Farre Killebrew

Farre Linus Killebrew

Farre L. Killebrew, nicknamed Overkill Farre and Farre Overkill, is an Alternate UUniversal Bulath from Planet Mieber. He is a very brutish and very autistic bull-like creature who is very aggressive and does not take being talked at rudely very well, and sometimes resorts to violence. Even being threatened harshly is just enough to set him off. He is highly against Mieber's strict rules about removing "personal liberties", and being the autistic hothead he is, he can go to any sadistic extreme to get the point across. He works in the Mieberian Underground as a speaker on behalf of the Underground, and as he sympathizes with the people who see the methods as unfair, he will not hesitate to go too far in order to give the Underground what they want. He even one day resorts to terrorism as he has secretly been building a weapon in order to give an ultimatum, planning to destroy the government house if the Underground isn't given the rights they 'deserve'. He's even also behind why Rea Buhl Hackagon even desided to cause a rebelion socity to begin with. But ultamately, he's yet another pawn for the corruptive sun Corruptus, just like Rea and the vast majority of the rebelers, and he's the most corrupted of all the rebels, even more then his three personal henchmen, Mr. StalkyMr. Nose, and Mr. Smooth, who Smooth is the most corrupted of the other two, as the prior duo are more morally confused then truely corrupt, and all it will take is discovering his true nature in a sense to snap Stalky and Nose into their senses. He's basicly like the Main Bad guy of "Boxtrolls".


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