Fem Fatala

"(Giggles evily), Starlight Starbright... Your garrintied to be mine if you failed one more time."

Fem Fatala is a immortal bat-creature that was created during the Chaos Wars. Tyranny had MischiefMaleficence, and Strife to create him a perfect "Queen of Choas" to rule by his side, but he wanted something, "unuite" from the female Draconquui, and ordered them to make it QUICK! Mischief was then quick to use what was formerly a normal bat and mutate it into what became Fem Fatala... However, the side-effect ended up making her what Equestia discribes as a "Filly-Fooler", meaning she's incapable to love males. Worried for their lives, the brothers deside to let Fem go free into Equestia and say that the exspeariment was abit of a failure. However, prefering the attractions of fellow females wasn't the only side effect. For she now has the powers of choas magic, and it corrupted her to have the mindset of the draconquui at the time, and enjoyed choas too much, as well to get "sensational" pleasures out of it. Several Years later, Fem managed to remain obscured thanks to learning how to carefully make her work of chaos look like "accsidents" and avoided being found out for awhile. Then, she defelupted a speical interest in Starlight Glimmer, who she saw was in a midst of delupting a dark way to grant "equility" through removing of Cutie Marks. Before she was to get into trial, Fem Fatala snagged Starlight and left no evidence. Taking her to inside a cave she was hiding in for a long time, she offered to enable Starlight to start her equilisation plans through a forgotten Equestian Relic, the cutie mark vault, and had her take away the cutie marks of a local village that happened to be near-by. However, Fem warned her that if she failed in anyway, Starlight will forever end up becoming her "speical companian", doomed to forever love her and cursed with immortality like many other less desirable female ponies that failed to see the deal through, motivating Starlight to be very careful. However, thanks to Twilight and Friends, Starlight had failed, and the already excited Fem Fatala was edger to have their "companian". But Starlight was able to convince her that if she can reclaim what she lost by defeating Twilight and Equilising her, she can start equilising all of Equestia and honor the deal. Fem, edger to be amused by "another editable failure" and more entertainment, accepted, but she warned her that she doesn't do "Three Chances". Her second chance is litterally the last, which motivated Starlight to pick up abit more help to go against Sparkle, with Starlight promising that Fem won't be disappointed, with Fem smuggly repling "Don't worry. I know I won't", implying that she knew Starlight will ineditably fail in some way sooner or later.
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