Exel M. Atterholm is an Alternate UUniversal Vocerkan-Avatan Hybrid from Planet Messeract. He is a corporatocratic visionary who, after working for Deus Ex Corps for 70 years, living long enough to see the chaos brought on by it's five feuding governments, he believes that he can make it better by bettering the Deus Ex Corps into a corporatocracy where he overthrew all 5 leaders and became the leader of all 5, and make Deus Ex Corps the top superpower on par with Omnicorp (RoboCop), and even made an Outen superweapon similar to RoboCop to act as his secret weapon to make it possible. After the planet was taken to peace by the Shell Lodge, he feels that soon will be the time to act, especially when ICC Exelbrok initiates Operation: Darkworld, signaling him to go into action, unleashing his Outen creation as a mass-produced army to begin his takeover as they overwhelm the Centurion Law Core. Soon enough, at the same time, Icky and Iago end up eavesdropping and thus they help the Centurion Law Core defeat him. Dispite his extreme method, he actselly means well and only wants to make Messeract a better place without neither current leaders and their "never consistent" future generations that would eventually ruin any "short-termed" era of peace, deeming no trust in any current political system, and has absolutely no love for Exelbrok and only uses his Darkworld Operation as a mere stepping stone for seeking his plans without interfearence and would undoubtingly betray Exelbrok and the other villains in his convinence.


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