FL4X, AKA Flax the Beastkeeper, is an Alternate UUniversal Sub-Omnican from the moon of Snao XXIII. He is a mute biomechanical half-machine who was built from a ruthless monster for the Butcher Guild of the Banditry for Butcher to index and catalog all animals in the Beofynzeny System until he became aware and released all the animals he poached. Though they were all killed or recaptured, he rescued one or two of each of the most feared of Uridia's fauna. He made these creatures his family and soon found himself wishing to use any beast for the good of the system, finding that he can do so best by becoming a Vault Seeker. Though he is silent, he is an analytical problem-solver with the ability to learn and adapt quickly. He is the AUU version of Borderlands 3 FL4K.


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  • Smirk- An Alpha Skrag (AUU Skag). His first pet, FL4X keeps Smirk around as a scout.
  • Smiley- A Skirag (Bigger solitary version of Skrags). Much like an older brother of Smirk, Smiley acts like one and teases Smirk. He serves as a high-muscle mount and carrier.
  • Talon and Taliwyn- Two Brakks (AUU Rakks). These two siblings, both opposite genders, were rescued as eggs and raised as aerial scouts.
  • Blaster- A Brakkle (AUU Borderlands 3 Rakk). Raised as an egg by FL4X, Blaster serves as an offensive aerial fighter.
  • Toothwing- A Sbrakk (AUU Skrakk). He is a creature that is artificial, and thus he serves as both an aerial and terrestrial scout.
  • Centuri- A Spiddant (AUU Spiderant). He was a Centurion Spiddant that was taken by Butcher and rescued by FL4X and now acts as a good bodyguard.
  • Vain- A Queen Varid (AUU Varkid). When she lost her hive to Butcher, FL4X took her in as a great bodyguard.
  • Mounty- A Sarcohiver (AUU Rakk Hive). He is a giant creature with an inner-cavity body for symbiosis with wildlife, and acts as FL4X's walking base-of-operations.
  • Drift- A Droble (AUU Drifter). He is a giant squid-like arthropod that walks on long legs and acts like a mobile defense scouting platform.
  • Klaww- A Cwerm (AUU Crab Worm). He is a 4-pincered arthropod that was rescued by FL4X from euthanasia and acts as a subterranean offensive scout.
  • Peewee- A Scerthid (AUU Scythid). He is a small grubby creature and one of FL4X's first pets who is much for moral support.
  • Bully- A Bulloyder (AUU Bullymong). He is a giant ape with muscular legs, and two arms for tails, and was rescued from abuse from Butcher as an executor animal by FL4X and acts as a muscle.
  • Jab and Jig- Two Purlbers (AUU Jabbers). These two are unrelated monkeys with hands on their tails that act as scouts and sneaky thieves for FL4X.
  • Prowl- A Drager (AUU Stalker). He is a tailless flightless wyvern with the ability to create a bioelectric shield and bioelectric abilities that acts as a good bodyguard for FL4X.
  • Tremor- A Thrench (AUU Thresher). He is a large worm with tentacles on it's face that was rescued from euthanasia from Butcher by FL4X after being a huge pest and now acts as a subterranean scout.
  • Craggy- A Crysk (AUU Crystalisk). He is a 4-legged craggy amphibian resistant to geothermal damage and was tamed by FL4X in the wild to act as an anti-geothermal wasteland mount.
  • Ouchie- An Outch (AUU Ratch). He is a cockroach-rat that serves as an aerial mount who was rescued as a wild pest in Butcher's kitchen.
  • Brine- A Crimbon (AUU Craboid). He is a four-pincered crab creature that was rescued from euthanasia from Butcher by FL4X and now acts as an aquatic mount.
  • Fondsmith- A Shatch (AUU Shuggurath). He is a Lovecraftian-esque telepathic cephalopod whose species hails from Epho. It was meant to be one of the attempts from Butcher to tame Epho wildlife until he was rescued by FL4X to act like a telepathic bodyguard.
  • Pester- A Reth (AUU Rathyd). It is a moth-like creature whose special hails from Epho and another attempt of Butcher to tame lunar creatures. After being rescued by FL4X, he acts as a nonviolent scout.
  • Vulgun- A Kronge (AUU Kraggon). He is a six-legged craggy reptilian from the moon of Epho and another attempt of lunar taming by Butcher. After being rescued by FL4X, he acts as another anti-geothermal mount.
  • Sando- A Graggle (AUU Sand Worm). He is a sand-dwelling worm from dried ocean climates of Uridia that was tamed by FL4X when he was found as a small fry, and now acts as a subterranean defense.
  • Scoeprius- A Scaiton (AUU Scaylion). He is a scorpion creature with four muscular legs, a hand-stinger, and two pincer arms, who was the first beast rescued by FL4X from Butcher and acts as a great muscle mount.
  • Glowstick- A Tilb (AUU Tork). He is a glowing miniature arthropod from Epho who was abducted as an egg by Butcher and rescued by FL4X and acts as another morale pet.
  • Dractho- A Darg (AUU Borderlands Dragon). He is a Skrag-Lizard creature with bug-bat wings, and acts as a muscular aerial offense mount for FL4X.
  • Sprout- A Canch (AUU Treant). He is a walking photosynthetic tree-like planimal that grows atop Mounty's back and acts as a good camouflage when Mounty is buried.
  • Inbus- A Hybrid Nekker (AUU Nekrobug). His species is the longest-lasting species that thrived during the days of the Uridians and awoke during their resurrection, being multiformed eusocial insects. This one was made as a hybrid of all cast forms as a bioweapon that was rescued by FL4X and acts as a good bodyguard.
  • Hunter- A Sartax (AUU Borderlands Saurian). He is a dinosaur-like creature that acts well as a top bodyguard for FL4X especially during travels in hostile territory.
  • Lupa- A Colven (AUU Wolven). She is a powerful hunter and bodyguard for FL4X after he rescued her as a puppy.
  • Brawny- A Rork (AUU Borok). He is a powerful beater whom FL4X rescued as an egg from Butcher and has raised him to be a muscle mount.
  • Misty- A Sporgue (AUU Borderlands Spore). It is a balloon-pod plant whose species pollinates with symbiosis from other Uridian plants and was cultivated by FL4X to help with providing food for the rest of his family.
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