Figdit Samuel Quickwing

Figdit S. Quickwing is a Superior Lesser mouse-tailed bat from Kratos. He is the loyal servant to Master Algorithm and mostly to Shamus von Phantomarge (for a certain time until Superior Planet) in the Prometheus Temple. When he became 18, his parents died in a flying accident, and has lived with Shamus and Algor ever since. A few years later, Figdit became a good friend and assistant. Though he isn't willing to go into fighting that much, he will do it if he feels that things have gone too far. He is almost simular to Fidget, with even the name just a differently spelled verson of Fidget, and he is also flightless since a bully injured his wing at childhood. His powers include ghosting, invisibility, and possession.
  • MCode: GhIvbPo


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