Fiddler Yellow Crabbot

Yellow Fiddler Crabbot

Fiddler Crabbots are fiddler crab-like robots that serve in the Crabbot Army for Craborg in Omicron II. They are noted for being far different than fiddler crabs. They possess a claw that fires concentrated energy blasts, thermal detonators, and homing rockers, while the other claw displays a transparent shield. Their firearm type is determined by the color of their glow and shield. Energy blasts are yellow, thermal detonators are red, and homing rockers are blue. Aside from that, they pretty much rival the Hermit Droid in how weak they are and are kept from being considered weak by the weaponry alone, and the fact that all Fiddler Crabbots have a group mentality, where each such bot is never without fellow Fiddler Crabbots. They can come in squads of 4-10, and can call for much stronger Crabbots when in trouble.


  • Game: Omicron II
  • Enemy Threat: 4/10
  • Appearances: Common throughout the game
  • Abilities: Energy shield, and each color type carries one type of firearm. They are agile and can do a lot of damage.
  • Purpose: Originally meant to be the pinnacle of the Crabbot Army, they were denied the position due to their fragile nature, and it was given to the much stronger Base Crabbots. Though these were still used in the Army regardless.


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