Faste W. Crowne was an Alternate UUniversal Aess from Planet Royale and a member of the multi-racial extended royal family of The Crowne Empire and of the royal Crowne Family, the self-proclaimed rulers of the Theta Universe who founded each arm of the Theta Universe. Known infamously as a wild and reckless spender, Faste was a rich adventurer who had taken his own allowance before it could be cut off by his father. Faste tried to dwindle his net worth by spending for ideal but wildly unrealisitic things to teach him a lesson before cameras caught him in the act. Thus, with his father rendered poor thanks to dept and lawsuits, Faste became the namesake founder of the Faste Sector of the Theta Universe. With a bounty on his head done so by angry loyalists of his ruined father, Faste hid on the isolated rogue planet of Gonmore, which was hidden by a space hurricane capable of nullifying any sensors, and ultimately became richer because of dumb luck, and thus became good enough to honor his family by spreading their influence before the angry loyalists finally found him, but it was a bittersweet victory for the loyalists as Faste blew up the entire area sacrificing himself and killing the enraged loyalists in the process. Though he may not be as dead as he seems as his presence can be felt in many corners of the Faste Arm, tying to the myth that he and all other sectorial founders became Sectorials, or figures that are guardian angels who watch each arm of a Universe's Unigalax.

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