The three villain teams have discovered both Neptune's Sun and Moon and how they affected Sandy's friends on her 30th birthday into becoming feral and realistic animals, seeking to use it for evil. However, they end up fighting for what to do with it right off the bat. This results in them accidentally combining the two into the Neptune's Eclipse, which turns both land and sea creatures unsentient, and starts to gain a mind of it's own, as Neptune himself explains the two were created to control the bounds of land and sea to help out his brother Zeus, as they need to refresh everything once every 100 years to maintain balance, as without it, they'd seem less like animals and more like sentience and result in harmful consequential balance in the borders between human and animal, as it keeps them tolerable to each other even when they know they are sentient and live side-by-side, as beforehand, a renegade animal wanted to become human, and thus attempted to make animals dominant and destroy humans for 'being a danger to them and Earth', thus giving birth to Neptune's Sun and Moon. However, now that the three villain teams have tampered with it and combined it, it has now gained a need to judge life itself, and makes boundaries between the two worlds under threat of being made unsentient as it has a confused perception believing that land and sea cannot coexist in the same space, as the two can only do it the right way separately, and when combined, it confuses them to where they can overwork each other to rash decisions like a split personality. Now it's up to our heroes to not only convince it otherwise and convince it to separate into it's halves again, but also ensure that the villains don't start a riot or destruction trying to get the Eclipse.


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Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become Lyrics

Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become Lyrics

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