Crystle and Lucius are named traitors by Claude since Axworthy, now in jail for good, exposed their deception, saved the lougers from a ruined reputation, and that they had ended up leaving the Lodgers with the knowledge of their hidden location, and are being sentenced to death. Now, more guards and patrols are being put up and more efficient strategies are being used to defend it. The Lodgers decide that, given the fact that both their spies are being sentenced to death, and that they know of the location, it's time to strike. They get all available backup they can get, and prepare an assault on HMU, to finally end it and stop the villain spawning once and for all. The security is among the most complicated the Lodgers and heroes have ever come across, and so the race is on to get past all of them, outwit security leader Chief Laserbeam, rescue Lucius and Crystle, and stop Claude for good.

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