Expounderase is an Alternate UUniversal Phalanxase mutant from Planet Iclluy. It is a biological superweapon of Uridian origin created by Awesome Jaxtom and Roboface following their discovery of an entire reserve of Uridian DNA on the moon of Snao XXIII, allowing them to do whatever they wanted with it. Awesome Jaxtom found this in response to his defeat in the hands of the Lodgers and the Vault Seekers, as well as his furious and abusively-used daughter Wenby Armatage, who pushed her limits to achieve the legendary Uridian level of Phage using her Cerwan-Mutation-based phasepowers, attaining the title of 'Censen Phage'. Jaxtom, in revenge, used this DNA to create the U-Surrection, which is a combination of cybernetic technology left over from his rule, Gruid clones, and Uridian DNA, creating the U-Soldiers, which were powerful enough to pose a threat to even his daughter, especially when they subject her to a drug that turns her into a monster by accelerating her powers to uncontrollable and feral levels. His ultimate creation, however, stems with Expounderase. The Expounder Phalanxase is a recently-extinct species of Phalanxase, the Uridians' homeworld's apex predator, which they used primarily to guard their 88 Vaults, placing the last Expounder Phalanxase to guard the Vault on their home planet of Uridia. However, Jaxtom, in the start of his tyranny, killed the guardian Phalanx with his family to get to the Vault. Following his betrayal of his family, he collected the dead Phalanx noting it to be the last of it's kind, hoping to use it in the future. Years later, and upon his defeat he finally uses it. He uses it's DNA to create a bigger and more powerful clone, and injecting it with Uridian DNA, thus turning it into his new ultimate weapon as he seeks to use it to destroy the Beofynzeny System, wiping it clean, and remaking it in his image. Thus, it's up to our heroes and Wenby to destroy this clone, and hopefully take back all that Jaxtom had used for his quest for vengeance, and secure the Uridian DNA and hope to bring the race back from the dead so no malicious force can do so first. It is an AUU parallel to the Borderlands Warrior, and has a similar role and similar powers.


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