Felicia, an example of Scroopfan's pet peeve.

Felicia is Ratigan's fat, spoiled pet cat in The Great Mouse Detective. Ratigan keeps her happy by feeding her henchmen that make him angry and hostages.

Role in the film[1]Edit

She is first seen when Ratigan is angry at his henchman, Bartholomew, for accidentally calling him a rat so he throws him outside and summons her with a bell. Bartholomew is heavily drunk, so he doesn't notice her walking up behind him. She catches him and eats him. Later, after Fidget tells Ratigan that he lost the list he gave him, he sends Felicia after him and she tries to eat him, but Ratigan figures he could still be useful, so he has her spit him out. When the henchmen arrive at the queen's palace, they use her as a vehicle and Fidget tries to feed the queen to her. Later, she's interrupted by Basil's dog, Toby, who chases her away. She manages to escape from him and sticks her tongue out at him as she escapes over a fence only to be attacked by the royal guard dogs; bits of fur and the bow in her hair were seen flying through the air. It is unknown whether or not she survived.

Role in the series

Felicia was removed from the Spongebob version of the film because Scroopfan's preference for good cats took over his better reasoning, and he was forced to remove her all because she was an evil cat and also how she was defeated. (and he was not too big on the steriotypical fatness neither.) Instead, her role was replaced by Savio the snake to try and hastilly patch things up in the film. Also, Bartholomew, who didn't survive the original film, was merely hacked up while still drunk.

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