Olarm, Icky, and Iago, things are starting to look up. However, they failed to look into one little detail: fossil fuels actually became as popular as they were because of carbon planets, or planets of Earth-like qualities, only with carbon instead of oxygen, as they possess plentiful fossil fuels, as well as valuable diamonds and gasoline. One world in particular, Jannken, a world within a pulsar system and a former newly-terraformed and last colony of an extinct carbon-breathing race that killed themselves due to pollution, overpopulation, mass consumerism, greed, and wealth, has been the top-selling world of fossil fuels for hundreds of years, and it's top-selling corporation, the Carbollon Corporation, has threatened to declare war against the Eroxxon Corporation, as they have been the most angered by their actions, and have created a bunch of enforcer bots to ensure their business is secure. However, they fail to realize that this world didn't start out as a carbon planet. It was actually an elegant oxygen-filled environment until an ancient Hexxus-like spirit called Noxxus, which was formerly the last of the extinct carbon-breathing race, came and transformed it into a carbon planet, finishing what many thought was his race terraforming it yet they failed because of their extinction, turning it into one of which he can thrive in, as he is manipulating the Carbollon Corporation's head, CEO Nobel Carbollon, into keeping the world this way in an attempt to sustain his own selfish and noxious goals. With this providing a challenge, our heroes will have to find a way to stop a potentially-polluting civil war from erupting from this, and undo Noxxus' control on both the Carbollon Corporation and the planet itself and restore Jannken's true nature, especially when Noxxus plans to get off-planet to create more carbon planets, and that he's not really a spirit, but a being of pure carbon, poison, and smoke as a result of being resurrected through a carbon-based chemical reaction. Can our heroes pull this off?


(Noxxus' Song)

Hexxus - Toxic Love (FernGully)

Hexxus - Toxic Love (FernGully)


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