Fing Fung Fong is a Komodo Dragon from DreamWorks China who is the warrior king of the underground Komodo kingdom in The Valley of Peace that was allied to Bao Sa Mao and Dai Song. Because the Komodo Kingdom was not viewed as a real kingdom, Fing was resorted to crime for surviveal. Dispite of usually not being quick to object to doing evil deeds, he's not inheretedly evil like his distent cousin of the Scourge Empire Zhou Dan, for he only acted in the interest for the well-being of his kingdom, and only helped Bao cause he promised to reckindise the Komodo kingdom as a real kingdom. While his species is known to have venomous bites, Fing refuses to use it because he thinks it's overkill, so he had his venom glands surgically removed. It was known that Fing wasn't netouriously, "bright". Later down the road he'll end up getting corrupted by the Villain leage to aid Junjie and Tai Lung, Dai's brother, to capture Peng to force him to continue the Tai Lung legacy.


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Fing wears silver armor similar to Zhou Dan's, only with an elk skull symbolism on it. He has red tattoos on his neck, and wears an eyepatch over his right eye, and he wields a serrated sword.

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