Fast Kitt

Kitt Jen Kibbins, AKA Fast Kitt

Kitt J. Kibbins, AKA Fast Kitt, is a well-known businessman on Futurasia. He is an alien called a Wrummel, which is a Galactic Federation race which is the main providers of weaponry through the Wrummel Weapons Emporium, which Kitt is a great part of. While he is a great weapons seller, he is also known for cracking jokes and just being as dimwitted as the merchant at the beginning of Aladdin. Though when he is threatened, he'll start getting trigger-happy and humorously fires the guns he is selling randomly.


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  • "The Wrummel Weapons Emporium! If it isn't broke, get the weapons to break it!"
  • "Anyone has the right to bare arms, especially since it's a dangerous world out there! The GF Defense Initiative ensures that anyone can carry a gun, even the elderly, the infirm, and little children! Just...just make sure you follow the regulations that follow, otherwise some people might sue me! (Chuckles nervously)"
  • "If you think the Plasma Cannon is pretty lethal, wait until you see it's 37 predecessors and counterparts! They come with several laser battery magazines and drums for much quicker and longer annihilation! Available only at the Wrummel Weapons Emporium!"
  • "Ah, hello, my good man! May I interest you in a Mark 27 Phaser Pistol? Has adjustable power levels, and uses less laser battery power for every shot! Will not break...(Taps the pistol until it breaks) Will broke! Blast!"
  • "Hello, little one! Would you be interested in a Kids' Compression Pistol? Meant for those who are too young to defend themselves! And it's only available for--(Child's Mother: HEY! How could you sell weapons to a toddler?!? You should be ashamed of yourself!)...Blast it! (Throws the blaster on the ground and it shoots him in the leg) AAOOWW!! (Hops on one leg holding the hurt one) OW, OW, OW, WHY DIDN'T I HAVE THE SAFETY ON, OW, OW, OW!!!"
  • (As a person was greeting him as he wasn't paying attention) "AAAHHH!! INVASION!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!! (Takes a plasma assault rifle) GO AWAAAAAAAAAYY!!! (He randomly fires into the air)"
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