The Feral Monarchs are a cult of Zootopian butterflies, mainly monarchs, who have evolved sentience even though the Day Dreamers and Night Howlers only affect mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. But they are clearly starting to evolve when the Feral Monarchs came into existence, as they see the Day Dreamers and the Night Howlers as two Ying-Yang Gods known as 'Diuroneirom' and 'Midnicampum', who fought for the well-being of animals of their world and when Diuroneirom won the battle, she gifted the animals with sentience and blessed them with equality, and thus gave the Feral Monarchs the belief of pure equality, and they have thus done all that they can to aid predators and prey in their quest to conquer hatred and fear of each other, especially in places like Zootopia or the infamous Herbavoris. Despite consisting of butterflies, there are other insects that make up this cult, even something as small as a tick, and maybe even harmful bugs such as mosquitoes or botflies. They formulate plans to establish peace between predators and prey because they believe that, if predators and prey were to go to war, Midnicampum would awake and be powerful enough to revert them back to savagery. The Feral Monarchs are even more powerful in venom then even the Skull Scarabs and the Purple Salmon combined! Without even having to bite you, a mere touch from a Feral Monarch will instently turn the one being touched into a savage, and they can even reverse it as well. The savaged feralness of a Feral Monarch is capable to even ignore any preventive measures designed to stop savagery, even the Tame Collars would fail to stop this. However, the Feral Monarchs struggle with their own weaknesses of their primal instincts, including being attacted to flowers or the scent of flowers, which Mayor Swineton unbashfully wishes to use against them for her own agenda with The Evolutionaries.


The Feral Monarchs began during the Cambrian Period when the species known as Sanctocaris inscribed a message of equality in awareness and nature. In the Devonian Period, they survived long enough to pass this knowledge onto the prehistoric spiders Mesotarbus. These spiders agreed to their views and broke off of their aide on the Evolutionaries which were currently held by trilobites. As the time periods passed, these insects were known as 'Deviants'. They had the sacred job of the Sanctocaris' gods, Dioneurom and Midnicampum, to protect the bounds of sentience and animal instinct for a safe harmonic world order. (TBC...)


  • The Noble Monarch- A monarch butterfly and the leader of the Feral Monarchs.
  • Gutsy- A Castor bean tick and an agent in Herbavoris who has been able to trick people in the city into removing collars of predators by feeding off their blood close to the neck. Despite this being a hard job because of going down the drain so many times and even being able to climb back up from the drain. He has an African-American accent, but because of his size, he can only be understood by insects close to his size, like butterflies.
  • Hunter- A Podalonia tydei hunting wasp who is appointed the perfect eye-in-the-sky as the butterflies of the Feral Monarchs aren't as fast as him. Despite being a rough-voiced-and-accented bachelor of the many butterflies in the Monarchs, he is still willing to serve them regardless.
  • Bola- A Human botfly (Called a Common botfly in Zootopian terms) and the head of an entire infection group of mosquitoes charged with hunting and injecting of larger animals, whether it be finding food, or injecting a specific drug, this team is on it.
  • Chef Honeywood- A honey bee who runs a bar for the Feral Monarchs to have food, hiring bugs like other bees, hornets, wasps, and others to hunt for the ingredients.
  • General Styngs- A killer bee who runs an entire defense force that defends the Feral Monarchs if they should persist after their common magic defenses.
  • Brenda Monarch- A monarch butterfly who indirectly gets roped into helping the Feral Monarchs maintain knowledge with the sentient Zootopians.
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