Fearbender and A Starscream

A Fearbender and a Starscream.

The ever eerie and unsettling Fearfenders, creators and crafters of nightmares, phobias, and fears. They are creations of the Amoral Ones and part of a series outer gods that exist to instail emotions so mortal beings can act accurdingly. Fearbenders, however, are not exactly humble about this. They deemed fear to be the most radically impourent of all emotions, which, is a fair arguement, cause fear has lead way to surviveal instincts and the need of impourence and understanding. However, they're quick to pardon things fear being done wrong cause they're too proud of their craft and too zealous, added to the fact they're armoral to mortal suffering, to understand the consiquences of fear done wrong. They are often quick to favor fear users but dispise those that cure fears as further proof of their misguided zeal for their craft. They are assisted by Starscreams, creatures of their own creation and litteral extentions of themselves that help them rescearch new things to cause fear, or even to hunt down enemies of fear within their Nightmare Dimention home. They love and adore all things that inspire fear, whether sensiable fear or unsensiable, as long as it allows them to craft nightmares based on them. Their great drawback is a steriotypical weakness to light, hence why these beings have their realm so dark.

Named Fearbenders.

  • Lord Fearmonicus- The Lord and King of all Fearbenders and the Nightmare Dimention. He holds the greatest power of fear of his kind, and bares no equil outside of other Outer Gods or strong dimentionals. He has a fanboyish respect for The Xexaxez, for understandable reasons of what they exist for, crafting fears based on them being a favorite.
  • Feartrick- The once king of the Fearbenders and a much more balenced one at that, believing that fear should be used respondsably and to not obcess over what the fear would be based on, which survice to say, placed him in bad blood with Fearmonicus, his once trusted adviser turned usurper for his deluded love for the Xexaxez and the fear they cause. As a result, Feartrick and his Starscream Vonbon fell victim to a coup lead by Fearmonicus and Fearbenders tempted by his ideals, resulting in Feartrick to be banished into The Realm of Rejects, which Feartrick was lucky this coup happened before The Hybernation Realm ever got to be a thing yet. Feartrick bows to take back his throwne from his usurper and to bring the Fearbenders back to balence, coming to befriend Mewstral and Duster for a shared distaste for the Xexaxez, even coming to sympathse with them on what the Xexaxez costed them, even when their existence only inspired a usurper on his part. It made Feartrick abit more cautious about how the Amoral Ones do business in the multiverse ever since, along with how most other Outer Gods handle their rule.
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