The Ezzoyan Brigand is a group of Alternate UUniversal bandits headquartered on the namesake home planet of Ezzoy. They are noted for being bandits that are similar in appearance to the Borderlands Psychos, having tattooed shirtless bodies, fingerless leather gloves, orange, white, black, red, dark-blue, and dull-colored belt-strapped pants, and Psycho-like masks that are of mainly white coloration, as well as the same color of their pants, cyan-blue glowing eyes, non-Vault-based lining, and wield any weapon they come across, their trademark weapons being bizarre-looking melee weapons. They like to rant and yell crazily when doing their job, and they know either English (Usuablothian in AUU terms), or their most known and preferred language, Ezzoygondese, their trademark language that is extinct to all but them as they are from a dead country destroyed by a lawful attack 5 centuries ago. Thus, these bandits are all that remain of them, doing reckless things across their home planet and system and beyond, being a nuisance to all who are teased by them. They are lead by a secret leader whose actually a descendant of the planet's founder named Zogg-Zogg Ezzoy, who, after being descended by the Brigand's true founder, has grown accustomed to their customs, and thus accompanied their naming, his first name being Ezzoygondese for 'Dead-Dead'. They even have an interest in anything that involves crime and money, protecting criminals of high records like Royge Teoh Atoms, and even has remnants all over the AUU, including the Ezzoy Bandits of the Beofynzeny System.


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