Erroe Ceren Parblox

Erroe C. Parblox is an Alternate UUniversal Horboid from Planet Ientasy. He is a rather awkward, silly, incompetent, irresponsible, and easily agitated, yet still strong, bold, and crazily eccentric young adult who, though constantly mistaken as a relative of the Parblox Weapon Manufacturers, is of a different Parblox family. He went into a supersoldier project to try and make a name for himself as he felt like he couldn't fit in when being raised in a town called Niviliholm, working alongside his twin brother Sepher, his mean ex-girlfriend Lebbin Viva Holms, and his idol and personal hero, as well as inspiration, Raish, a near-endling Ietra raised to be a killing machine, all to serve President Cornsby in their mission to save Ientasy from dying as the result of climate change that was believed to be because of harvesting Muko, when in truth unknown to them, it's just the world's changing climate. Raish became convinced that the Ietra would know best to save their home, and slaughtered cohersing Erroe and several others as well after killing Septer and framing it as an assassination order by Cornsby, turning Raish into a renegade leader for the delusional "peacekeepers" known as Ientasy's Saviors. Thus, with help from Viva, a Xaro with a minigun arm named Barron, an abomination dog-like creature named Ree created by a brillient but clumsy expert scientist and a naïve and very blinded-by-reality Ietra named Aera, he seeks to save "Ientasy" under Raish's blind ways. He is an AUU version of Cloud Strife, but more like him in his Machinabridged version.


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Erroe (ZongueBob and Friends Appearance)

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