The Forest of Everfree is starting to expand wildly beyond it's place as trees started to sprout like mad and it's effects started to effect the ponies abilities to do their rotines. Fluttershy's animals are beginning to become more wild, Rainbow Dash can't keep weather from behaving uncontroled, Applejack's farm is now invested with wild Vampire Fruit Bats not apart of the sanctuary, Sweets Eating Plants attack Sugecube Corner and threatening the Cakes and Pinkie's business, Rarity's store is being ransack by tribal Hobgoblins, and now Twilight has to contend with mobs of ponies begging for her help! The Main 7 came to believe that the Deers may have something to do with this and likely because of Well-To-Do provoking them again, so they traveled into Everfree with Mare-Zan to seek out the deers. However, they discovered that the original Deer King was kidnapped by Well-To-Do's goons and replaced by his ill-minded brother, Blacktail and his Pukwudgie Creeper minded henchmen, Gobhedge, both of which came to be worshippers of the causer of the problem: The Nature Queen, an extremely hippie minded passive-agressive mistress of nature Storm Clan member and armed with a flower known as the Flower of Gaia Everfree that enables her to grow even trees as quickly as a few seconds. Even though the Nature Queen looks as if she is incapable of betrayals, that doesn't make her less of a threat, as the heroes know that somewhere under all that peaceful zen awaits a proper storm clanner waiting to be released by an act of prevoksion, and giving that Well-To-Do is tricking nation leaders to approve of the "Destroy Everfree" plan that is undoubtingly very provoking, that would risk making the Nature Queen a proper storm clanner yet! Thus, not only do our heores need to rescue the rightful king, but they may also need Gaia Everfree herself to help stop this madness, and if they need too, defeat the Nature Queen should her repressed true nature finally be unleased.

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