Exon'qoort 'Exon Qoort' is a fictional interdimensional mutant published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He was a Gorsgothan mutant being who was long ago created by the Corlann Empire to be the first in a long line of weaponized monsters, but he didn't turn out well when the serums made him animalistic. While he has the brain of an animal, he has the intelligence of a Gorsgothan. He started out as a young Gorsgothan who was abducted by Corlust the Disintegrator to be part of the experiment. As a kid, he had a wild imagination, and a bit of a rambunctious behavior. His mutated form is the same, allowing him to rapidly mature, and give him much stronger powers. On Kratos, he takes the shape of a bear/cougar/lion hybrid. His imagination is transformed into intelligence, and his rambunctious behavior is turned into animal behavior. All he wanted was to share this new gift with not just his race, but Kratos. He tries to use the serums to infect both planets, but the Enigmas were able to stop him. However, it isn't until 2 battles later that he becomes a normal Gorsgothan again, and he is now grown up, and takes the shape of a cougar. Since then, Exon has made a life of his own as a member of the Orlianna Empire. His powers include teleportation, sublimation, energetic manipulation, and telepathy.


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