Farina the Rash

Farina Leesa Vassino, AKA Farina the Rash

Farina L. Vassino, AKA Farina the Rash, is an Alternate UUniversal Lasquall from Planet Recex. She is a famous ninja assassin and a member of a famous family assassination group called "Half-Furs", in due to that their bushy tails don't competely cover the tail. Her parents made the mistake of assassinating the wrong polotision and got caught, and were harshly sentenced to death by Judge Cork Marklaoss. This left her to be then sold out by her dishonest uncles to the Villains Act, who had experimented on her left arm with magical injections, allowing it to harness plasmatic energy that can be used to disintegrate, burn, freeze, zap, or blind enemies. She is also a ninja that is skilled in kunoichi (called 'unkaschi' in the AUU) with her small amount of clothing, allowing her to distract her enemies sensually and allow her to take them by surprise. She has been flirted on by most villains of the Villains Act, but she hurts anyone who goes too far.... But with almost an odd exception to Thakkus... Almost, she still crosses the line at "cute pet names".


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