Experiment 621: Chopsuey

Copsuey is the 621st experiment of Jumbaa's many attempts to try and create a suitable soldier for Dr. Hamsterviel and Galaxhar. He has all of Stitch's powers and is jealous of all the attention Stitch gets.


Chopsuey is a green, skinny Stitch look-alike with a cream underbelly, inner hand/paw pads, and ears, spiky yellow mohawk and two prominent fangs jutting from his lower jaw. He has also four arms, three back spines, several very light salmon-colored spines on his head and the ability to speak English. He stands 3 feet tall and weighs 55 lbs. He also dresses in a sleeveless brown jumpsuit. In the Playstation 2 game Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 he steals the DNA that Stitch collects for Jumba, mutating into a stronger form. The plot of this game has since been retconned from canon continuity due to the events depicting Stitch being apprehended immediately after his creation in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch. However, 621 could still have the same physical appearance and personality. He is both very physical and well-equipped. His weapons include Jet-Pack, Grapple-Gun, rocket-launching Big Gun, and Freeze Gun. He also has the strange ability to mutate when power is charged at most extreme.

Role in the series

Envious of Stitch's popularity, Chopsuey has reluctantly agreed to serve as the super soldier for the Fang Empire under Makuta and Emperor Fang so that he can be rid of Stitich once and for all. Of course, now that Tman has made a request to Scroopfan, Chopsuey is now working with Dark Dragon and Riku to try and overthrow Emperor Fang and Makuta. All that's missing for Chopsuey's debut is his clips to be contained. Also, according to the Chronicles series, 621 was the one who got Jumba sent to court in the beginning of SpongeBob and Friends Meet Lilo & Stitch by orders of Jumba's old assistant, Dr. Stoddart.

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