Errix Horror

Errix Pertis Hoarir, AKA Errix Horror

Errix P. Hoarir, AKA Errix Horror, is an Alternate UUniversal Otabir from Planet Zirciania. He used to be a worker for Globex who tried to create a toxin that could be used for rehabilitation purposes. But when the toxin proved to be too dangerous since it was actually a fear-inducing toxin that caused fearsome hallucinations to it's target, the experiment was shut down despite Errix saying that he could fix it. Errix was later fired for disobeying his superiors by secretly continuing the experiment, the end-result blowing up in his face and disfiguring it. Eventually, Errix got so fed up with the company that he joined the Villains Act and used his fear-inducing toxin as his main weapon, even going so far as to use it for chemical warfare. He was one of the most feared villains of the Villains Act, and was even capable of using the toxin on Zosimo the Smart and several other rebellion commanders.


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