Farrell O. Failwell is an Alternate UUniversal Kelk from Planet Gambit. He is a moose-like giraffid that, as a result of parents with gambling addictions, has become an international fraud and scamming con artist, who founded a summer home on Planet Limid in his own summer camp, Camp Failwell, where Divid went as a child and looks up to Farrell, blissfully unaware of his criminal record even when he is constantly hunted down by authorities. He has been gambling and scamming other worlds inside and outside the Delta Universe and has been hiding the illegal consequences of such things including the death of a camper named Gasper who is now a ghost on his old summer home island, and at the most, hardly cares about his own employees' well-being unless money is involved or if he defelupts the rare soft-spot for them. Though he is now residing on Oranos due to a parents event where his scam of bringing kids who were expecting another kind of camp to his own as a result of modernism making his camp obsolete was discovered. Having the voice of Stan Smith/Robot Chicken Santa, he is the AUU version of Camp Camp Cameron Campbell.

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