Finbarr Grover Ferrell
Vital statistics
Title Finbarr Feral, Feral-Face
Gender Male
Race/Species Bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis)
Faction Herbavoris Predator Underworld
Description Anger Issues, Deep Intimidating Voice and Accent
Skills and Abilities Natural Fox Abilities, Sly and Clever
Status Still at Large
Location Herbavoris, Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral Good

Finbarr G. Ferrell is a Zootopian Bat-eared fox who is a predatory citizen of the infamous Herbavoris that, by law, is required to wear a Tame Collar at all times. He is one of the friends of Rick Milde, who in turn is a member of the Herbavoris Predator Underground where predators can go to escape the torment brought by the collars. Finbarr is prone to anger, and even at times accidentally buzzes himself through his collar doing this. He has a much more intimidating voice than Finnick, and has a far worse attitude which spawned from the classic case of Feral Syndrome caused by the removal of Tame Collars combined with the impressions left from a lifetime of wearing it.

Finbarr is a parallel to Finnick as he appeared in the original collar-focused deleted plot of Zootopia.


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