William H. Faught is a Mutantus Supermutant who used to be the to bodyguard and best friend of Lord Evolfield and now serves as such to Lord Decapod. He was a deviant from his kind, which were normally psychologically unstable and violent, and he was one of many to reclaim sanity. Finding curiosity in this anomaly, the Supermutants locked him up and kept him there for over 400 years before being rescued and befriended by Evolfield, and he in return helped him maintain and restore peace before and after The End, when biological warfare ravaged Mutantus due to conflict between otherworldly humans and the native mutants, including the dominant Noids. Faught became distressed when Evolfield was assassinated and he thus wanted to avenge his death by turning to the new leader, Lord Decapod, for salvation and hope. He is like Fawkes in Fallout 3 in many ways, but different in originality.


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