Freed by Chrysalis who won't give up her revenge and leader finding ambitions so easily from the dark matter dimention, Evil Jimmy is reborn and seeks out his revenge. Offered to become the next leader of the leage, Evil Jimmy uses Chrysalis's changelings to invade Retroville, and kidnap Jimmy's parents as well as Brobot and his parents, even Cindy and Libby. The Nicktoons and Lougers must once again stop a new attempt by Chrysalis and force the Villain Leage Council to finally pull the plug on Chrysalis' revenge and leager leader hunting schemes and offically elect Pitch Black as the new leader of villain leage. Problem is, reasoning with the leage alone is not easy due to the louge being among a few things directly respondsable for the leage's hardship in the first place but causing another attempt of Chrysalis to fail in thoery should do the trick.

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