Ever since the events of Oppstructing Oppression, the Warboth had been forced to pack their things and leave after underestimating the over-realming force of the lougers, and as such, their king was scolded by the Alternate Grand Council for causing an inter-universeal upset, had his title removed, usurped, and arrested, and removed their offital ruling of the worlds they claim in the original universes. As a result, the king was replaced by his less comident brother, and the empire fell into disarray. It's crime-rate grew, senators in the Warboth controled worlds became corrupt and made things worse from there, and the empire as a whole grew more and more hostile. This is perfect for the Dark Radicals to finish off the biggest threat to their plans for the various worlds the Warboth own and help make the D.R. stronger. First, they need to rid themselfs of the pathic ruler in the place of the punished emperor, and the now treaherious Warboth Milliterry is more then willing to aide the Radicals if it means saving their homes from crumbling as an empire, even if it means betraying it and selling it out to the Dark Radicals. the Heroes Act, and the Lougers have different ideas on how this will end, for when the old ways of Warboth turns to ash, a new Empire of a more reasonable and benvolent empire will be born, and it's to be done once the Dark Radicals and the Treacherious Milliterry of the Warboth are made to back off!

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