Father Jer Kan is a surprisingly unsavery Aufone Pope of The planet Solomorn, who is mistaken to be the wisest of the Realiegn of Solomorn, which really he's a power abusing nutcase and actselly is a known outcast to the Anfone race that even the race's ruler King Clax Zsaroo strongly dispised, espically when Jer Kan priased the villains' act for doing "the one holy thing in their sinful career" of killing Clax's wife, because she had a rare skin condition that gives them a birthmark in shape of a skull, in which was viewed as "The mark of the beast" in anichent Anfone culture, when really, it was just a rare condition, but Jer Kan's hard-headed belief in a dying realigen, in which Anfones had started to become an athiest community cause they believe religen halts progress, made him beleve otherwise, and thus, Clax finally desided he had enough of Jer-Kan's bullshit and had him banished for being "Anti-Progressive". Banishing him was kinda a mistake for the King to have done, cause now this asshole of a pope was free to malmitulate Solomorn, which back then, was a faith believing planet, into adopting the previously dying religen cause the people simply did not knew any better. Cause of it, anyone caught having a skull birthmark, was exicuted on sight. While the people were, put-off of their "Wise Pope's" quickness to exicute people, they were also afraid of being attacked by "Skull Devils", which obviously never happened before and never had, and never will. Jer Kan's tyranny lasted until he wanted to kill an austictic local Sea Squil named Vorlanna for having a skull birthmark. However, to a future founder of a group dedicated to put dipshits like him in their place, Xena the Lost Warrior, that was when Jer Kan ended up sealing his own fate when during a public exicution, the only one who ended up dead was Jek Kan, for right when he was gonna use his cross blade to decapicate Vorlanna, Xena kicked Jek Kan in the gut, smacked the blade into the air, and it fell right into the head of Jer Kan, giving a grosume end to the worse thing to happen to Solomorn. Cause of it, after the religen was abolished and the entire planet desided to become atheists from then on, this is what helped Xena become the undisputed leader of the base planet for the Union Against Religious Abuse. Jer Kan's death was heard in the Anfone news system, and they were happy that "blinded jerk" got what was coming, even the King, who normally is against using death as a punishment, declaired a holiday in the union's honor. Jer Kan's death was truely the death of the forsaken Anfone religen. Jer Kan had a rare one-eye blindless aliment called "Golden Eye", disabling him from seeing from the one, yellowed out eye. It was an easy blind spot for Xena to strike from!

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