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Evening Universe
Vital statistics
Title Chancellor Universe, Chancellor Evening, Even Universe (Jokingly).
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Equestria Education Association (Formerly)
Description Bitter, Grudge-Holding, Betrayed, Harsh, Manipulative, Arrogant, Overzealous, Sacrificial, Some strain of care for her kin.
Skills and Abilities Natural Unicorn Abilities, High-Level Magic Knowledge, Tactical Mind, Formerly E.E.A. High Chancellor Powers until Disbansion.
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
Alignment Malicious, but Betrayed Mentality

High Chancellor Evening Universe is an Equestrian Unicorn and the former co-leader of the Equestria Education Association, and the adopted sister of High Chancellor University. As an orphan assigned to the same family as University, she aimed to always stay by her adopted brother's side, always hating his other biological siblings, and her adopted descendants including Cozy Glow and Backgammon, because of their lack of University's responsibility and humility. She trusted her adopted brother to be a perfect educational agent as the two used to be successful job coaches, but later on left embittered by University's actions of disbanding the EEA and was upset that he did not console with her about it's place and worked to fix the problem by just simply firing Chancellor Neighsay, instead now working with the School of Friendship that under certain conditions would've have something worked out, as he insisted that just removing Neighsay wasn't enough and that all the EEA members, not just him, needed reevaluation. Evening, feeling betrayed, had since disappeared without a trace to University's worry. She has been intending to sabotage the School of Friendship however possible, including orchestrating many of the bad things that happen to it.


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Evening has this mane and tail color, a dark-blue coat, cyan eyes, and this cutie mark.