Eurlana Fists

"Ya know what they say hun. Blondes DO have more fun."

Eurlana Fists is a failed Imposter biobot clone of Aurlena Fists crated by Dr. Aragon meant to frame her for devistating crimes, but a few VERY obvious features painfully obvious differences. for exsample, she appears to be, having slightly more, robust brests then Aurlena, the result of Aragon having a perverted assisent, and various others best explained in the image. Though a failure in a frame plot, she's at least a dangerious creation of mass distruction, with such as much skills of the person she copied, but being a machine, never tires out, and thanks to the bio part, she is not vulerable to clished robot weaknesses like water or a shock of electrisity. But just like any mad creation, there HAS to be some weakness not even Aragon bothered to look out for. Dispite being a product of Aragon, Eurlana doesn't seem all that interested in staying apart of that lizard's sceme for long, possability interesting in being her own villain, and if so, this fem fatale is trouble for anyone in her way.


Eurlana Fists 2

Eurlena's True Colors

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