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Exilist Leader Oakaan Yolze Poisogus

Exilist Leader Oakaan Y. Poisogus, AKA "The Weaving War Hero", is an ancient Yatoran warrior who is leader of the exilist group of the exile shield of Weavii, the home planet of the Weavoids. In his youth, he was basicly a nobody. People hardly acknowledged his existence other then his weird fascination with growing his facial hair to epic proporsions to the point it would make him hardly reckindisable as a Yatoran, and the fact he was green, an extremely rare mutation for Yatorans to the point that the idea is laughable, as it is one of their many forms of albinism. This lead to Oakaan to become a traveler by heart, and a loner by mind. He had seen many worlds and civilisations. But one day, he visited Weavii, and accsidently discovered a hidden mine of rarium, an extremely valuable gem worth an unspeakable fortune, the kind of which would make Oakaan popular to socity reguardless of his weird facial hair fetish and his skin mutation. Problem is, by USRA law, the rarium belongs to the Weavoids, who currently have no real use to it in due to being primtive creatures. Because of being deprived of valuement for fellow living things because of his lone-wolf lifestyle, he Darwin-istically decided to wipe out the Weavoids, but problem is, that would make him a criminal and a genisideing monster, so he wants to be able to get rid of the creatures without violating either law in an obvious scale. He didn't had to think hard as the Weaviods were already making themselves look bad with their social awkwordness and their "love bites" being infectious. Oakaan took advantaged of the Weavoids troubles and joined the Yatoran Millaterry and rose into War Hero name by aiding in chasing off, battling, even killing Weavoids, even being the one who suggested the Qurreante Laser as the ultamate finisher for the Weavoid invadtion. Then, the Weavoids in the planet where trapped with an exile sheild with Oakaan newfound leader of a group of Yatorans entrusted with keeping the Weavoids there. Oakaan was the only one who knew that the Weavoids are just socially awkword twits, and lied in everything about them and their planet to discourage the curious to not only protect his rarium find, but his ill-gotten reputation since if people knew the truth, they'll see him as the nilist monster that he is, as well as it will badly hurt the Yatoran reputation to the point that he'll have to be exicuted to save it. So, he took care of the most likely thing to harm his standing: His own soldiers. He used illegal VA mind-control implants that threatened to make them kill themselves in order to force them to be obedient to him no matter what. Content that there are no more threats, he waits until for the day that the Weavoids died out from over-population, then he and his corrupted forces will proceed to collect the Rarium and make him very rich, as well as to give the AUU ecomamy a major surplus with a new found stream of Rarium. He even gave himself a special suit to extend his lifespan, which is argueably un-nessersary since he is also a breed of long-living Yatorans that can do that natrolly, but Oakaan felt that naterol ability might not be enough and took the suit for "added insurence", allowing him to live to this very day. However, will he end up getting coppuence instead of what he desires when smugglers are able to bypass the exile sheild and steal Weavoid eggs to sell as pets?


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  • "The Choice was simple... It was either the Weavoids or the Rarium... And, since primitive bugs can't guarantee a comfortable retirement, well, it's obvious what my choice was."