Evenis Major. A toxic barren planet which has been known to be very hostile, not just for it's inhospitable wastelands and terrain, but also for it's monstrous fauna and flora. Although the atmosphere was semi-breathable, the planet's hostile weather made colonizing difficult. When first discovered by a Xuron cruiser during their distant war against the Byzankans, Evenis Major was a pleasant world. At some point though, a large-scale disaster in the form of a plasma space storm ruined the planet. The planet was forced to be abandoned as a result, and all that was left were their abandoned colonies and technology. The hostile conditions included terrible dust storms, volcanic activity, plasma-based lightning storms, dangerous predators, thermal shifts, and communication through comlinks are difficult due to storms jamming signals. However, the mysterious thing about it is that when the planet was througohly reshearched, there was no mentioned of it having Plasma Storms, let alone one of an event of world changing caliber. With the Byzans ruled out because they were nowhere near the planet at the time, the Xuruns felt that there are other forces at play that didn't wanted them to be in the planet. The Xuruns are trying to slove this mystery ever since. But the mystery proved complicated for even the greatest minds. But one Xurun of great intelligence has kept a wide sense of persistence. Dr. Xuroarius aims to slove the mystery through a big gamble: A physical exbitdition to the Evenis Major. He made a request for the Heroes Act and the Lougers to attend with him to the exbitdition and discover the shorce of the mysterious storm. They braved many troublesome things, and finally reached their destination: A carved cave that resembled an otherworldly sacred being. Apawn closer investigation, they discovered that the storm was not naterol, rather, a created magical curse designed by a gang of space wizards from a race reknowned as the Magji. They escaped to this world to establish a new home in secret away from a haunted space beast that is looking for them that magicly turned their homeworld into a tattoo to empower itself to make itself an outer god, called Tattatoous, also known as "The Hunter of Great Power", which is basicly a love-craftien horror of a space squid-eqsed beast with over-glorifived dragon-demon wings covered in tattoos based on the power it absorbed. The Magji explained that they only made the world so horrendus because Tattatoous wouldn't think the world would be good enough for them to use. They apologised if it came as an inconvinece to the Xuruns who were trying to escape their own problems. The heroes agreed to work togather and put Tattatoous in his place for good in return to bring Evenis Major back to normal and let the Xuruns have it back once their own world is restored. However, there's a problem. Tattatoous has been co-hersed by the Uniter Hunters to seek out the Lightflies as well, then also discovered about Magilo and other magic worlds in of the AUU and the original universes. That means the heroes have a far greater stake at stopping Tattatoous then just fixing Evenis Major.

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