Fake Martin

Jenner 2/Fake Martin

Fake Martin is the brother of Jenner, and is the Big Bad of Spyro discovers the Secret of NIMH 2. In the original movie, Fake Martin actually was Martin, turned evil by Dr. Valentine's strange use of shock therapy to turn mice and rats into his house-work servants. Evil Martin followed by turning Valentine into a dog, and then tried to take over the world for no apparent reason only because he was insane and under the influence of the shock treatment. In the Spyro version of that movie, the evil Martin is actually a British Imposter Rat named Rasco who served as Dr. Valentine's traitor to rodent-kind, and was the brother of Jenner, Big Bad of the previous film. In the revised film, Fake Martin was one of the many rats that were experimented on by Nimh in the first movie. While Jenner escaped with the rest of the rats, Fake Martin stayed behind in the hopes of gaining more power, betraying the Lost 7 mice by teaming up with Dr. Valentine to capture them for future experiments. Later on, Fake Martin learned about the real Martin's past and family relations while Martin was still captured by NIMH when it was reformatted by the Dark Spawn for their own gruesome experiments. Fake Martin, or Rasco, then realized that merely betraying ratkind wasn't enough and that he needed more power. Team Nefarious approached him, and asked him if he could join their team with the promise of the domination of his world as his reward. Rasco accepted, and quickly continued the plot as normal, turning Valentine into a dog, creating rat soldiers and crow scouts, and then forcing Martin to tell him his life just so Rasco could lie to Timmy about being a corrupted Martin and trick him into joining the Dark Side. Timmy and Spyro soon discovered the truth about Rasco and Martin, and quickly united to take down the wicked rat from taking over his world and then turning Jenny into a Rat Queen heartless. In the final battle, Rasco's insanity and hatred allows Dr. Nefarious to turn him into an insane Rat King Heartless, causing a fire in his bout of insanity. Heartless Rasco was finally destroyed by Omnimon's Transcending Sword and Spyro's Flame breath supreme.

Rasco looks suprsiningly like a ragged, older version of Martin with green, spiral eyes. He also has a magic staff with electrical powers, a gift to him from Doctor Nefarious.

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