"Oh, so you tell ONE little fib, and the entire town wants you dead? Now where's the civilised sense in that?"

Jing Qipian, AKA False-Sayer, is the elder sister of Soothsayer, real name Jing Yeoh, and a known witch of her family. In the past, after escaping their evil magic-prejudice-created mother, Jing Fuchou Bing, Soothsayer and False-Sayer were newly introduse magi in a predictioners accadamey that was under High Council control. While Soothsayer was honest and kind, False was abit more, shall we say, abit mean-spirited and treated her powers more like a business then a respondsability. She was able to easily malmitulate her prediction powers to control them, so she was able to predict who would win in sports and battles and told them to anyone interested for a price. She began to become rich from her dishonest ways and made a mockery for the name of prophets. In anger and spite, the High Council ordered the Karma fairies to have her end-up making a wrong prediction about a fight between the warrior who was most likely to win and the underdog. She predicted the highly likely warrior would win.... But the Underdog did instead. The angry people attacked her and beaten her, scarred her, and ripped her clothing as punishment for her "Scam". Soothsayer did not approve of the High Council's method to teach the now named "False-Sayer" by the people of china and demanded them to be honest to her now and apologies for the grivence. However, when they were about too, they discovered she found out on her own thanks to her control of her predictions, and damned the High Council for doing something Darkspawn would do, sworn revenge, and vanished in a cloud of newly learned dark magic! She was not seen for many, many years, when both she and the Soothsayer become the aged goats they are now, It would seem likely Soothsayer would never see her sister again..... That is, until a new friend of hers shows up, Or-Gan-I-Zation, and False-Sayer helped him found The Dark Order.
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