Punkster Hawk and Greasy and his Junkyard Socity gang, though still punks, have more or less earn some respect from the lougers, cause Greasy stood up for Punkster when the Sponge Haters tried to be a problem. Though it's clear they're still mischivious and troublesome, it's good to know they're not a MAJOR problem. However, Punkster meets a beautiful she-Hawk named Tough-Gal Hawk who Punkster got a serious love-interest in. Problem: She's half-dating a jerk boyfriend Bull Biker named El Toro De Biker. Greasy and the gang deside to help Punkster get his gal the Junkyard socity way: Beat her jerk boyfriend in a race of bikes! Winner gets the girl, the loser? Forgot about it, he gets squat!? However, El Toro tends to cheat and cause mayhem whenever he gets to ensure Tough-Gal stays his, and will not hestitate to even murder someone should something go wrong. However, cheating did nothing to help El Toro, and Tough-Gal leaves Toro for being a loser, as she had a liking to Punkster from the very start. El Toro gets mad and threatens to murder them both, with Greasy and the Gang uncharactisticly bravely standing up to El Toro and telling him to piss off and get out of here. Now, El Toro challnages Punkster into a knife fight, winner gets the girl, keeps his life, the loser? What do you think happens? He's dies?! Punkster is in WAY over his head. Can Greasy and His goons get Punkster out of this? If not, then who would? Looks like Spongebob will have to help Punkster even though Punkster was such a, well, a punk in the past to him but hey, the past is the past, right?

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