Feathe Jarpoo Jor

Feathe Jarpoo Jor, Feath-Ja-Jo for short, is an Alternate UUniversal Storak from the planet Anisimo. He is the current ruler of the bird-ruled Aphronion System. He is a spoiled prince that is racist, fascist, and self-important. Due to his arrogance, greed, and cruel attempt to wipe out those who were 'inferior' to society like mental retards, physical abusers, homosexuals, and schizophrenias, he lost his throne to his overpowered sister, Sheth-Ja-Jo. However, in a rigged election, he had his sister imprisoned, and was able to come to the throne thanks to anonymous friends. A tragic accident from an attack by an Alternate UUniversal mammal cost him one of his wings, forever having to use a ship part as a replacement ever since, turning him into the cretin he is. He doesn't wear the ship part all the time though. He only wears it when about to fly or is flying. When he's not flying, he wears an arm prosthetic.


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  • "Someone defy me? UNACCEPTABLE?!"
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