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Fagin, The Darkspawn Bird

Fagin is a sinister black-feathered vulture as is the main villain from War of the Birds, a very obscure Danish animated film that could not be given a US English dub due to it's inappropriate content.

Fagin was extremely spiteful in life as he killed off the parents of the main heroes of the film, Olivia and Oliver. He also kept around a beautiful dove as a slave to do his evil bidding. Fagin was eventually killed in the final battle as the slave finally decided to face him to save one of the little birds, and carried him deep into the fire, sacrificing herself as he assumedly burned to death.

Role in the series

Despite his death, Fagin refused to die so easily, as he purposely flew into the Banished Realms to make a deal with Malefor. The vulture would have all the powers and designations of a Dark Spawn Lord demon in exchange for servitude to the malicious purple dragon. Malefor was more than happy to agree, partly because Fagin was an obscure villain, and partly because Fagin was also spiteful and cruel in life. With that said, Malefor reformatted Fagin into a Dark Spawn Lord, and gave him the designation of Lord of sorrow and the eater of sadness and depression. When Dr. Nefarious escaped from the Banished Realms, Fagin followed him on orders from Malefor and also escaped the prison realm. Now, Fagin is currently one of Spongebob's most deadliest adversaries due to his ability to summon Heartless, darkspawn warriors, and even nobodies, though Heartless is currently notable, and being able to corrupt a person to the Dark Side or to his favor with a few simple suggestions. Not only that, but he also nearly caused the destruction of Hollywood during the events of Cats Don't Dance with the help of his newfound ally, Professor Ratigan. Fagin's personality of a Dark Spawn Lord is very similar to that of another Dark Spawn Lord, Red the Demon Cat. Of course, one time during Spyro's Adventures of Pinocchio, Fagin ripped off Riku when the shell logue squad ended up inside Monstro, and even made the same offer to the heroes just as they were to battle him, but instead, he summoned the Parasite Cage to take his place while he makes his escape.

Behind the scenes, the reason why Scroopfan made Fagin into a Darkspawn is because Scroopfan was curious about the first time he saw Fagin in a villain's death video, and wanted to learn more. on sheaching the movie, he founded out it was a danish film, and one of those films that didn't made the final cut to having an english verson from either copyright or images unsuitable for amaricanism, in War of the bird's case, it's mostly graphics, for exsample, when Betty, Olivia's mother rams into Fagin, blood can be seen, and earlier before, Fagin screahed his dove slave to either tell him where the sparrows are or out of cruel fun, (it was in danish, and Scroopfan was born in amarica, and couldn't understand a word) and other graphics and images that were presumed inaprooite to be translated to english, so only a danish ot german versons can be found, which resulted to Fagin being enternaly subtiled, or to be given voices from other villains, like, cause of the fact he sang "It's feels so good to be bad", Red the demonic cat. The reason why Scroopfan included Fagin into the Dark Spawn at all is because Fagin had seemed so inhumanely cruel, that it couldn't be normal Vulture, Hawk, or whatever he is behavior.

However, Fagin will soon meet his final defeat in Spirited Away, where he tries to access the full power of No Face, but goes mad with power, spouting the word "darkness" repeatedly because that's all he can think about as he consumes everything in his path. In fact, he even managed to kill Lord Cobra which was clearly not apart of Tman's original plans for the script so that scene is competely canned and let Cobra live on! However, he will be defeated by killing Nightmare Pheonix Fagin instead after Icky and Gilda convince him that the dream eater has more power then Cobra has promoting the creature to consume Shadow Fagin's ultimate form but is consumed by his flames which frees Fagin from No Face and turns him back into a normal raven-vulture after Wargreymon, Metelgarurumon and the Ghostbusters defeat and trap the powermad spirit and Fagin's Dark Spawn Energy within the containment system. The Tim Burton Wonderlandians take Fagin away to Prison 42 for crimes against the United Universe while the Louge set out to Rescue Spyro from Master Xehanort's plan to turn him into his last needed 13th vessel of darkness for the Villain Leage's Organization XIII. Fagin will escape eventually with help from a female shadow verson of Shadow Fagin that is Fagin's darkspawn engery that has escaped from it's captivity and redeems himself to the leage by helping them with of Malefor's plan to gather the Thirteen Darknesses to clash against the Fourteen Lights and harvest Spongebob's soul to completely forge the χ-blade.


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